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Samuel Steel Safety Group Meeting Two May 12, 2011 Samuel Safety Systems.

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1 Samuel Steel Safety Group Meeting Two May 12, 2011 Samuel Safety Systems

2 Agenda Samuel Safety Systems Hand out Audit Training Certificates eClearance Presentation SSSG 2010 Final Report Card Progress Report Number One – Where you are now – Where you should be now Identify the Hazards MOL/WSIB updates-Bill 160

3 Samuel Safety Systems

4 Progress Report Who has all standards set? Who is having trouble getting started? Samuel Safety Systems


6 What does the Element Requirements Say?

7 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2011 ACTION PLAN DUE: FEB 28 ADVANTAGE APPLICATION DUE: DEC 15 PROGRESS REPORT 1 DUE: SPRING PROGRESS REPORT 2 DUE: FALL YEAR END REPORTING DUE: DEC 15 2011 Advantage Program Timeline Guideline ACTIONS: Orientation / Leadership Intro Auditor Training Meeting #3 Complete Intro Auditor Training or verify training qualifications Submit completed HSMS Audit Report to Mgmt Create written Standard for HSMS Audit Mgmt develops Continual Improvement Plan Continual Improvement Plan Mgmt initiates Continual Improvement Plan Complete HSMS Audit HSMS Audit MEETINGS: REPORTING: Meeting #4Meeting #5 *** Progress Visits ***

8 Samuel Safety Systems

9 Hazard Recognition Exercise Hazard recognition is the basis for identifying and correcting unsafe condition / unsafe acts The following are a couple pictures which we want to test your ability to recognize hazards Samuel Safety Systems

10 Spot The Hazards Work with your table members Study the picture Write down all the hazards which you can identify GO Samuel Safety Systems


12 14

13 Picture Two Ready Set Go Samuel Safety Systems


15 17

16 WSIB Health Professional's Report (Form 8) We have revised the Health Professional’s Report (Form 8). The new form: highlights low back, shoulder and fracture injuries and medication information (including Opioids) includes functional abilities information, thereby eliminating the need for a Functional Abilities Form (FAF) on the initial visit NOTE: Form 8 FAF information does not include degree of limitation Samuel Safety Systems

17 Form 8 (a) FAF Information Samuel Safety Systems

18 MOL Blitz May - August The Ministry of Labour blitz for the industrial sector with focus on New and Young Workers Orientation Instructed, trained and supervised on jobs Using proper safety measures, equipment and procedures to prevent injuries Meeting minimum age requirements. Samuel Safety Systems

19 Miss It, By That Much Samuel Safety Systems Near Miss 1 Near Miss 2 Near Miss 3 The difference between a NEAR MISS and a SERIOUS ACCIDENT may be a split second or a millimeter

20 Next Meeting Date September 15, 2011 Progress Report Number Two is Due Samuel Safety Systems

21 Any Questions Samuel Safety Systems

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