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MMX™ Multi Matrix System Presentation

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1 MMX™ Multi Matrix System Presentation

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3 Drug Delivery Platform
New oral delivery technology Designed for off-patent drugs Focus on inflammatory bowel diseases Scaleable/low cost of goods

4 The Drug Delivery Platform
Multi Matrix System™ (MMX ™) Inert matrix Hydrophilic matrix Gastroprotectant layer LV hydrophilic - amphipatic polymer matrix HV hydrophilic polym. matrix inert matrix material drug (+ excipient)

5 MMX™ - Release of active ingredient
stomach Duodenum Dejunum % Ileum Colon Time

6 IBD medications: sites of action MMX™ tablets vs. other dosage forms
Site of action Oral dosage forms enemas MMX ™ tablets

7 1h 30’ small intestine 3h 30’ ileum 4h 30’ ascending colon 7h 30’ trasverse colon 10h trasverse colon 15h descending colon

8 MMX™ 16h descending colon 24h rectum

9 MMX™ Low absorption after single dose administration in Drug (•) and Metabolite (o)

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