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COP15 Aim: To find out what COP15 is, where it is and what is it all about?

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1 COP15 Aim: To find out what COP15 is, where it is and what is it all about?


3 What is it all about then? First of all, COP15 doesn't refer to COPenhagen. It stands for Conference of the Parties Second, the conference is taking place from 7- 18th of December in Copenhagen and is being hosted by the Danish government. Officials from 192 countries will be attending. Third, the goal of all this is to establish a global climate change agreement that will take over from the Kyoto Protocol when it expires in 2012

4 Science says that greenhouse gas emissions have to peak by 2020 to avoid catastrophic climate change -- think half of all animals and plants going extinct, half of all people experiencing water shortages, coral reefs gone, at least one meter sea level rise by 2100 and more thereafter -- and be reduced in the 80-90% range by 2050 But so far, rich nations have pledged far, far lower reductions. Norway just committed to 30% reductions

5 ² And that doesn't go down well (for a variety of reasons) with the poor and developing nations of the world. China, India, Brazil, Mexico and others have all called for science-based pledges. In other words, there's a lot to work out and not a lot of time to do it

6 Random Activity Generator Topic Climate Change Conference Copenhagen Activity Rap Army Marching Song Mime Short Sketch 50 Word Account

7 Some climate change words Global warming, greenhouse effect, hotter, Pollution, smoke, CO2, China, Climate Change, Heating, Fossil Fuels, Oil, Dirty, Environment, Disaster, Planet Earth, Nature, Destroy, Extinct, USA, Cars, Factories, Dying, Temperature, Sea Levels, Arctic, Rainforest, Atmosphere, Gasses, Coal, Melting, Drought, Carbon, Disaster, Future, Emissions, Catastrophe

8 Mystery Aim: To discover why Paris might be a coastal resort by 2050.

9 Where is Paris?? Paris is situated in north eastern France It is north of the city of Orleans and south of Lille In 2011, it would take you about 2 hours to drive to the Normandy coast. It is situated about 700km north of Toulouse.

10 Possible Reasons Tidal Wave Sinking into the Sinking into theground Global Global Warming Sea Level rising Flooding Ice Caps Melting

11 Why?? Global Warming

12 Map of France– 2050 - Notice that large areas of France are now under water. Paris is now on the coast.

13 What is Climate Change? Click the picture above for a 4 minute film about climate change around the world.

14 CARD EXCERCISE Use the cards to help you solve the mystery! As to Why Paris could become a coastal resort by 2050

15 ANSWERS STARTER 1.CARD 17 – Greenhouse gases absorb suns heat so increase earths temperature. 2.CARD 9 – Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. 3.CARD 25 – France produces 155 million tonnes of carbon a year.

16 4. Why is more carbon dioxide being put into atmosphere. 3 groups of factors. CARDS 8 15 21 23 28 DEFORESTATION CARDS 18 24 TRANSPORT CARDS 2 6 20 26ENERGY/POWER

17 5. How do greenhouse gases change climate? CARD 12 – Since 1930 average world temperature has increased by 0.2 Celsius. CARD 30 – it is predicted that Frances climate will become much wetter. EFFECTS

18 6. Impact of climatic change on the environment. CARD 5 – Melting ice sheets/icebergs. CARD 7 – More insects to destroy crops. CARD 14 – Sea level rise 30 cms in next 30 years. CARD16 – 7.5 m around France by 2050 Marseille under water!!! CARD 29 – warmer water expands and takes up more space.

19 Where is Paris and what is its environment like? CARD 1 – on River Seine which flows out to sea. CARD 3 – approximately 250Km from coast. CARD 10 – surrounded by former marsh (lots of flat land) CARD 11 – a flat low-lying City. CARD 13 – just off the A1 motorway.

20 What types of things might help to reduce the problem. CARD 4 –walking/cycling rather than cars. CARD 22 – government agreements e.g. Kyoto to reduce pollution. CARD 27 – re-cycling products/disposing of products in an environmentally friendly way.

21 Your Task Your Task Write up an account of why Paris might be a seaside town by the year 2050. You may write it up in the style of a newspaper article.

22 How to do it… Start off with location informationStart off with location information What causes global warming?What causes global warming? What are the effects of global warming?What are the effects of global warming? What can we do to be better global citizens?What can we do to be better global citizens?

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