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Social Tools: More than just a good time Presented by: Jenn Horwath Cynthia Williamson Mohawk.

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1 Social Tools: More than just a good time Presented by: Jenn Horwath Cynthia Williamson Library @ Mohawk

2 Agenda Definitions Social Tools In Action @ Mohawk Strategic Priority Achieved Features/Benefits of Software, iPoodles? Info to Go Lessons Learned

3 Definitions Social Tools: Web as platform Encourage collaboration, information sharing online and in real-time User-created content (many-to-many communication) Strategic priorities: Agreed upon by library lead team Essential services that fulfill mission of Library

4 Strategic Priorities Supporting Exploration and Use of Emerging Technologies Learning enhancement: the library will leverage relevant and emerging technologies in the creation of evolving service options Be involved, proactive and responsive within the rapidly changing information and knowledge economy Use technology for maximum advantage Improve communications

5 Library newsletter: TheBRAIN_blog (Sept. 2003) Staff information sharing: BRAIN Trust (Sept. 2003) Library classes: Research Skills Instruction blog (Feb. 2004) Social Tool: Blogs Blogs in action @ Mohawk

6 Key features of blogging software Easy to update: Many staff members can contribute Can post frequently b/c its quick & easy Broadcast functionality included (RSS) Instant CMS: includes archive, search functionality, recent post listing, etc. Comments feature included

7 Social tool: Blogs Achieves Strategic Priorities Library outreach, communication with users Information literacy Cost efficient – free!





12 Info to Go BRAIN_blog Use free Post to it every 2 weeks Functionality used: archive, links, comments activated but not actively encouraged Try it: http://www.blogger.com

13 Info to Go Research Skills Instruction blog Use (also available: – downloadable) Why 2 different blogs? Can add files in Wordpress – Blogger no longer supports this function. Try it: http://www.wordpress.com

14 iPoodles? Service drives technology Only features necessary to service are utilized

15 Lessons Learned BRAIN Trust fizzled – too many places to look BRAIN_blog & Research Skills Instruction blog worked – use technology to match priority instead of other way around BRAIN_blog visits have risen 23% since last year – from 150/month at inception to over 300 month. External vs. Internal hosting: examine your IT support first.

16 Social Bookmarking in Action @ Mohawk Information services staff use FURL to recommend websites to add to the library collection FURL Shared account for Net Generation study

17 Social Bookmarking Software Key Features: Easy to add website with comments and clippings FURL allows standard subject headings Add tags and/or ratings (or not) FURL catches duplicate posts allows posts without a login, easier to maintain more than one account

18 Social Tool: Social Bookmarking Strategic Priorities Achieved Improved communication, more efficient than email Easy collaboration; inspiring Free (closer to beer than kittens) Communication

19 FURL Staff Furl website, include a suggestion for subject area; comments about why site is useful; clipping (from website or other recommendation) CM Librarian receives email when FURL account is used CM Librarian can easily see what needs to be vetted, leave messages for cataloguers Cataloguers can easily see what needs to be done


21 Jenn and I share a account to collect research on Net Generation (findings coming to a session near you somewhere, sometime!) Post interesting websites and documents to our Netgen study account Web research is all in one place Include comments and reasons for posting


23 Info to Go Its 1-2-3 to set up a FURL or account Share passwords Training sessions for reluctant adopters Lead by example

24 IPoodles? Why isnt one of Mohawks portal groups sufficient? No logging in & finding a folder One click FURL feature makes it really easy to recommend a website, no cutting & pasting, no remembering to send it some time Why not just email? Recommendations not stuck in CM Librarians inbox but in an archive for everyone to see

25 Lessons Learned FURL easy to use; easy to learn, much better staff use than the Reference wiki…Why? Its easier? Ongoing, training and encouraging required.

26 Social Tool: Podcasting Podcasting in action @ Mohawk The BRAINcast Every 2 weeks Always feature Library or online research tools (catalogue, ebooks, etc.)

27 Social Tool – Podcasting Strategic Priorities Achieved Information literacy instruction Outreach Expertise

28 Key features of podcasting software Audio file Hosting RSS feeds Web page/Blog


30 Screenshot of stats in libsyn

31 Info to Go First create audio: Audacity (free!), Adobe Audition, GarageBand, Pro Tools, etc. Audacity Adobe Audition GarageBandPro Tools Then choose hosting solution: Internal – your own servers External – Internet Archive, free and for fee options Create your RSS feed: Poderator, Feedburner, Roll your own PoderatorFeedburner

32 Info to Go Use all-in-one solution: Hosting, RSS feed creation, blog/web site, recording (some) Libsyn, Ourmedia, Odeo, Podomatic LibsynOurmediaOdeoPodomatic Add music and sound effects: Podsafe Music Network Freesound Open Media Directory Uhort More

33 Info to Go Add it to iTunes directory: m/itunes/store/podc aststechspecs.html m/itunes/store/podc aststechspecs.html

34 iPoodles? Technology drove the service at the outset - how can we use podcasting? But…one more access point for tutorials cant be a bad thing Expertise gained can be used in college conferences and to assist faculty

35 Lessons Learned Easy to set up! Dont expect instant audience or buy-in Factor in the time for creation and production

36 Social Tool: Wiki According to Wikipedia, A wiki is a website that allows the visitors themselves to easily add, remove, and otherwise edit and change available content... Strategies met: Collaboration Improved strategic collection development Build a faculty liaison aid Free (more like kittens than beer)

37 Wikis in Action @ Mohawk Two wikis Used in-house, not for public (yet) Collection and Access Management Sharing policies, collection profiles, new title lists, weeding statistics Reference Schedules, reference questions, issues & debates

38 Key Features: Mediawiki Mediawiki - Needs server & some programming skills for set- up Highly customizable No programming skills to build and edit but not easy at first Problems: We needed I.T. for server & set-up Lack of control over format and access. Had to ask I.T. personnel to add pictures!

