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Your Name Date Our 50 States: [Name of Your State]

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1 Your Name Date Our 50 States: [Name of Your State]

2 Directions Place students into groups of 2 or 3. Assign each group a specific state. Have students research their state to find out the location, state symbols, motto, etc. −Students can research using −Students can also use a series of books by Emily McAuliffe that explain each state’s facts and symbols. Check your library for this series. Have students complete each slide. When they are finished, have students print Handouts/ Six to a Page Students can then create a mini-book about their state. (Click here for directions on creating a mini-book)(Click here for directions on creating a mini-book) If you cannot find what you are looking for in clipart, students can go to Clipart Online and find pictures of their state.

3 TEKS 1.13A explain selected national and state patriotic symbols such as the United States and Texas flags, the Liberty Bell, and the Alamo 1.5B locate place of significance on maps and globes such as the local community, Texas and the United States 2.17B Obtain information about a topic using a variety of visual sources such as pictures, graphics, television, maps, computer software, literature, reference sources and artifacts. 2.17C Use various parts of sources, including the table of contents, glossary, and index, as well as computer keyboard searches, to locate information. 2.17D Sequence and categorize information. 2.14B identify selected symbols such as state and national birds and flowers and patriot symbols such as the U. S. and Texas flags and Uncle Sam 2.6C compare information from different sources about places and regions

4 My State has many neighbors My neighbors are:

5 Here is where my state is located in the United States Move the yellow arrow to point to your state.

6 My State Capital

7 Places to Visit Choose one place in your state that would be interesting to visit. Tell where it is located in the state and why it would be interesting to visit.

8 Statehood This state became the _____ state in the United States in _____

9 Symbols of [name of your state] The state bird is: The state flower is: The state tree is: The state animal is: Go to Insert: Picture: Clipart. Find a picture of each symbol and place them on this page. You may have to resize the pictures so they fit.

10 State Motto explain why this motto was selected

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