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Writers in Residence Making them a success at your library OLA Super Conference 2010 Session #1013February 26.

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1 Writers in Residence Making them a success at your library OLA Super Conference 2010 Session #1013February 26

2 Marilyn Pillar Innisfil Public Library Greg Kelner North York Central Library Phyllis Jacklin Toronto Reference Library

3 Session Content 1.Benefits: Why should I host a residency? 2.Planning: What is the best theme or focus? 3.Basic Requirements: How do I plan and execute? 4.Program Ideas: What activities should I include? 5.Your Turn: Questions and sharing

4 Benefits Why should I host a residency? -Benefits our users -Benefits the library -Benefits the writer

5 Benefits Our Users –Supports aspiring writers through the opportunity to work with and learn from a professional writer –Supports avid readers by introducing them to working writers and providing insight into the creative process –Provides a unique and free learning opportunity that is not widely available

6 Benefits the Library –Promotes our collections and information services –Positions us as a key literary destination in the community and a supporter of writers and readers I had my appointment with Karen yesterday. Please pass on my thanks to her, and to the Toronto Library for giving us such wonderful programs. There are not very many instances when I feel my tax dollars are so well spent.

7 Benefits the Writer –Financial support –Space and time to write –Opportunity to expand teaching and coaching skills –Opportunity to promote their writing The purpose is to encourage exchange between the author and the community, and to enable the author to work on a writing project. Program Description, The Canada Council for the Arts

8 Karen Connelly in conversation with Andy Barrie, Sept. 18, 2008 CBC Metro Morning

9 Planning What is the best theme or focus? –Fiction, Non-Fiction –Poetry, Screenplays, Genre Fiction –Illustrators –Children, Teen, Newcomers –No focus, all types of writing

10 Thematic Examples Robert J. Sawyer – Science Fiction Chester Brown – Graphic Novels Kathy Stinson – Childrens Literature Robin Maharaj – Immigrant Experience Hal Niedzviecki – Urban Voice Sugith Varughese – Screenwriting

11 Genre Fiction Deborah Cooke – Romance (TPL) Gail Bowen – Mystery (TPL) Karl Schroeder – Sci Fi (TPL)

12 Broad Focus

13 Shane Peacock – (Innisfil)

14 Basic Requirements How do I plan & execute a residency?

15 Resources Budget (Revenue) - Annual - Occasional - Co-sponsors Canada Council (author residencies)

16 Resources Budget (Expenses) –Author salary –Transportation –Accommodations –Event costs –Promotion/marketing –Office supplies Revenues Canada Council Grant10500 Library Contribution3500 Donation Friends of the Library7000 TOTAL21,000 Expenses CC Salary Contribution10000 CC Travel Costs500 Library Salary Contribution8000 Library Travel Costs1500 Publicity1000 TOTAL21,000

17 Resources Canada Council requirement organizational capacity –Physical Space Equipment –Staff support

18 Resources Staff support Single liaison person for author may be important Or NOT!

19 The Competition Canada Council The Guidelines Purpose Contract Canadian citizen Published professionally Writers outside hosts city

20 The Competition Formal –Job description –Advertising the competition –Evaluation & selection process (scoring sheet) Informal - Goals - Contact authors - Meet author(s) - Formal interview - Selection based on fit

21 Job Ad & Scoring List

22 Interview Questions

23 The key to success! The Contract

24 Canada Council Application deadline – March 1 for July 1 – June 30 term Canada Council review Evaluation by Peer Assessment Committee

25 Canada Council Success – you got the grant! Now what are your responsibilities to Canada Council?

26 Canada Council You didnt get the grant! Do you have a backup plan? Try again next year? It is a competition – the best applications win!

27 Promotion/Marketing What ? How ? When?

28 Program Ideas What activities should I include?

29 Program Ideas - Manuscript review My experience of this program was wonderful from start to finish. Deborah Cooke embraced her role so wholeheartedly and provided such amazing feedback to aspiring writers like myself. Her critique was extremely comprehensive and thoughtful – just the sort of feedback that Ive been seeking all along.

30 Program Ideas – Manuscript review Submission Requirements No originals manuscripts Type-written Set maximum pages, contact info Feedback Review authors style Check references, experience


32 Program Ideas – Workshops and Panels The Business of Writing The art and practice of Writing mnastics_with_karen_connelly

33 Program Ideas – Workshops and Panels Writers Circle/Blue Pencil Room Intensive, short-term, small group meetings for writers with promise Writers Round Table Open to all, group critique, resident facilitated

34 Program ideas – Receptions, Readings and Book talks Opening Kick Off Build community participation Use existing audiences – schools, book clubs Online Presence Contests Closing events

35 Your Turn Share program ideas Questions

36 Marilyn Pillar Greg Kelner Phyllis Jacklin

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