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Towards Self-Managing Home Networking Systems Yi-Min Wang Cybersecurity and Systems Management Microsoft Research, Redmond (Google Strider Wang)

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1 Towards Self-Managing Home Networking Systems Yi-Min Wang Cybersecurity and Systems Management Microsoft Research, Redmond (Google Strider Wang)

2 The Aladdin Home Networking System Seven Windows PC connected by 10Mbps phoneline Ethernet –PC peripherals: USB cameras, IR controllers, etc. Sixty X10-based powerline devices –Controlled devices Lamps, fans, garage door openers, robo-dogs, beeper/chimer timers, etc. –Converters Wireless-to-powerline transceivers –Transmitters Wired and wireless controllers, phone-based controller, PC-based controllers (CM11A powerline transceivers) Sensors: motion sensors, water sensors, temperature sensors, power outage sensors, garage door sensors, etc.

3 Aladdin: connect to your house at any time, from any place, on any device Email My Home Buddy Monitoring Daemon DCOM Device Control Objects Lookup Services Natural Language Parser Soft-State Store Text-based Interface Eventing MSN Aladdin Device Adapter (ADA) SIMBA MyAlertBuddy IM & Email

4 Project Goals Home network as part of my Internet Mid-size ubiquitous computing system –Heterogeneous networks and devices –Mostly low-cost, off-the-shelf consumer devices –Limited mobility Deployed in a real house and used on a daily basis for three years Project goals: –Is this something that people can really live with? –What are the killer apps? –Study self-configuration & self-monitoring requirements

5 Self-Configuration Aladdin Device Adapter (ADA) –Device named by: device type + physical location (pre-mapped to X10 address) e.g., lamp on the living room side of the kitchen, which is mapped to X10 address E4 –ADA enables self-configuration & -reconfiguration with dumb devices Even smart devices need field attributes Soft-State Store –Volatile or persistent state that will expire if not refreshed

6 One-step administration: X10 communication address to physical location mapping D10 D16 E3 O16 P16 K3 F3 F16 G5 E4 J14 J16 E16 Bonus Room Master Bedroom Kitchen Living Room Family Room Garage Crawl Space N3

7 X10 Transmitter AC current sensor Simple Logic X10 Receiver Powerline Aladdin Device Adapter Lamp E4

8 Announce –AC current sensor detects current thru device –Transmit device type and X10 address in extended X10 code over powerline Revoke –Report device leaving (broken, switched off, unplugged, etc.) Refresh –Periodically re-Announce: allow detecting ADA leaving

9 Powerline PC #1PC #2 Phoneline Ethernet Attribute- Based Lookup Service (ABLS) Aladdin Device Adapter Device type + Communication address (= Physical location) Name- Based Lookup Service (NBLS) Bridging protocol address Object Device Announcement Protocol

10 Multi-time-scale Soft-State Store Soft-State Store (SSS) Volatile Store Persistent Store Name- Based Lookup Service (NBLS) Attribute- Based Lookup Service (ABLS) Eventing Daemon Heartbeats Object Heartbeats Device Heartbeats Added; Changed; Deleted; MetaChanged Sensor Heartbeats & States

11 Self-Monitoring Daily end-to-end self-test –Powerline database Ethernet Internet IM/email service cell phone SMS service Powerline anomaly detection –Receivers embedded into the house responding to unintended control signals

12 12:31AM, Sep. 24, 1999 - House under attack... 00:31:42 - Address = M13>>>>> ALERT: BOGUS ADDRESS <<<<<... 00:35:07 - Func = C HailRequest(8)... 00:35:13 - Func = F AllLightsOn(1)... 00:35:59 - Func = M ExtendedDataTransfer(12)>>>>> ALERT: BOGUS ADDRESS <<<<<... 00:36:09 - Address = M13>>>>> ALERT: BOGUS ADDRESS <<<<<... 00:36:12 - Func = M Dim(4) Change in brightness level = 0x0e>>>>> ALERT: BOGUS ADDRESS <<<<<... 00:38:00 - Func = E HailAcknowledge(9)>>>>> ALERT: BOGUS ADDRESS <<<<<... 00:38:50 - Func = I On(2)... 00:40:26 - Func = N AllLightsOn(1)>>>>> ALERT: BOGUS ADDRESS <<<<<... 00:45:14 - Func = E AllLightsOn(1) >>>>> ALERT: BOGUS ADDRESS <<<<<... 01:24:31 - Func = K AllLightsOn(1) >>>>> ALERT: BOGUS ADDRESS <<<<<... 01:25:28 - Func = I AllUnitsOff(0)... 01:26:24 - Func = E AllLightsOff(6) >>>>> ALERT: BOGUS ADDRESS <<<<<... 01:44:52 - Func = J StatusRequest(15)>>>>> ALERT: BOGUS ADDRESS <<<<<

13 01:44AM, Sep. 24 1999 - Attacker identified A plugged-in CM11A interface With a floating serial-port connector ! Operator error + non-fail-stop failure

14 Powerline Monitoring Model-based fault detection system –Experimentally develop a finite state automaton that models all legal sequences of X10 commands X10 protocol is under-specified –Deduce model state indirectly from the sequence of observed powerline commands Hidden state and unobservable illegal transitions –Detect model violations via regular expressions on observable X10 command sequences –Detector itself is self-stabilizing

15 Summary Truly ubiquitous computing means a lot of people using a lot of devices in their daily activities –Need low-cost, off-the-shelf consumer devices Low-cost consumer devices are less robust and less reliable –Systems management cost is too high Including security and safety concerns Two things are necessary to make it happen –Need a universal killer app to drive up the volume and make low-cost, robust/reliable devices possible –As self-managing as possible

16 Killer Apps for My Family Parents receive an IM/email when kids get home safely and disable alarm Remotely check on the house while on vacation Receive an IM when water sensor detects water leakage Receive an IM upon power outage

17 For more information Google Aladdin Wang –News article It was a fishy way for a scientist to start wiring houses onto Web, Seattle-PI news article There's No Place Like Home, Microsoft Research News & Highlights –Papers A Toolkit for Building Dependable and Extensible Home Networking Applications, Usenix Windows Systems Symposium Towards Dependable Home Networking: An Experience Report, IEEE DSN/FTCS The SIMBA User Alert Service Architecture for Dependable Alert Delivery, IEEE DSN Model-based Fault Detection in Powerline Networking, IPDPS

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