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1 EBSCOadmin Multilingual Options Tutorial

2 Welcome to EBSCOs Multilingual Options tutorial, where you will learn how to enable the multilingual interface screen selection option in EBSCOhost, as well as the translation of HTML full text articles into other languages, and create a Profile in one of several languages. These key translation features allow you to display interface text in over 25 languages, providing important localization support for non-English-speaking users.

3 From the Customize Services tab in EBSCOadmin, click on the Multilingual Options sub-tab. To allow users to change the interface screen language during an EBSCOhost session, select the Yes radio button next to this first setting. To enable the EBSCOhost HTML full text article translation feature, select the On radio button next to the setting. Click Submit to save your changes.

4 When the interface screen language option has been enabled, users will see a drop-down list on the Preferences screen from which they may choose a language for their session interface screens. The interface language will return to the default setting upon logging out of EBSCOhost. Users can save their interface language preference in their personal My EBSCOhost folder for future sessions. Note that all full text articles are presented in their originally-published language, regardless of the interface screen language selected.

5 The HTML full text article translation feature allows users to translate an HTML full text article into any of the languages presented in the drop-down list at the top of an open HTML article. Users simply open the drop-down list, highlight the desired language, and then click the Translate button to view the article in the selected language.

6 Library administrators can also create a Profile in an alternate language by following these steps in EBSCOadmin: Click on the Profile Maintenance link, then the Add a New Profile link. Fill in the required fields and choose the desired language from the Language drop-down list.

7 EBSCOhost users who access the (new) profile will see all search screens in the chosen language, and if enabled, will be able to change the search screen language to any language included in the drop-down list on the sub-toolbar.

8 At any time, click the Help link to view the complete online Help system.

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