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Serving Our Seniors Stephanie Stowe & Melanie Taylor-Ridgway Town of Pelham Public Library.

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1 Serving Our Seniors Stephanie Stowe & Melanie Taylor-Ridgway Town of Pelham Public Library

2 General Trends Aging population Baby Boomers reaching retirement Many over age 55 relocating geographically Increased public service demands from 55 & Better population

3 How Pelham Got Started 2006 survey conducted Communicated clearly that we had to increase our focus on seniors and their needs Demographics revealed a community weighted heavily in population over 50 Our municipality does not have a recreation centre or run programs for seniors

4 A nearby city had a very high quality Senior Centre heavily attended by our seniors Applied for Ontario Trillium Foundation grant for senior services/ volunteer coordinator full time for 1 year Hired a Seniors Services Coordinator Named Program 55 & Better

5 Senior Services Coordinators Role at the Library Develop & implement sustainable programs for seniors Develop and expand existing volunteer activities (Volunteer Handbook created) Strengthen partnerships within our community and the Niagara Region (Talk given at Rotary Club) Investigate need for Home Visiting Library Service/Books on Wheels (Survey conducted) Pelham Public Library

6 Survey Purpose: To conduct a survey with individuals aged 55+ to assess the needs of retirees and seniors in the community with regards to library services and programming. 1. What age group are you in? 55-64_____ 65-74_____ 75-84_____ 85 and over_____ 2. a) Have you moved to the area in the last 5 years? Yes_____ No_____ b) Do you live? In your own home_____ Apartment_____ Seniors housing _____ 3. Do you currently use the Fonthill Branch or the Maple Acre Branch of the Town of Pelham Public Library? Yes_____ No_____ If Yes, a) what type of materials do you borrow? ____________________________________________________________

7 b) what kind of programs do you attend now? ______________________________________________________ 4. What types of programs/events would you like to see offered? _______________________________________________________ 5. What time of day do you prefer to attend these programs? Mornings___ Afternoons___ Evenings___ Weekends___ 6. Would you use a home delivery service if the library offered it? Yes_____ No_____ If Yes, why? Homebound_____ Disabled_____ Other?________________________________________________ *Surveys distributed in-library, to seniors apartments, retirement homes, and pharmacies. Surveys placed as ad in local newspapers.

8 Survey Results 198 surveys returned 34% between age 55-64 31% between age 65-74 70% had not moved to the area in the last five years 27% that had moved here recently were between age 55-64

9 72% still lived in their own houses Most borrowed books and DVDs 35 requested the Visiting Library Service Requested library programs were guest speakers, computer & fitness classes, movies, travelogues and book clubs

10 Programs We Started With: Open House Seniors Information Fair 55 & Better Book Club Fashion Show Afternoon Movie Seniors Social

11 Where We are Now 55 & Better Programs offered monthly Developed volunteer job descriptions & handbook Developed a Seniors Information Centre with brochures, etc. Developed Seniors Newsletter with events & programs

12 55 & Better Book Club Offering sessions on topics such as: health & wellness, finance and nutrition Introduced recreation & fitness programs: Yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba, Bridge, Latin Dance, etc. Monthly Foot Care Clinic

13 Results Volunteer Management/Senior Services Coordinator is now a Community Services Coordinator Part-time position 3 ½ years of seniors programming Library considered source for seniors information and services Library delivers over 189 programs yearly with over 2211 participants

14 Assessing Your Seniors Needs Demographic Reports-2006 Census, Municipal/Regional Demographics Check Municipal/Regional reports on ageing FP Markets 2011-Provides estimates for a wide variety of factors Do your community demographics and profile reflect the need for more and/or new Seniors programs?

15 Yes, Theres a Need. Now What? Talk to patrons age 55+. Conduct patron surveys Review community programs for seniors in local senior centres, residences and municipal departments Consider your physical spaces, staffing, volunteers/board, costs Determine funding sources (Ontario Trillium Foundation & New Horizons for Seniors Program)

16 Planning Your Programs Consider the 3 different age generations within the senior population when planning programs Investigate what community partners are available How will you promote new seniors programs Think. What is it that your library can do uniquely that no one else can?

17 Finding Resources for Programs Check out what other libraries are offering for their seniors Try Local 211 website for non-profit organizations that can provide you with speakers on topics of local interest Speak to local businesses and self-employed service providers (eg. fitness, art, crafts, chefs)

18 Local adult education, retired specialists and educators Connect with friends and family, previous employers, staff, and patrons for inspiration Note: If running health seminars or fitness classes, ensure your presenters have the proper certification!

19 Outreach in Senior Residences with volunteers Books on Wheels/Visiting Library Service Launched Large Print Book Club Collection for Loan to other libraries and Seniors Residences Special Initiatives

20 Large Print Book Club Collection Difficulty obtaining multiple copies of Large Print books & audio through Inter- Library Loan We applied for and received a Niagara Community Foundation grant Intent was to purchase sets of large-print books & audio for our 55 & Better Book Club

21 The grant allowed us to make these collections available for loan to public libraries, seniors institutions & residences and to book clubs To access the information on borrowing sets go to and click on Book Club

22 Issues That May Arise Presenters cancel or no show Risk management/ Liability issues Equipment that fails Dietary considerations Working in partnership with other institutions e.g., transport of seniors to library programs Volunteer issues

23 Funding Programs We charge for most programs whether they are for children or adults For some presenters, we offer a 50/50 split of revenue Pre-set fees eg. Non-resident speaker Pelham charges a nominal fee for some seniors programs

24 Sessions about health and other crucial information are free from non-profit groups Drop-in classes such as bridge etc., by donation Partner with community groups/service clubs for cost effectiveness

25 In Conclusion Start slowly Offer programs unique to your library and community Advertise in all ways possible Any effort to meet Seniors needs will be greatly appreciated

26 Resources To Help You Further Ontario Seniors Secretariat Pelham Public Library Southern Ontario Library Service Your local 211 or information centre HRDC New Horizons for Seniors ps/ ps/seniors/index.shtml

27 Thank You for Your Time! Stephanie Stowe Melanie Taylor-Ridgway

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