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Libraries and Literacy – Working Together Marcia Aronson Ottawa Public Library.

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1 Libraries and Literacy – Working Together Marcia Aronson Ottawa Public Library

2 2 Pre-2001 Ottawa Public Library (OPL) was a founding member of the Ottawa Community Coalition for Literacy (OCCL) OPL had a permanent seat on the OCCL Board OPL offered tours of the library to adult learners OPL maintained a modest literacy collection OPL allowed literacy agencies free use of meeting room space for literacy tutoring

3 3 Post Amalgamation OPL Manager began to participate in OCCL projects and committees OPL Manager participates in the Selection Committee of the Golden Oak Adult Literacy Book Club and promotes Golden Oak to local literacy agencies OPL Manager participates in the planning of Family Literacy Day OPL is the lead on City of Ottawa Strategic Initiative Building a Learning and Literate Community (2005-2008)

4 4 Building a Learning and Literate Community Objective: develop, support and promote learning and literacy through: service enhancements departmental and community partnerships Focus: family literacy, enhancements for people with disabilities, newcomers, and adult learners

5 5 Family Literacy Outreach to marginalized communities through the bookmobile Extend TD Summer Reading Program to city daycamps and daycares Implement Every Child Ready to Read in all OPL storytimes

6 6 Enhancements for People with Disabilities Membership in CNIBs VISUNET Canada Partners Program Acquisition of DAISY Readers for loan Canadian Council for the Blind Book Club Implementation of assistive technology workstations in 7 locations

7 7 Newcomers Your Library (DVD available in 9 languages) Partnerships with 5 local settlement agencies to support newcomer information activities in 9 locations Participate in the evaluation of the Library Settlement Program Pilot Participate in the development of the model Library Settlement Program Report by Toronto Public Library

8 8 Adult Learners Inventory of adult literacy programs in Ottawa in order to identify gaps Develop a manual to introduce adult learners to the library Getting to Know the Library Develop training for literacy instructors on using the manual Develop awareness training for library staff on literacy

9 Getting to Know the Library Written by Chris Harwood for Ottawa Public Library in partnership with Ottawa Community Coalition for Literacy

10 10 Background One visit isnt enough learners dont become comfortable and confident No resource for adult literacy instructors to use TPL good – but too advanced for our learners takes time to create activities – resource needed Need interaction with librarians need to take into account librarians other duties increases learners comfort level

11 11 Process Focus Groups Writing – Getting to Know the Library Review by Reference Group Pilot – Revisions Translation OPL Website Presentation at CLA Conference, 2007

12 12 Getting to Know the Library Students will: become comfortable and confident in the library realize the librarys potential become familiar with all aspects of library services know how to use library services

13 13 Delivery To be used by: Literacy Instructors ESL Teachers Tutors with students in their programs It may also be used by used by day school teachers who want to encourage library use among their students

14 14 Logistics Not divided into sessions Can be used: in library branch or classroom as a curriculum by category – e.g. choosing a good book as individual activities incorporated into other curricula or teaching plans – e.g. pedometer

15 15 Comment from a teacher I finally finished going through the whole wonderful work and I must say Im very impressed. It is a comprehensive document that should be useful for many different learners.

16 16 Partnership with Librarians Explain goals Talk about the activities Decide how to work together Arrange visits and logistics Discuss how librarians can get involved

17 17 Comment from a librarian Just thought I'd let you know that we've had 4 ESL tours booked since the manual was sent out to teachers. The classes have come in with exercises to do while in the library, and some had done exercises before coming, all from the new manual. The teachers are thrilled at having this resource, and are obviously using it. It helps us too, because the classes are at least somewhat prepared before their first visit.

