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Planning for a New Branch Library Council Said Yes, Now What?

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1 Planning for a New Branch Library Council Said Yes, Now What?

2 Introduction – Burlingtons Recent Experience Central Library – Expansion and Renovation Council Approval: Official Opening: Brant Hills Branch – New Facility (Existing Branch) Council Approval: Official Opening:

3 1. CELEBRATE! Party Thank Yous Announcements to Staff Press Release

4 2. Review/Update/Finalize Draft Action Plan Project Management –Role of Librarys Project Manager –Role of Construction Project Manager –Role of Contractors Project Manager –Role of Library Teams Library Board Librarys Management Team Design Team Specialty Teams –Collaboration with Major Partners City/Town Other Partners

5 2.Review/Update/Finalize Draft Action Plan (contd.) Communication Plans/Marketing Plans (contd.) –Identify Target Audiences (Staff, Board, Council, City staff, customers, partners, neighbours, community at large) –Identify Vehicles (White boards at staff entrances, website, all staff email, newsletters (staff, public) –What/when Financial Plan –Confirm –Monitoring –Due Diligence

6 3. Hiring Architects/Contractors Local purchasing policies Identifying potential respondents Pre-qualification Tenders Design/Build

7 4. Staff Relations Potential Impacts on Staff –Health and safety issues –Accommodation Review Human Resources policies S.O.S. (Save Our Sanity) Team Scheduling Telework Leaves of absence Health and safety Employee Communications Team

8 5. Secondary Projects Capital Campaign Grant applications Decisions Re: moving/staying onsite (renovations) Library materials (weeding, storage, catalog, records, purchasing new items) Landscaping Moves/closures (planning, implementing) I. T. staging Furniture, furnishings, equipment (F.F. & E.) Signage (interior, exterior, directional) New _________ (café, self checkout, wireless)

9 6. Pre-construction Soil testing Drainage Building permit

10 7. Construction Health and safety Contractor meeting Communication protocols Responding to delays

11 8. Post Construction Celebrate! –Soft openings –Official openings –Invitations –Thank Yous Deficiencies Measuring Success Is it ever over?

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