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DHHS Open Window Office of Procurement & Contract Services Reviewer/Approver Instructions.

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1 DHHS Open Window Office of Procurement & Contract Services Reviewer/Approver Instructions

2 Initial screen Click the “Login” link on the main screen. The URL for the LIVE (Production Site) is:

3 Login UserName: Your NCID Password: Your individual NCID password that you have set up (if you have trouble with your NCID, you will need to contact your division representative or ITS directly, we do not have the ability to help with this.)

4 Login Screen *** IMPORTANT *** - New Users Contact your Division Contract Manager or contact OPCS for access – Once you have logged in the system for the first time with your NCID and password, EXIT Open Window (Logout). A System Administrator will need to finish setting up your access before you can navigate the system. [Please see the “Login & Set up Profile” presentation located on the OPCS website for further instructions]

5 After successful login Choose “Contracts” from the Main menu **Note the helpful resource information available on and from this page.

6 Contract Management Page You can select the Submenu item – Contract List, or use the Menu List and select “View Current Contracts”. They will both take you to the same place.

7 List Search Screen for Contracts This brings you to a screen to enter your search criteria. Typically, you will have a contract number that you will enter into the search field. If the contract is not within your division, you will need to De-select “Limit to My Division” box below the search field.

8 After entering contract number and selecting “Search” The system will display the results in the list. If you have more than one result it is because, somewhere in the contract data, the same exact number sequence appears together.

9 Advanced List Search option You may also do an “advanced” search to get a list of contracts. Once “advanced” is selected, you will have the option to enter different criteria for your search

10 Viewing the Contract Once you find the contract in the list, you will have different options depending upon the roles you are assigned in OW. You will notice 5 different links in the field to the left of the contract listing. If you are allowed to edit the contract, you will see “Edit”. If someone else has the contract checked out, you will notice that the “Edit” link is not available, and the system will display the name of the person who has it locked. Only one person can edit each area of the contract at one time. This will not stop you from viewing the contract data. Choose “View” from the listing.

11 Main Contract Page This brings you to the main page of the contract. The areas you may be concerned with are: “Worksheets”, “Funding” or “Contract Documents”

12 Worksheets Depending upon the type of review you are required to complete, you may need to view one or all of the worksheets associated to the contract. This includes the Justification, Audit Determination, HIPAA Questionnaire, and the IT Questionnaire. Data entered here will impact the required documents for the contract.

13 Funding This area of tabs displays all funding entered so that it can be reviewed for Budget codes and funding data. Funding Settings tab should show if funds are budgeted and All Funding Sources tab will display each funding entry entered for the contract and any amendments.

14 Contract Documents This page shows all of the documents that go into the contract package and the forms required from the contractor. Everything should be entered and in place prior to your review. You should be able to select the blue “Build Contract Document” link to build the contract package and review the contract data.

15 The Contract Package The contract package is presented in PDF format. If you have questions regarding the contract data, contact the division.

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