18 18 Characteristics Builds knowledge of the library step-by-step Builds skills using a scaffold approach Gives explicit information Incorporates transferable skills Improves communication skills Provides support for students to become independent library users

19 19 Structure Participant Manual Menu of 65 activities Plain language, clear layout and design Different learning styles – auditory, visual, kinesthetic Instructor Pages Instructions, materials and handouts Possible answers Learning Outcomes from Level Descriptions Manual (Ontario Literacy Coalition)

20 20 Graphic Icons Important points Q Question Writing activity Listening activity Role play Computer Internet Movie

21 21 Types of Activity Reading – directions, books, quizzes Writing – notes, letters, lists, answers Listening – stories, videos, DVDs, discussions Speaking – asking questions, discussions Observing – library Computer – OPL catalogue, internet Demonstrations – quizzes, comparisons

22 22 Your Library - Movie

23 23 Fiction and Non-Fiction Activity 2Differences and categories Activity 3, 4, 5Genres, favourite genres, interests, symbols on book spines Activity 22Fiction based on fact Activity 23Separating fact from fiction Activity 36Judging a book by its cover Activity 37Book blurbs Activity 38Steps for choosing a good book

24 24 All You Need to Know

25 25 Being a Library Member Library card, # 15 Borrowing items, # 16 Receipts, # 17 Fridge magnets, # 18 Returning items, # 21 Getting items back on time, # 55 Talking to a librarian, # 62 2 2950 00123456 7

26 26 Topics American Sign Language Native Art – BC Canadian History Islam AIDS Authors Healthy Lifestyle

27 27 Aboriginal Art RAVEN – Knowledgeable Raven is known as Transformer, Trickster, Hero and Creator and is one of the two main crests of the Haida. Legends tell that Raven released the Sun and Moon, brought water and fish and discovered mankind in a clamshell. OWL – Wise The Owl is one of the many crests of Northwest Coast Natives. It represents the souls of deceased ancestors and is treated with respect. BEAR – Strong, Humble - Mother and Teacher Powerful and human-like, Bear is seen as an elder and is treated as a high-ranking guest when killed. A legend shared by many tribes tells of a chiefs daughter abducted by a bear; she later married the bear and gave birth to twin cubs. BEAVER – Creative, Artistic, Determined An important crest of the Haida and very often seen on totem poles, Beaver is said to have once been a woman. Tsimshian legend tells of a woman who dammed a stream so she could swim in it and then she refused to get out. She was transformed and her leather apron became Beavers tail. The beaver was a sign of wealth due to the fur trade.

28 28 Authors Students are fascinated Want to know more about the people behind the stories Want to learn how authors get characters and stories for their books

29 29 Pedometer Shows library is not just about books and videos Health benefits of physical activity Introduce 10,000 Steps a Day challenge, #19, 20

30 30 Using the OPL Website Finding the nearest library, # 6 Checking your library account, # 42 Renewing items online, # 45 Opening the library catalogue, # 47 Searching for a title, # 48, 49 Searching for an author, # 50 Searching for a subject, # 52, 53

31 31 Screen Shot

32 32 Cataloguing Fiction – alphabetical order, # 30

33 33 Who is this? Cataloguing non-fiction Dewey Decimal System, # 31 – 35, 54

34 34 Making Reading a Family Event Tips to create good reading habits, #46 Linked to Every Child Ready to Read and TD Summer Reading Program Literacy activities for adults to use with babies, pre- school, elementary school age children

35 35 Books Golden Oak Novels for adult learners – Kate Ferris/Don Sawyer Quick Reads Lists in Appendices 1 - 3

36 36 Job Search Librarian gives tour of job search resources at the library, #57 Librarian and instructor teach skills as needed

37 37 Museum Pass Gives information about museum passes and free access times, #60 Opportunities to use computer in library for online virtual tour of museum Ties to theme of aboriginal art, #24

38 38 Results and lessons learned Partnerships are crucial Involve learners in planning Provide training Finding funding takes time Promote widely Make materials freely available

39 39 Free Download Please download a copy from Ottawa Public Library Getting to Know the Library Apprendre à connaîtra la bibliothèque

40 Getting to Know the Library Thank You Contact information:

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