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What does REMI say? sm PI + & TranSight For Universities.

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1 what does REMI say? sm PI + & TranSight For Universities

2 what does REMI say? sm REMI Models The next generation Policy Insight ® model Comprehensive tool for evaluating the total economic effects of changes to transportation systems Comprehensive economic equations modeling fiscal, demographic, and economic effects with respect to linkages Up to 169 industry sectors across 3,089 U.S. counties including 6,000+ fully adjustable policy variables updated yearly Integrates travel demand data, data on emissions, safety valuation factors, etc, and 3 additional transportation-related cost matrices with PI +

3 what does REMI say? sm REMI Model Multidisciplinary Research Funding University Projects Business and Economic Research Institutes Considering Possibilities

4 what does REMI say? sm Model Applications Impact of Offshoring of Jobs on Suffolk County (MIT) Economic Development Implications of Virginia Public Higher Education ( UVA– Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service ) Education National Infrastructure Spending on Regional Construction Employment Implications ( Penn State ) Transportation Impact of Acid Rain Legislation on Illinois (Southern Illinois University) Environment Economic Impact of Private Physicians Offices in Florida (Florida State University) Health Care Michigan Film Tax Credit (Michigan State University) Taxation Mystic Seaport Expansion Economic Impact on Tourism ( UConn ) Tourism Comprehensive Climate and Energy Policy Options on the US Economy ( Johns Hopkins ) Energy

5 what does REMI say? sm Sectors Industries Regions Sub-County County State National Utilities Electric Power Natural Gas Distribution Construction Model Configuration

6 what does REMI say? sm Distinguishing Model Features Incorporates transparent and robust economic linkages built on proven methods and theory Each model is custom built to match regional client specificity Measures economic impacts and responsive demographic and economic changes over time Model incorporates four unique quantitative methodologies IntegratedDynamic StructuralCustomized

7 what does REMI say? sm Integrated Model Input/OutputEconometric General Equilibrium New Economic Geography REMI PI +

8 what does REMI say? sm Structural Model

9 what does REMI say? sm New Economic Geography Model Structure

10 what does REMI say? sm Universities as economic experts for a region Forecast and Policy Analysis Perpetual license (purchase) or rental, 23-, 70-, 169 sector University Center Business Model

11 what does REMI say? sm Governor Kaines $4.2B budgetary cuts on: – K-12 Spending – Higher Education Spending – Direct Health Care & Social Assistance Spending – State and Local Government Admin/uncategorized spending – Public Health Insurance Spending (i.e., Medicaid) Weldon Cooper Example

12 what does REMI say? sm Model Output Results 14,801 jobs lost in 2011 24,087 loss jobs in 2012 -$1.441B in GDP -$953M in Personal Income 5,495 educational services jobs lost 410 public admin jobs lost -$850M in GDP -$533M in Personal Income

13 what does REMI say? sm Conclusion REMIs PI + and TranSight ® models: Are the leading regional economic forecasting and policy analysis tools Applicable over a diverse set of practice areas (i.e., economics, demographics, tax polices) Uses dynamic economic linkages – not just multipliers

14 what does REMI say? sm Contact Us Headquarters: 433 West Street, Suite 4 Amherst, MA 01002 TEL: 413.459.1169 FAX: 413.549.1038 District Office: 700 12 th St. NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20005 TEL: 202.904.2490

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