39 Front Page of CAM Wiki created using MediaWiki

40 Key Features: PB Wiki Decided to go it on our own and use PB Wiki We control access, not I.T. Good first wiki, templates & help available Easy to edit (relatively speaking for non-techies!) Easy to add pictures, upload files History. Its easy to revert to old pages. Use it to store statistics! New CAM wiki

41 CAM Wiki created using PBWiki

42 PB Wiki Forums

43 Mohawk Portal Group Homepage

44 Info to Go Media Wiki: If you have a server and some programming skills, try Media Wiki, its free, robust. PB Wiki: If you dont have a server, try PB Wiki, web- based, templates available, good help forum, easy starting place.

45 IPoodles? Why isnt an in-house group sufficient? no control over what goes where, what appears & what doesnt only members, can never be public

46 Lessons Learned Regrets, Ive had a few….. Its about collaboration, dont keep it to yourself Remember perpetual beta Training and encouraging Collaboration vs. collectivism (wikiality)

47 Social Tool: Instant Messenger IM in action @ Mohawk Use Trillian and monitor Yahoo!, MSN and AOL (began Feb. 2005) Offered 8.30am – 9pm M-F, S&S 9am-5pm Monitored by staff at less busy e-Library desk Buddy name: braintogo Promoted by signage, web site, campus newspaper. Uptake has been slow – 41 transactions (vs. 60 in virtual reference service) from Sept. – Dec. 06 – a slow rise in usage


49 Social tool: Instant Messenger Strategic Priorities Achieved Reference service anytime, anywhere Focus on our users – students are comfortable with this technology See: Pew studies – How Americans Use Instant Messaging and The Rise of the Instant Message Generation [74% of teens with Internet access have used IM]How Americans Use Instant MessagingThe Rise of the Instant Message Generation

50 Key features of IM service Set up buddy name on Yahoo!, MSN, AOL Monitor many accounts from one interface (Trillian) Easy for all staff to use Free! Logs transactions Meet the students where they are

51 Info to Go Create identities: Yahoo! MSN AOL Google: http://gmail.com

52 Info to Go Free software client to monitor all accounts: Trillian: GAIM: Meebo: en.html en.html Set hours of service and staffing Promote

53 iPoodle? Another service point Impetus to use what the students are using Improvement to current service as more access points

54 Lessons Learned Promote, promote, promote! Keep aware of new services Dont expect usage stats to skyrocket – (VR stats > IM stats)

55 Social Tool: Roll Your Own Key features of Developers share their apps Can create or steal any one of a range of social tools (photo sharing, bookmark sharing, forum, etc.) Need to know CSS, HTML, PHP in order to customize

56 Key features of

57 Social Tool: Roll Your Own Ning in action @ Mohawk Suggestion Box/User Forum Users can ask a question or answer a question Can see what users are thinking about Staff can intervene and answer or delete questions Top questions are listed

58 Ning in action @ Mohawk

59 Social tool: Roll your own Strategic Priorities Achieved Outreach to users User support

60 Info to go Ning: (free login) Zoho creator (databases): http://creator.zoho.c om http://creator.zoho.c om

61 iPoodles? Technology drove service! But…good testing ground

62 Lessons learned Just launched on Jan. 5 th, 2007 Even though its free, time isnt free! Think about how much time it takes to set up the service.

63 Social Tool: Bloglines/RSS Reader Key features of Bloglines/RSS Can add RSS feeds for blogs, journals, etc. Keep up to date with late breaking news in library field Can make your list of feeds public Easy for staff to add RSS feeds

64 Social Tool: Bloglines/RSS Strategic Priorities Achieved Staff training & education Professional development

65 Bloglines in action @ Mohawk

66 Bloglines in action at Mohawk Created library account so any staff member can add feeds Added folders for library journals, library blogs, education journals, new titles (ProQuest), new web resources Staff members can read only – dont have to add RSS feeds if they dont want to

67 Info to go Create a free login at Add feeds Let staff know the URL.

68 Lessons Learned Just because you build it doesnt mean they will come Too many places to look means they wont look

69 iPoodles? Honestly thought it would be good use of technology!

70 Parting thoughts Side benefit: Sharing with community about experiences with social tools Mohawk Connections Conference: podcatchers, social bookmarking. In class: blogs, bloglines, RSS feeds Take risks but be prepared for failure

71 Parting thoughts Internal vs. External hosting: depends on your situation and IT support New applications take a while to catch on among users (blog, chat, etc.)

72 Next steps Second Life Myspace Explore other IM software (Meebo, GAIM, Unyte) Explore use of Librarything Explore use of Flickr

73 Want to Know More? Jenns Web 2.0 links: Cynthias blogroll: Librarian in Blacks Using Blogs in the Library: Librarian in Blacks Social Bookmarking for Readers Advisory: http://librarianinblack.typepad.comlibrarianinblack/2007/using_social_bo.html Michael Stephens Librarian 2.0 Description: Michael Habibs Academic Library 2.0: Digital Maoism: In Print: Farkas, Meridith. Balancing the Online Life. In American Libraries, Jan 2007, vol. 38, issue 1, p. 42-45. Trexler, Sally. Social Bookmarking with In Information Searcher, 2006 vol. 16, issue 3, p22-27. Transformative sharing with Instant Messaging, Wikis, Interactive Maps, and Flickr. In Computers in Libraries (cover story), Jan. 2007, vol. 27, issue 1, p. 7-56.

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