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Managing Customer Satisfaction OLA Super Conference 2006 Carl Thompson Counting Opinions (SQUIRE) Ltd. ^ PL.

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1 Managing Customer Satisfaction OLA Super Conference 2006 Carl Thompson Counting Opinions (SQUIRE) Ltd. ^ PL

2 Moments of Truth Interactions (direct & indirect) Information, facilities, equipment, collections, services … and people Customer Perspective Purpose and Outcome in mind Work – Learn – Play Expectation Experience – Emotion – Rationale Choices Competition

3 What to do? Measure Plan Act Analyze

4 Objective Positive Outcomes Ability to … -Understand and improve customer satisfaction -Measure impacts and outcomes -Gain support for initiatives -Identify Actionable Priorities for Improvement Support Chosen Methodology/Approach … -ISO TQM -Balanced Scorecard -Continuous Improvement

5 Measurement Impacts & Outcomes Action & Reaction Cause & Effect Short & Long Term Trends Same Respondent Trends Micro & Macro Level Benchmark Results Targets Locations Peers Services Competition

6 Before You Begin Measure Plan Action Analyze

7 When HowHow WhoWho What Measure Plan Action Analyze

8 What to Measure Core services From perspective of the consumer Staff/Management Perceptions Actual Behaviour and Feedback Everything & anything that helps … Relevance Value Proposition Captures bodies, minds & hearts

9 What is Important? RankOut of 10 1Collections9.54 2Lending policies9.41 3Borrow Service9.39 4Holds / Renewals9.33 5Hours of access and operation9.31 6Check-In / Check-Out9.23 7Provide assistance when asked9.14 8Catalogue9.09 9Really hear what you said Web site8.91

10 Whats least Important Rank Out of Inbound Comm devices ( Phone, Fax, Modem/TTY …) Computer S/W Machines Thank you and invite you back? Copiers Access to restricted and for fee services Internet access Outbound Comm devices (Phone/Fax, Modem/TTY …) Listening/Viewing Stations Printers Attend events/programs 5.20

11 Attend Events/Programs

12 Importance Status notsomewhatvery Row Total student % % workforce homemaker % % educator retired other Column Total

13 Satisfaction Status Not Some- what Very Row Total student workforce homemaker % % % educator retired other Column Total Recommend Not Some- what Very Row Total % % %

14 Analyze / Compare / Prioritize

15 To Find Information Methods Used Preferred Method

16 Relative Value, Use & Preference Use Preference Relative Value

17 Reason for Preference … This Library … Other Libraries …

18 Frequency & Years of Use Frequency Years of Use


20 Service Priorities

21 Equipment Priorities

22 Benefits of Measurement Improve customer & employee loyalty React quickly to changes in the market Identify and capitalize on opportunities Retain or gain share of customers body, mind and heart Reduce costs (e.g., turnover or hiring) Maximize investment in changes by knowing which has biggest payoff Use the information to secure support and funding

23 Best Practices Top management commitment Continuously Listen and Measure Include Employee perceptions Dont forget the follow-up Link recognition and rewards to Customer Satisfaction Identify, measure, and track drivers of satisfaction Set customer-based improvement goals Make Plans for operational improvements Support customer satisfaction skills improvement Change corporate hiring practices Benchmark internally and externally

24 Questions?


26 What is LibSat? PL specific survey questions Continuous … –Capture responses online, paper/phone –Real-time reporting Customized (for each Library) –Identity, locations, language, etc. … Secure Customer Portal Subscription Pricing

27 Upcoming Announcements Performance Assessment System –Performance indicator management and reporting –Immediate feedback on KPIs and benchmark rankings (no waiting) –No re-entry of PI data across collections –Service Point specific and System-wide PIs –Flexible collection periods (yearly, monthly, quarterly, …) –LibSat subscribers can … integrate quantitative PIs and qualitative results Perform peer benchmarking using system-wide or location specific comparators –Additional Tiers of Service for custom PI collections Organization specific PI collections and historical data Limit access to defined subscriber subsets or provide access to all –Searchable Directory and Maps of PLs in Canada and US (20,000+) –Auto locator feature and Find nearest location(s) –PLs can easily integrate custom searchable maps on their web site –Currently supports Google Maps and Yahoo!Maps


29 Collections

30 Policies – Relative Importance

31 Importance of Staff …

32 Analyze / Question / Hypothesize Measure Plan Action Analyze

33 Customer service training Employee Recognition Competency-Based Employee Performance Management Supplier Performance Reviews Customer Communications

34 Priorities Customer Driven Continuous Improvement Minimal need for scarce Resources Increasing Value Available On-demand Responsive

35 A Customer Driven Solution Focus on Public Libraries –Not a Generic Product –Ongoing Related Product Development Customer Portal –Reporting Tools –Marketing Support Materials –Training and Support Materials –Articles –News

36 Impact on Existing Clients Limited only by subscriber imagination –Impact Analysis (e.g., Pilot projects) –Feedback Monitoring –Benchmarking –Trend Analysis –Customer Segment Analysis –Goal Setting –Collection Development –Strategic Plan Development –Grant Applications –Library Presentations –Quality Management –Best Practices –Customer Expectations/Requirements –…


38 Simplified operation Summary reports Custom Filtering Cross tab reports Trend Reports Integrated mapping Unlimited Reporting

39 Advanced Graphics Data Reports Graphs and Charts

40 Response Data Mapping Location Reports

41 Unique Features Customer Comments classification system

42 Special Features Multiple languages … PunjabiChinese SimplifiedChinese Traditional SpanishFrenchEnglish … others based on demand …

43 Requirements Hardware and Software –No hardware or software required –Internet connection required to access online services Maintenance –Core upgrades included free of charge –Worry free, secure, uninterrupted service Learning and Training –Straightforward, easy-to-use interface –No formal training required Time –Data analysis –Data management (Comment Categorization) –Customer contact

44 Start-Up Implementation –Service Customization (Branding, Contacts, Links, etc.) done by Counting Opinions –1 Sr. Staffer for 8 hrs. recommended for co-ordination effort over 3-4 week implementation period (or as short as 1 week) –13 Month First Year Subscription Orientation –Staff Awareness and Perception –Staff Survey Participation Promotion –Campaign Planning and Implementation –Collateral materials (Posters, bookmarks, banner ads, pop-ups…)

45 Day-to-day Data Analysis –Tracking Progress –Identification of Trends –Report Customization –Response Planning and Implementation Data Management –Comment Categorization –Internal Reporting –Public Reporting Data Entry –Paper-based Surveys Customer Contact* –Preparation and Follow-up

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