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5 Sept 2013 Graduate Studies Committee  Overall GSC  Curriculum Sub- Committee: Issues and Directions.

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1 5 Sept 2013 Graduate Studies Committee  Overall GSC  Curriculum Sub- Committee: Issues and Directions

2 5 Sept 2013 Mission and Charge of the Graduate Studies Committee  The Graduate Studies Committee is an agency of the Faculty Senate which serves as the representative body of the Graduate Faculty on all aspects of graduate education.  See the current Curriculum Guide and the GSC web site for more information: 

3 5 Sept 2013 Membership of the GSC  Eighteen members. Nine are full members of the Graduate Faculty and represent the professional schools and the College of Arts and Sciences.  One representative shall be elected by the faculties of each of the following: the School of Business and Economics, the School of Education, the School of Health and Human Sciences, the Joint School of Nano-science and Nano-engineering, the School of Music, and the School of Nursing.  The College of Arts and Sciences shall elect three representatives with one each from the areas of humanities, science and mathematics, and social and behavioral sciences.

4 5 Sept 2013 GSC Membership (cont.)  Four additional full members of the Graduate Faculty shall be appointed by the Chair, in consultation with the Dean of The Graduate School, to serve one-year terms.  In addition, the Faculty Senate will appoint a member of the Graduate Faculty to the Graduate Studies Committee in order to serve as a linkage between the two groups on issues of mutual concern.

5 5 Sept 2013  Policies and Procedures  Student Affairs  Curriculum Sub-Committees

6 5 Sept 2013 Responsibilities of the GSC, and 3 Sub- Committees  Review all proposals for new courses, revised courses, and modifications to current courses. (Curriculum Sub-Committee)  Review and act on all proposals for graduate programs. (Curr. Sub-Committee)  Review, formulate, and approve policies and regulations related to graduate education. (Policy Sub-Committee)  Hear student appeals related to Graduate School policies and regulations. (Student Affairs Sub-Committee)

7 5 Sept 2013 Responsibilities (cont.)  Call attention to issues of concern relating to graduate education. (overall GSC)  Act on matters of graduate education referred to the Committee. (overall GSC)  Report on all actions taken regarding graduate education policies and programs. (overall GSC)  Advise the Faculty Senate on matters relating to graduate education. (overall GSC)

8 5 Sept 2013 Charge of the Curriculum Sub-Committee  The Curriculum Subcommittee "is responsible for reviewing and approving all new/amended course proposals, proposals for Authorization to Plan new graduate programs and modifications of existing programs (including discontinuance of graduate programs.)"  Proposals for Authorization to Establish and routine course changes are also reviewed by the committee.

9 5 Sept 2013 Membership of the Curriculum Sub- Committee  One representative from each of the professional schools,  at least one representative from the College,  and the Associate Dean (ex-officio with vote).

10 5 Sept 2013 Usual Process for Courses  Committee members: review proposals, provide comments, decision made following open discussion of comments, vote on disposition, then provide feedback to Contact Person.

11 5 Sept 2013 Review Standards  See UNCG Curriculum Guide (GSC and Grad School web site)  Adherence to Curriculum Guide Standards as understood by the Committee Members  Requires good communication among GSC-CC and School/College committees and the Contact Person for the proposal

12 5 Sept 2013  See Flow Chart Handout (also found in the Curriculum Guide) Flow of Curriculum Materials

13 5 Sept 2013 Responses Possible  Approve  Approve with provisions  No Decision or Table (for proposals that cannot be reviewed due to inadequate information)  Reject

14 5 Sept 2013 Typical Review Issues and Responses (from FAQ)  Format from current Curriculum Guide?  Does it communicate?  SLO’s measurable?  Link between SLO’s and Assessment?  Current readings?  Duplication of existing courses? If so, is it justified?  Resources need for implementation?

15 5 Sept 2013 New or Modified Graduate Programs  They follow a different process… New Programs may require extensive planning, including fiscal and evaluation planning Modified Programs may also need extensive planning, if the revision is extensive Coordination with the Grad School and your School/College is as important as that within your Department Allow plenty of time for review by GSC-CC as they can help improve your documentation

16 5 Sept 2013 ?

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