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White Pine Battle of the Books: Reading as a Competitive Sporting Event! Carolyn Humphrey, ONeill Collegiate and Vocational Institute Catherine Norton,

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1 White Pine Battle of the Books: Reading as a Competitive Sporting Event! Carolyn Humphrey, ONeill Collegiate and Vocational Institute Catherine Norton, Dunbarton High School Kim OReilly, Oshawa Public Libraries Tiffany Pahman, Oshawa Public Libraries

2 If you know about the Battle of the Books, this is the next generation! For the past 2 years Oshawa Public Libraries has hosted area high school teams in a battle based on White Pine titles. Why? How? When? What? Where? Lets get ready to rumble!!


4 A Full and True Account Of the Battel Fought Last FRIDAY Between the Antient and Modern Books In St. JAMESs LIBRARY. LONDON : Printed in the Year, MDCCX

5 THE 1 ST BATTLE OF THE BOOKS Written by Jonathon Swift as a satire. Actual books from the Classical Age (the Antients) battle books from the Modern Age (the Moderns) Battled to determine supremacy of thought/learning. There was a decisive Battel; But, The Manuscript, by the Injury of Fortune, or Weather, being in several Places imperfect, we cannot learn to which side the Victory fell.

6 RECENT HISTORY Did you know? The recent edition of Battle of the Books began in the 1940s, as a radio program sponsored by the Chicago Public Library. Battle contests have been played in schools and public libraries across the U.S. and Canada since that time. The organization Americas Battle of the Books has been in operation for over 20 yrs. in most states. They hope to have a national battle in the next decade. Americas Battle of the Books reading program is for students in grades 3 – 12. The book list changes each year.

7 DURHAM BATTLES Durham Battles began with the Ajax Public Library 10 years ago Competition between public and separate school students Teams of 3 – 6 members with 3 substitutes and team captain Regular round and lightning rounds.

8 OSHAWA PUBLIC LIBRARIES BATTLES The Oshawa Public Libraries 1 st White Pine Battle of the Books took place in April 2009. Held at the McLaughlin Branch of the OPL. Dinah Gough was the master of ceremonies as Manager of Children and Youth Services. Questions were created from the White Pine titles for that school year. The White Pine Battle followed the same format as the Durham Jr. and Sr. Battles.

9 WHITE PINE BATTLE TIMELINE Early in the fall, form a small committee of Teacher Librarians and Public Librarians When White Pine titles are announced, determine who will generate questions for which titles. Set a deadline for submission of questions and to whom they should be submitted. (1 or 2 people should review the questions to make alterations where necessary.)

10 TIMELINE CONTINUED Determine individual responsibilities for the Battle Determine and announce the date of the battle and a deadline for team registration Meet 1 month before the Battle to refine plans.

11 WHITE PINE BATTLE RULES Rules must be read at the beginning of the battle, to ensure all participants understand them. Competitors are counselled to be quiet unless conferring during their turn. Competitors are cautioned against speaking out loud. Teams face off in Round Robin format. No more than 2 or 3 teams face off in one room or multiple rooms. Teams consist of 3 – 6 members but only 3 may play at a time. Substitutions can be made between rounds. Only the team captain provides the answer but team members may confer before it is given.

12 WHITE PINE BATTLE RULES - REGULAR ROUND Each team is asked one question at a time. Regular round answers are to be provided within 20 seconds. Answers must be specific and complete. Competitors are told if the answer is incorrect or incomplete and they may have 2 other opportunities to provide the answer. 5 points are won per correct title; 3 points are won per correct author. Each team is asked a total of 10 – 15 questions, based on the matrix.

13 REGULAR ROUND QUESTIONS Take notes while reading the books. Create 15 questions for each book that begin with the phrase, In which book, by which author…? (Do not include names of characters in your questions). Eg. In which book, by which author does the Gatekeeper demand the toll?


15 WHITE PINE BATTLE RULES - LIGHTNING ROUND Each team is asked a set of 10 – 12 questions before going to the next team. In the Lightning Round, all 10 – 12 questions must be answered within time limit of 2 minutes. It is possible to skip a question and return to it if time permits. Competitors are told if the answer is incomplete or incorrect and they may have an opportunity to alter the answer. 3 Points are gained with each correct answer.

16 LIGHTNING ROUND QUESTIONS Create 15 questions for each book that begin by stating the title of the book and naming the author. – Eg. In the book, Chandas Wars, by Allan Stratton, what does Chanda hope to build in memory of her mother? Refer to specific events or characters in the story so that there is only one answer to the question you create Make the questions specific enough so that they refer to only one of the White Pine books. Write the answer and its page reference with each question.


18 SPECIFICS TO OUR TIMELINE: Decide budget Arrange author visit. Book for March of following year. Teams register with Carolyn Humphrey (Teacher/Librarian at ONeill) by March 23, 2011. By early March, Carolyn receives questions members have written and forwards to Kim. Once we have participating school names, OPL create signs for tables.

19 SPECIFICS TO OUR TIMELINE: Kim assigns questions: warmup, regular round, substitute, lightning, final regular and final lightning. Developed matrix so that each team got at least 1 question per title and then divided the rest.

20 SPECIFICS TO OUR TIMELINE: Tiffany proofs the questions since she has read all of the titles. Week before battle. Distribute teams. Ideal to separate two teams from same school. Week before battle.


22 SPECIFICS TO OUR TIMELINE: Questions typed and copied using colour coding Day of Battle: teams arrive by designated time. Once all teams have arrived, teams are given room assignment. Each room should also have a stop watch and calculator. Prizes Press Release


24 THE TEACHER LIBRARIANS ROLE How to advertise the Battle. How to build a team.

25 TEACHER LIBRARIAN, CONT. Practice? Permission forms. Transportation.


27 Students love the competition!

28 Get ready to rumble!!

29 REGULAR ROUND QUESTIONS In which book does the main character drive a red mini cooper? Answer: The Uninvited, Tim Wynne Jones In which book does the Main Characters Grandmother become a criminal when the Main Character is twelve years old? Answer: The Book of Michael, Lesley Choyce In which book does the main character own a red Samsonite Saturn suitcase? Answer: Mostly Happy, Pam Bustin In which book is a changeling a main character? Answer: Wondrous Strange, Lesley Livingston

30 Lightning Round Questions In Getting the Girl, what is the biggest sport at Sherman Macks school? – Answer: Lacrosse, page 71 In Cracked Up to Be, what position on the cheerleading squad did Parker used to hold? – Answer: Captain, page 14 In Sister Wife, at what age can girls in Unity marry? – Answer: Age 15, page 21 Half World, what does Mister Glueskin turn into at the end? -Answer: Baby G or Baby

31 QUESTIONS? For more information: Carolyn: Catherine: Kim: Tiffany:

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