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1 Environmental Awareness New Hire Orientation Office of Environmental Management.

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1 1 Environmental Awareness New Hire Orientation Office of Environmental Management

2 2 Introduction What is Environmental Awareness? Why is it important? How does it affect me and the job Ive been hired to do?

3 3 Environmental Awareness 101 Broad: – Being tuned in to how decisions and actions of you, your family, your employer, and others affect the ability of the environment to sustain and provide for a high quality of life. Fresh air, clean drinking water, natural resources, etc… Narrow: – You are now the Government – Obligated & expected to be environmentally aware and to act in accordance with above…

4 4 Importance Broad: – By not acting in an environmentally aware manner, the resulting damage &/or destruction of the natural systems we depend on will adversely affect our health & well-being Narrow: – Because your employer said so – It is EVERY EMPLOYEES responsibility – You could get hurt &/or fired See the Citys Environmental Policy document

5 5 Environmental Awareness and You as a City Employee Good news, weve made it easy… Processes, procedures, and systems are in- place to help ensure that you: – Learn how the job you do relates to the Citys role as a regional environmental leader, – Get to know the regulations that influence your Department and others you work with, – Understand any job-related hazards, – Know what to do in an emergency.

6 6 Environmental Compliance Manual Materials Management Incident/Spill Reporting Regulatory Inspections Audits COMPONENTS All employees must be instructed and trained on the contents of the Manual See your Supervisor

7 7 Requirements All New Supervisory & Management Personnel Must Read the Manual within 10 Days of Reporting to Work Any Employee Below the Supervisory Level Must be Instructed & Trained on the Contents of the Manual

8 8 Why do we have an Environmental Compliance Manual? Pollution Prevention, Risk Reduction, & Workplace Safety Part of EPA Agreement Increased Regulatory Scrutiny of Municipalities Key Component of an Environmental Management System (EMS)

9 9 Where is the Manual Located? Public Works Service Center Parks & Recreation HQ Civic Center Emergency Communications Center Police Department HQ Department of Fire & EMS HQ Risk Management Office Environmental Administrators Office

10 10 Requirements Violations of the Regulations Outlined in the Manual Could Result in the Employee & the City Facing Fines and Possible Civil & Criminal Prosecution All Issues of Non-Compliance MUST be Reported ASAP

11 11 Regulatory Requirements Brief Overview Key Federal Laws & Regulations:alphabet soup – OSHA - Occupational Safety & Health Administration Title 29 CFR 1910 & 1926 – EPA – Environmental Protection Agency Title 40 CFR – RCRA, TSCA, CAA, CWA, CERCLA, SARA, FIFRA – DOT – Dept. of Transportation Title 49 CFR

12 12 Regulatory Overview RCRA (Wastes) – Solid & Hazardous Wastes Subtitle D - Solid Waste Subtitle C - Hazardous Wastes Subtitle I - Underground Storage Tanks TSCA (Toxics) – PCBs – Asbestos

13 13 Regulatory Overview CAA (Air Quality) – Air permitting – Refrigerants – Chemical Accident Prevention CWA (Water Quality) – Wastewater Permitting – Storm water – Monitoring of Streams, Rivers, Lakes…

14 14 Regulatory Overview CERCLA (Historic Contamination) – Superfund Sites – Reportable Quantities SARA (Community Right to Know) – Emergency Planning FIFRA (Chemical Bio-cides) – Pesticides – Insecticides

15 15 Responsibility Environmental Stewardship & Compliance Expected of All City Employees Responsibility from Top to Bottom of the Organization Office of Environmental Management – Regulatory Compliance Assurance – Assists Departments in managing their environmental issues

16 16 Office of Environmental Management Division within the Department of Public Works – Environmental Administrator Duties – Incident/Spill Response – Advising Departments & Facilities – Development of Best Management Practices – Approval of Waste Management Practices – Regulatory Reporting – Training & Educational Support – Keeping On Top of Rules & Regulations – Obtaining Specialized Environmental Services

17 17 Management-Level Responsibilities - Waste Management - Air Management - Water Management Department Managers Supervisors Environmental Site Coordinators Employees Environmental Administrator

18 18 Responsibilities Employees – Understanding and Using Information Provided to Them in Performing Job Duties that Involve the Management of Wastes, Air Emissions, or Water Impacts – Notifying Immediate Supervisors if Unacceptable Practices or Activities are Occurring – Asking for Help from the Supervisor or Environmental Site Coordinator if Unsure of Appropriate Action(s)

19 19 Training Based on Job Function & Level of Involvement with Hazardous Materials Combination of in-house and Contracted Trainers Environmental Administrator Assists Departments with Training Program Development

20 20 Waste Water (Sewage) Sanitary Discharges (Waste Water) – Dont dispose of Chemicals in Sinks, Toilets, Washbasins without Approval of EA or WWTP – Dilution Water May Not be Added to Liquid Wastes – Ask Supervisor if You are Unsure

21 21 Storm Water – Separate from Waste Water (Sewage) – Drains to the River – No Disposal of Chemicals, Debris, or Other Materials via Storm Drains – Eliminate Run-off & Erosion – Only Storm Water

22 22 Regulatory Reporting Responsibility of the Environmental Administrator – (Unless Alternative Arrangements Have Been Made) Oil and Gas – 25 Gallon Reporting Threshold Reportable Quantity Document Smaller Spills in Depts. Incident Log Book Other Chemicals – Know the Reportable Quantity (RQ) for the chemicals you work with Notify Supervisor Upon Discovery Environmental Reporting Line:

23 23 Engine Idling Policy Do not leave vehicle idling more than 5 minutes – Exception: ONLY if it is necessary for the job Why no idling? – Wastes gas – Increases harmful air emissions – Creates carbon build-up in the engine

24 24 Reporting Unknown Materials Do Not Attempt to Move the Material Maintain a safe distance! – Use the Thumb Rule Report (if known) – Location – Quantity – Container Type/Condition – Unusual Sights/Odors – Environmental Hazards – Safety Hazards EA will work with HAZMAT Team to coordinate sampling and proper disposal

25 25 Reporting Unknown Materials Immediately Contact Your Supervisor – They will then Contact the Environmental Administrator Call 911 FIRST, then notify your Supervisor if: – Spill has entered a Storm Water Drain or Stream – May Cause a Fire or Explosion Hazard – Employees or the Public are in danger – Some Other Serious Consequence

26 26 Reporting Non-Compliance All Issues of Environmental Non-Compliance Must be Reported to your Department Manager City Employees may also report anonymously using the Environmental Reporting Hotline: – (24 hrs.) All reports are taken seriously and will be investigated

27 27 Responding to Regulatory Inspections 1. Ask the Inspector(s) for their identification and to please wait in a reception area 2. Contact your Dept. Manager and the Environmental Administrator (24 hr. mobile phone: ) 3. Dept Manager and EA will meet the Inspector ASAP 4. Environmental Administrator: Notify the City Attorney Document the Inspection Accompany Inspector at All Times Provide verbal and written reports to the Assistant City Manager and Department Manager within 2 days

28 28 Audits Each Department Designated in Compliance Manual at Least Every Two Years Environmental Administrator: – Coordinates Audits & Designates Audit Team – Issues Pre-Audit Questionnaire – Reviews Completed Questionnaire Prior to Audit – Conducts the Audit & Prepares Audit Report – Sets a Schedule for Follow-Up – Documents Closure – Report to the Assistant City Manager and City Attorney

29 29 Environmental Wrap-up Questions or Concerns? Office of Environmental Management Christopher Blakeman Environmental Administrator

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