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HOW FAIR IS WALES? Victoria Winckler The Bevan Foundation.

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1 HOW FAIR IS WALES? Victoria Winckler The Bevan Foundation

2 What its about How Fair is Britain? -Triennial Review for GB -comprehensive - evidence-based -huge How Fair is Wales? -Welsh context -parallels GB but not the same -not huge!

3 What we did Approach based on Equalities Measurement Framework Eight different areas e.g. employment, physical security, health Forty different indicators and even more measures Welsh data not available for all

4 Major challenges The most significant challenges based on: -numbers affected -severity of effect NOT the only challenges Some familiar, some surprising May be different in your area

5 The challenges 5

6 Life and health Stark differences in health and life prospects Gender and socio- economic group combine

7 Life and health Challenge of reducing health inequalities Especially older men Also younger men

8 Education and Skills Our goal is to stress di-versity while remaining a uni-versity

9 Education and Skills Sharp divide by socio-economic group Inequalities by gender, ethnic group and disability Challenge to close the attainment gap for boys, black, Bangladeshi and Pakistani pupils and disabled children Challenge of young people who are NEET

10 Employment Employment rate low in Wales - but not for everyone Challenge to increase employment rates, especially among disabled and older people

11 Employment Marked inequalities in pay, especially by gender, ethnicity and disability Challenge to close pay gaps.

12 Legal and Physical Security

13 Limited evidence Challenge to: reduce the incidence of domestic and sexual violence Reduce the incidence of bullying and hate crime

14 Power and voice Limited evidence Challenge to: Increase participation of protected groups Makes Waless public, private and third sector organisations representative

15 A new approach? Socio-economic inequality dominates BUT interwoven with other inequalities Efforts to reduce socio-economic inequalities to take account of protected characteristics Efforts to reduce other inequality must take account of socio-economic inequality.

16 Conclusions Wales has changed greatly in 30 years Huge pressures ahead: - reform of public services - globalisation of economy - demographic shifts Changing political and legal context

17 Equality - of all kinds - must be centre of the agenda Not a disadvantage league table Mainstreaming of ALL aspects Read the reports!

18 Thank you The Bevan Foundation Innovation Centre Festival Drive Ebbw Vale Blaenau Gwent NP23 8XA info@bevanfoundation

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