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Resource Description And Access: The Practical Impact of RDA Patricia Longo OLA Conference February 2, 2008.

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1 Resource Description And Access: The Practical Impact of RDA Patricia Longo OLA Conference February 2, 2008

2 Based on information from: JSC website Presentations by: Sue Andrews Marjorie Bloss Jennifer Bowen and John Attig Don Chatham Gordon Dunsire Deirdre Kiorgaard Chris Oliver Barbara Tillet

3 New workflows for a new age 1/22/20083 Metadata created by a wider range of personnel and by computers Automatic data capture from online resources themselves Use of external descriptive data in digital form from publishers, creators, etc. RDA acknowledges the changes in the way cataloguing will be done

4 New workflows for a new age RDA incorporates different methods of capturing and generating metadata RDA is a metadata standard compatible with web architecture and interoperable with semantic web initiatives to facilitate metadata exchange 1/22/20084

5 New workflows for a new age Online workflow requires an online tool 1/22/20085

6 New format for a new age Primarily designed as a web tool for use in online, networked environment Accessible from desktop as other cataloguing tools Accessible to all cataloguing staff Efficiently integrates into online cataloguing workflow 1/22/20086

7 New format for a new age Primarily a digital hypertext document Easier to zero in on relevant instructions Easier to navigate cross-references Useful keyword searching of headings, definitions, or text Definitions are just a click away Mouse over features and hotlinks give easy access to examples and related rules 1/22/20087

8 Online Product Functionalities Scrollable browse of text, TOC and index Links to cross references within RDA, to other collections and products, and to outside environment Notes and bookmarks Export for printing Profile-related features 1/22/20088

9 Online Product Functionalities Advanced, keyword, controlled vocabulary, and TOC search capability Interoperability with OCLC, ILS vendors, and other cataloguing tools by way of content links keyed to catalogue record fields Choice of full or custom view 1/22/20089

10 Online Product Functionalities Data input templates or worksheets for different encoding schemes (ISBD, MARC, Dublin Core) Ability to use existing, or create new workflows, or step-by-step guides 1/22/200810

11 Online Product Functionalities Crosswalk to AACR2 that will provide related AACR2 rules numbers or text for reference AACR2 to RDA index 1/22/200811

12 Online Product Functionalities Focus is on users and the information and guidance that they need 1/22/200812

13 Making Decisions/Choosing Options RDA will offer many alternatives or options; Only a few required elements Who decides which alternatives or options to apply? LAC, and other national libraries Other governing bodies (OCLC, PCC) Individual institutions 1/22/200813

14 Making Decisions/Choosing Options LAC will make national application decisions on some options and provide guidance to Canadian libraries OCLC/PCC will make decisions for cataloguing under their control 1/22/200814

15 Making Decisions/Choosing Options At the individual library level, RDA will lead cataloguers through an explicit, logical decision process Will build cataloguer judgment based on principles 1/22/200815

16 Making Decisions/Choosing Options Focus of RDA is on content not on display RDA offers guidelines, not rules A more flexible and extensible set of guidelines for existing and future resource types 1/22/200816

17 Coding RDA Records in MARC 21 Most RDA data elements can be incorporated into MARC 21 There will be some modification of MARC 21 e.g. new data element to replace GMDs RDA Joint Steering Committee is working with MARC 21 developers to map RDA to MARC and vice versa 1/22/200817

18 Using RDA with Other Metadata Encoding Schema Structure of RDA maps to its two underlying conceptual models: FRBR and FRAD Structure of RDA also maps to two related metadata models: Dublin Core Abstract Model and Metadata Framework 1/22/200818

19 Using RDA with Other Metadata Encoding Schema Plans to develop a Dublin Core/RDA Application profile In support of this, plans to define RDA Element Vocabulary (fields) and to disclose RDA Value Vocabularies (content of fields) on the Web 1/22/200819

20 Using RDA with Other Metadata Encoding Schema RDA elements can map to a number of encoding and presentation syntaxes e.g. MARC 21, ISBD, RDF compliant XML, Dublin Core 1/22/200820

21 Compatibility with Existing Records Compatible with legacy records, little or no retrospective conversion of records required Intention to maintain compatibility for access points Changes are analyzed to assess impact on existing catalogues 1/22/200821

22 Compatibility with Existing Records Compatible with internationally established principles and models and metadata standards 1/22/200822

23 Integration with Library Systems MARBI (MARC format developers) and system vendors are preparing for RDA MARC fixed field codes will be adapted for new content types developed between RDA and ONIX (publishing trade organization) 1/22/200823

24 Integration with Library Systems Integration of new content type codes into library systems could allow users to restrict searches to general or specific classes of content 1/22/200824

25 Integration with Library Systems System vendors will be able to more easily integrate RDA into cataloguing modules e.g. developing workflows, templates and context-sensitive help that utilize the functionality of the web-based RDA product 1/22/200825

26 Integration with Library Systems RDA/ONIX framework being developed to allow publishers metadata to be harvested to populate RDA records This requires vendors to integrate functionality and new content and carrier codes into systems 1/22/200826

27 Training for RDA Cataloguers will need some training in RDA New terminology and new organization to learn Orientation to underlying conceptual models and principles Training on rules that have changed between AACR2 and RDA 1/22/200827

28 Training for RDA Training will be offered by various groups; plans already underway LAC, in partnership with British Library, Library of Congress, and National Library of Australia, will work on implementation of RDA, including training, documentation, and national application decisions 1/22/200828

29 Training for RDA Online product itself will facilitate teaching and learning through Worksheets Step-by-step workflow guides 1/22/200829

30 Training for RDA Worksheets Facilitate initial introduction for experienced cataloguers and training of new cataloguers Links from worksheet to instructions for each data element System vendors may customize cataloguing input applications to provide similar links to RDA 1/22/200830

31 Training for RDA Step-by-step workflow interface will facilitate training for: New cataloguers Those learning to catalogue different types of material 1/22/200831

32 Price Not yet established, but probably a sliding scale depending on number of users, size and type of institution 1/22/200832

33 In summary The potential practical impact of RDA is far-reaching: Improve access and ease of use of the major descriptive cataloguing tool Provide theoretical framework and more options to strengthen cataloguer judgment 1/22/200833

34 In summary Provide extensible guidelines for all types of materials, current and future Facilitate cataloguing training and creation of records Facilitate the use of external sources of metadata, and metadata built into electronic resources, for creating records 1/22/200834

35 In summary Produce metadata that can be used with a number of metadata encoding schema Change the way our catalogues work through adherence to FRBR and FRAD models; clarify relationships between entities and improve collocation 1/22/200835

36 In summary Improve the search function in catalogues through enhanced content and carrier coding and description 1/22/200836

37 More Information JSC web site: da.html da.html Access to drafts, general information, meeting outcomes, and FAQ Comments on drafts are welcome Look for a new prototype soon at 1/22/200837

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