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Vince Lombardi. -Do you like sports? -I like swimming and tennis. -Yes, I do. I go to the swimming pool two times a week. And how often do you.

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1 Vince Lombardi





6 -Do you like sports? -I like swimming and tennis. -Yes, I do. I go to the swimming pool two times a week. And how often do you do karate? -What kind of sports are you fond of? -I visit Karate Club three times a week. -I’m fond of football and karate. And what’s your favourite sport? -Of course, I do. Sport makes us healthy and strong -Do you go to the swimming pool?


8 1)This is an outdoor game for two teams. Each team has eleven players one of which is a goalkeeper. You need a big field and a ball. 2)A sport in which people dance and perform exercises to music on ice. 3)The sport or activity of moving over snow. 4)A game played on grass by two teams of 11 players who try to score goals by hitting a ball with a curved stick 5)This is an outdoor activity game for two or four people. You need a net, a racket for each player and a small ball for it. 6)Sports events in which people compete against each other in running races, jumping and throwing things. 7)The activity of climbing mountains and rocks for enjoyment and exercise. 8)A sport involving difficult physical exercises designed to increase your strength and ability to bend and balance. 9)A game in which you use golf clubs to hit a small white ball into a hole in the ground 10)Riding a bicycle in order to stay fit.

9 1)Football 2)Ice skating 3)Skiing 4)Hockey 5)Tennis 6)Athletics 7)Climbing 8)Gymnastics 9)Golf 10)Cycling

10 A cup that the Football Association presented to the winning teams between 1896 and 1910 goes on sale today. It is not the first FA cup. A thief stole the first cup from a show window in Birmingham in 1895. This second cup went to Lord Kinnaird in 1911 to celebrate his 21 st anniversary as President of the Football Association. It is made of silver and experts say its price may reach a record ₤300,000. The most expensive football item so far was a World Cup trophy which sold in 1997 for ₤254,500. Oldest FA Cup goes on sale LONDON The oldest Football Association Cup goes on sale at Christie’s auction house in London this weekend.

11 1) The cup on sale this weekend i s the first FA cup. 2) The FA presented this cup to the winning teams between 1896 and 1910. 3) A thief stole the first cup from a shop window in London 4) Lord Kinnaird was the president of the Football Association for 21 years 5) A World Cup trophy sold in 1997 for ₤ 300.000

12 My name is Sylvia. I’m a very active person. I take a lot of exercises. For example, I go __________ and play___________ with my sister two or three __________a week. We usually run________ in the morning. I also go to the ________ twice a week. I go there in the evenings and it’s a chance to meet my friends. I love exercise. The more you do, the more energy you have. Complete the text with the words from the box.

13 1) We like to go skiing in winter 2) Our school team_______ volleyball every Saturday. 3) Most of the girls_______ gymnastics in the gym with our new teacher. 4) I________ swimming after school. 5) They often_______ athletics at school. 6) The boys of our class______ karate on Fridays. 7) We_______ climbing in the mountains every summer.

14 What are the full names of Venus and Serena Williams? What did they want to do when they grow? Who encouraged them to play tennis? When did Oracene and Richard marry? How many children are in the family? What are 4 main qualities for a good tennis player? Did Richard sometimes think about winning?

15 1)Venus Ebony Starr, Serena Jameka 2)Venus: an archeologist, Serena: a tennis player 3)Their father 4) 1980 5) 5 daughters 6) Rough, tough, strong, mental developed 7) Yes, he did.

16  1. What is the most important event in the sporting calendar every four years in the world?  2. Where were last Olympic games held?

17 Medals by sport SportTotal Boxing2125 Canoeing1203 Fencing1012 Weightlifting1012 Rowing1001 Athletics0123 Wrestling0101 Shooting0022 Gymnastics0011 Total65920

18 Yana Shemyakina Womens' fencing Yuriy Cheban Men's canoe sprint Vasyl Lomachenko Boxing Oleksandr Usyk Boxing Inna Osypenko- Radomska Women's canoe sprint Oleksiy Torokhtiy Men's weightlifting

19 Yana Dementieva Natalia Dovhodko Kateryna Tarasenko Ukrainian rowing team Anastasiya Kozhenkova

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