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The Ontario Time Machine OLA Super Conference 2008 February 1, 2008.

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1 The Ontario Time Machine OLA Super Conference 2008 February 1, 2008

2 2 AGENDA Introduction Collection content Educational content Technology Awesome demo Marketing Stay tuned…

3 3 What is OTM? Educational website that showcases Ontario history for students and teachers Fun and interactive site – really old books Provides curriculum support Opportunities to explore and learn Partnership among TPL, HPL and KFPL Funding support from Ministry of Culture LSDF Support for digital conversion – CCOP/DCH and LAC and CCA, and WOW Document Mgment Services (KFPL materials) Ed consultant, web developer

4 4

5 5 Why OTM? Meet identified need of teachers for access to collections content and educational activities Enhance accessibility to heritage resources Reach and build new audiences Leverage/build upon existing expertise Develop new collaboration, build capacity Contribute sustainable content to the Internet

6 6 OTM Objectives Promote awareness of educational value of primary source materials Provide opportunities for students that build personal connection to the past Provide teachers with engaging tool to help them support the curriculum and computer use Promote student achievement in the development of inquiry, research and communication skills

7 7 Build student skills Read, analyze and use information Engage, challenge and encourage students Provide self-discovery and guided paths Offer ways to examine causes, events and results of Ontario history Through the stories, build Awareness and understanding of new concepts, theories and views Knowledge of people, places and times Connections to the past, present and future

8 8 Partnership and collaboration Rich collections and history Leverage expertise Share technology Leverage funding Enhance the project MORE BOOKS Better result, efficiencies, enhanced partner learning

9 9 COLLECTION CONTENT Intended to support the Ontario History curriculum –Grade 7: Conflict and Change British North America –Grade 8: Confederation Lays the foundation for the compulsory secondary school course in Canadian history

10 10 438 years of collecting… Three partners have: Comprehensive and specialized collections Overlapping and complementary strengths Variety of resources and formats Specialized staff expertise

11 11 Selection criteria Diverse subject areas Circa 1800 to WWI Materials representative of the time Languages – majority English, French, First Nations Printed or handwritten Pan Ontario content, urban and rural Balance between local focus and broader provincial coverage Compelling in some way

12 12 Selection criteria continued Size - maximum 8.5 x 11, 10-60 pages Good enough physical condition to be digitized without undue risk Be digitized in its entirety; the goal being to represent the whole item Interesting text, illustrations, diagrams or drawings to engage the user Public domain or copyright cleared

13 13 Selection and review process First selection Show and tell meetings, review and discussion –common understanding –partners, ed consultant and web developer Final choices for the project Resource-sharing and multi-tasking

14 14 Collections Almanacs, yearbooks, recipe books, settlers guides, historical accounts, town guides, farming and other manuals, school readers, biographies and so much more…

15 15

16 16 Enhancing the book Links: Text, image, sound or video Places, people or things Archaic or unfamiliar terminology Geographic references Text passages (interesting to be read aloud) Unusual sounds, music

17 17 Research Each item contains three to four types of links (text, image, sound and video) Text links –historically accurate, required original research Image, sound and video links –public domain, copyright-held, copyright-cleared or created inhouse

18 18 EDUCATIONAL CONTENT Primary and secondary sources plus stimulating learning activities Libraries lack skills of trained teachers Hired educational consultant to develop learning activities plus teachers guide Grade 7-8 teacher-librarian a good fit Development of learning content a collaborative process

19 19 Books and categories Showcase collections from three partners covering over 150 years of Ontario history 31 books produced 1810- 1918 1300 pages, over 1000 links

20 20 Student activities and teachers guide Research Tips Fundamentals of research, academic honesty pre-taught by teachers Student Activities Webquest format, 10 subject categories with 3-4 books each Three questions per category, optional classroom magazine Teachers Guide Recommendations for use in the classroom

21 21 TECHNOLOGY Virtual Bookbuilder (developed 2006) Software tool custom-built for TPL by external web developer Showcases digitized books with realistic page turning action Adds value with supporting links (text, image, sound, video) Flash interface, easy to use, clean layout Leveraged as key technology for OTM Three partners scanned materials to specifications TPL built books and hosts OTM website

22 22 Web Development Same developer for Bookbuilder and website Integration of existing book viewer with web design Web design: fun and modern with historic elements Successful team collaboration among partners January 2008 – beta site Next – load all content, usability testing, finalize site DEMO

23 23 MARKETING Ontario Time Machine meets the world…

24 24 Key Audiences Primary Ontario students in Grades 7 and 8 Ontario teachers of Grades 7 and 8 Youth librarians and teacher librarians Home-schoolers Secondary Administrators, instructional leaders, consultants in Ontario schools Ontario researchers

25 25 Messages to Students OTM is a fun way to learn about Ontario history OTM lets you see what things were really like back then OTM lets you virtually touch really old books OTM is like having a virtual librarian at your side OTM is awesome

26 26 Messages to Teachers OTM is a fun way to learn about Ontario history OTM has value-added and curated content OTM was created to support the Ontario curriculum OTM is a great way to teach research skills and support homework

27 27 Communications Plan Focus on teachers, librarians and homeschoolers who will inform and engage students Go directly to students using existing/new channels, like library youth websites and outreach programs, i.e., classroom demonstrations by library staff

28 28 Strategies and Tactics Targeted emails to existing lists, e.g., school boards, SOLS, NOLS Canned downloadable presentation on website RAMP and other library youth sites School outreach and in service programs Links on homework help and parenting sites Reveal during Ontario Heritage Week

29 29 Specifics Cross-Ontario contest with a quiz derived from OTM and prizes Add OTM outreach to schools and teacher in- service days Promote in relevant publications Targeted mailings Target Faculties of Education

30 30 Stay tuned… Ontario Heritage Week, Hamilton Feb. 15, 2008 Summer institutes for teachers Conferences Big push for September 2008 school year And where to find OTM TPL, HPL and KFPL websites

31 31 Thank you….questions? Margaret Houghton, Archivist, Hamilton Public Library Lester Webb, Manager, Systems and Technical Services, Kingston Frontenac Public Library Andrew Lofft, Dept. Head, Preservation and Digitization Services, Toronto Public Library Johanna Wellheiser, Manager, Preservation and Digitization Services, Toronto Public Library and Project Manager, Ontario Time Machine

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