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The Tween Scene Brianne Wilkins-Bester Tiffany Pahman.

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1 The Tween Scene Brianne Wilkins-Bester Tiffany Pahman

2 2 Meet the Team Brianne Wilkins-Bester –Childrens Librarian, Oshawa Public Libraries, began Feb –Works with children of all ages, but particularly enjoys ages 8-12 –Secret dream of becoming a childrens entertainer Tiffany Pahman –Teen Librarian, Oshawa Public Libraries, began February 2008 –Worked in both Public and Academic libraries since 1999 –MLIS with a concentration in Youth Services –Currently a member of the White Pine Selection Committee –Obsessed with Pop Culture including, but not limited to: Perez Hilton, MTV, Degrassi, 90210, Gossip Magazines, and reality television

3 3 Who are Tweens? The time between childhood and adolescence Consistently 8-14 years old

4 4 Why Serve Tweens? KAGOY (kids are getting older younger) They are powerful! To create life-long Library users

5 5 Oshawa Public Library Tween Programs For ages Average age: 12 Monday nights 6:30-7:30 Advertising via posters, newsletters, newspapers, online events listings Budget Prizes

6 6 Oshawa Public Library Tween Programs 2008: 2 programs 40 participants 2009: 12 programs 165 participants Average attendance 2009: 14 participants

7 7 Where to Begin Ask the Tweens Pop Culture Look online Practice what you know Its nice if you can relate it to reading.. But you dont have to! If you feed them, they will come Break the ice Swag

8 A Year of Tween Programs!

9 9 January: The Amazing Race

10 10 February: Anti-Valentines Day Party

11 11 Toronto Star Oshawa This Week

12 12 March: Iron Chef

13 13 April: Mythbusters

14 14 May: Manga Mania

15 15 June: Harry Potter Potions

16 16 Evidence Hunter

17 17 August: Relic Hunter

18 18 September: Chocolate, Chocolate Everywhere

19 19 October: Urban Legends

20 Urban Legends Can you tell Fact from Fiction?

21 21 Poppy Seed Problem THE LEGEND: Eating poppy seeds plain or on bagels can cause you to fail a drug test. THE VERDICT? TRUE The opium contained in poppy seeds is enough to cause a reading in some sensitive tests, though not enough to affect the person who eats them.

22 22 The Tooth about Coca Cola THE LEGEND: A tooth left in a glass of Coke over night will be mostly dissolved by morning. THE VERDICT? FALSE A tooth will NOT dissolve overnight, though it would eventually given enough time. This is true of many drinks we consume such as orange juice, and in all cases the acid concentration are low enough that our bodies can deal with them.

23 23 The Great Molasses Flood THE LEGEND: A great wave of molasses once swept through Boston killing and injuring citizens. THE VERDICT? TRUE The event occurred on January 15, Unusually warm temperatures added more stress to an already dangerously full molasses tank and caused it to burst. The molasses was as deadly as a flood and caused twenty one deaths. It also made rescue efforts far more difficult than water would have due to the stickiness of the substance which many became stuck in.

24 24 November: Is the Price Right?

25 25 SWITCH?

26 26 SWITCH?

27 27 SQUEEZE PLAY $3489

28 28 SQUEEZE PLAY $349

29 29 PICK –A-NUMBER $17_

30 30 PICK –A-NUMBER $179

31 31 SHOW CASE #2

32 32

33 33

34 34

35 35

36 36 $ Showcase #2

37 37 December: CSI

38 38 For more information... Visit our web site! Faris, Crystal. "Betwixt and Between: Tweens in the Library". Children and Libraries Spring 2009: 43-45

39 39 Coming up… A Wee Bit of Fun Poetry Pwnage Bling a Birdhouse! Journey to Japan Jungle Boogie Rock Band Tournament Treasure Hunt in the Jungle

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