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Analysis of Toys “R” Us LBO

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1 Analysis of Toys “R” Us LBO
Student Names Date

2 Transaction Overview Slide Topics: Situation overview / review of players involved / views on competitive dynamic of the process To come

3 Transaction Overview (Cont’d)
Slide Topic: Analysis of leverage assumed in transaction To come

4 Transaction Merits & Risks
To come Risks To come

5 Company Overview To come

6 Industry Overview To come

7 Additional Due Diligence Requests
Slide Topic: Assume you have a few days with management to finish your due diligence: What other items / questions would you ask management about the business To come

8 Base Case Assumptions – By Segment
Toys “R” Us Domestic To come Toys “R” Us International To come

9 Base Case Assumptions – By Segment (Cont’d)
Babies “R” Us To come To come

10 Base Case Projections To come

11 Base Case Returns To come

12 Downside Case Projections
To come

13 Downside Case Returns To come

14 Investment Recommendation
Slide Topics: Present view of investment including discussion of risk / return profile, exit alternatives and any other issues that factored into your decision making for this investment (use more than one page if necessary). Make a recommendation. To come

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