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Ming Xu (Jenny) M.A. student of Brock University

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1 Ming Xu (Jenny) M.A. student of Brock University
How an ESL student use a Canadian university library to improve English language skills Ming Xu (Jenny) M.A. student of Brock University

2 Speaking and Listening
Conversational question and exchange with librarians Example: How to use RACER (Rapid Access to Collection by Electronic Requesting) to make interlibrary loan request --personal experience on facing the difficulty in requesting journal through RACER

3 Speaking and Listening
Group study for presentation and seminars Example: Making use of the study area for academic purposes Exposure to the English-speaking environment for developing the sensibility to the target language

4 Reading and Writing Developing self-directed reading habits Example:
How to empower myself with more effective learning strategies To present my reading note aiming at accumulating useful phrases for course-related writing To share my progress in grasping main ideas of reading materials

5 Chinese University Libraries
Main function—Circulation of books, there is no study area available Catalogs of books— Humanities, Sciences and Foreign Languages Specific reading area — the books and journals are not allowed to be taken out of the library

6 Chinese University Libraries
Faculty Library— Students have limited access to borrow books in the faculty library, but it is easier for them to find the references narrowed down in their major field Contact with librarians — Due to the large number of students (around 20,000), we have few chances to consult the librarians. The monitor of each class will represent the class to register.

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