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by Jan Reynolds Near North District School Board.

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2 by Jan Reynolds Near North District School Board

3 User Behaviour Google Generation not so hot at Googling Information Behaviour of the researcher of the future, January 11, 2008 UCL Navigation – spend more time, than actual reading power browse- going online for quick wins Not Assessing Authority - their trust level is high

4 Staff Training Train staff so that they are comfortable Train all staff Prepare a PowerPoint Make sure that there is a hands-on component to the training Techie Tuesdays with Staff members Have cheat sheets to remind staff of key components

5 Engaging Student Interest Grade Nine Orientations and quiz Collaboration with teachers Appeal to students by offering technology clubs and value input into the Virtual Library


7 Race Virtual Library VS Google Instructions: Divide the group into two. One team VL and one team Google. Rules: The VL team is only allowed to use the resources found on the VL site and the Google team is only allowed to use google search engine. Preparation: Get both groups on their appropriate web site so they start at the same time. Explanation: This is a race. The first team that finds all the answers to the quiz wins. Keep the quiz face down until the instructor says go.

8 Marketing Ideas Home Access Flyers sent home with report cards Magnets to Teachers and School Secretaries Posters Power Point presentations Monthly Update through the system e.g., Student Link Updates/Monthly feature and other new products

9 Posters

10 Magnets

11 Monthly s

12 E-wareness

13 Trustees Creates a level playing field for students Cost efficient- essentially a small amount per student Better Research results Prepares students for post-secondary

14 Safety Reading Levels Research Skills

15 CARS Information C = complete, current A = accurate R = reliable, relevant S = safe Virtual Salt

16 Why? Free internet is a mix of good, bad and ugly Subscriptions – we pay for quality control Skill of surfing and the skill of researching Skill of questioning resources Open Internet free, unregulated Subscription Internet For fee- regulated

17 Step 2 – Book Catalogue - Online Books are reliable ~ they give a broad overview Watch for current enough date Select Location

18 Lexile Score

19 ReadPlease 2003 This award winning text-to-speech software was developed in Canada and has an excellent free version with excellent pronunciation and natural sounding voices.

20 Free Text to Speech Software

21 PDF instructions for parents

22 Create a just right book list

23 Grade 3, Humor, Author


25 Parents have access:

26 Research Skills

27 Strip Method of Research developed by Paul Kay and Sally Bradshaw from the TDSB Use different coloured of paper for each source Put strips in envelope Paste onto chart paper Students learn to distinguish between different sources of information

28 Stripping Jot Notes Students cut out and organize jot notes By Paul Kay and Sally Bradshaw TDSB

29 Tracking Envelopes Students organize their work using a tracking envelope and to track teacher-student conferences By Paul Kay and Sally Bradshaw TDSB

30 Only 4 categories covered lots of information in each category Variety of resources used No resource list! Gr. 5 Student Sample By Paul Kay and Sally Bradshaw TDSB

31 Students who finish early are permitted to illustrate their project Grade 6 Sample Science: Diversity By Paul Kay and Sally Bradshaw TDSB

32 Model, Model, Model Modeling online reading and researching skills helps! Its about process and skills! Marking Scheme Simple to say, If its not from a subscription, its not being marked.

33 21st Century School Library Media Centers are: where information is accessed and delivered where teaching and learning takes place


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