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Importance of nutrition and exercise for children

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1 Importance of nutrition and exercise for children
Tiffany Chen

2 Why is Nutrition and Fitness Important
Many kids today are considered overweight or obese Children are spending more time on watching TV or playing on the computer instead of exercising Many parents let there children eat a fast food regularly because it is convenient A great deal are not getting a healthy balanced meal.

3 Importance of nutrition and fitness
It is essential for a there growth and development. It helps calm there energy and helps muscle and bones. Healthy eating habits help student think clear and focus. Good nutrition helps with better education performances

4 Importance of nutrition and fitness
Helps prevent nutrient deficiency and poor bone health Teaching health eating habits at a young age will help student develop the skill to eat health as adults Regular exercise is an important part of children staying healthy

5 Healthy Eating Habits Help prevent health issues such as eating disorder, cavities, and obesity. Around 1 out of 3 children in the united states is considers overweight or obese. Obesity can lead to a numerous different other health condition including type 2 diabetes high blood pressure high cholesterol

6 How can we help Help children developed health eating habits
Provide students with nutritional snacks There should be a wide variety of snacks such as vegetable, fruits, would grains, milk, and water. Students should have limited portion sizes Eat at the dinner table with children Set a good example Changing your eating habits will help teach children by example Don’t reward children with special food or sweets This keeps children from thinking that certain food are better than others

7 How can we help Don’t let kids skip breakfast. Limit portion sizes
Eating a healthy breakfast has proven to improve problem solving ability, memory and verbal skills, and creativity. Limit portion sizes Limit sugar and salts Make sure children have at least 60 minutes of moderate exercise almost everyday. Sports and outdoor games are a great way for children to get moving

8 Get kids moving An important part of a healthy lifestyle for kids is to keep them active Limit the amount of hours your child spends on the TV or computer School aged children should spend about 1 to 2 hours on watching TV and the computer There are lots of activities and sports kids can play for exercise Basketball, soccer, tag, swimming, bicycling, hiking, baseball, skating, hopscotch, jump roping If its cold turn on some music indoor and let them dance If its snowing let them go sledding.

9 School age children need
2-4 serving of fruits and 3-5 vegetable Vegetable vegetable to soup Fruits Apples and Carmel dip Apples with low-fat yogurt 6-11 servings of whole grains Spaghetti and meatballs 2-3 serving of dairy Milk Cereal with skim of 1% milk Cheese and crackers Pudding. 2-3 serving of protein Grilled chicken Eggs Turkey sandwich

10 How to deal with pick eaters
Serve something new with a small portion of a favorite food Limit liquid beverage so that children don’t fill up on them Try new foods with your children Try only one food at a time. Children might be more eager to try new food if they help make them Make food look more interesting to eat my making a food collage

11 Great resource to checkout has great resourced for meals and eating on a budget resources, books, handouts, and information information on deficiency, food and nutrition information has lots of nutrition information and ideas, and information and safety tips on fitness. has information on parks where kids can be active and information on the City Stars community sports for kids to play

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