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Why should you go to study abroad ?

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1 Why should you go to study abroad ?

2 Dream Foundation Have you ever thought about the possibility of going to study abroad?

3 Dream Foundation Well, most of the people do think about it but few of them actually do it. What about you?

4 Dream Foundation This presentation will give you an overview of different possibilities if you want to go to study abroad.

5 Dream Foundation Preparations

6 Dream Foundation Going to study abroad is a big decision, therefore people usually need time and information to make it. So, how can you prepare yourself and become an expert in this field?

7 Dream Foundation Most important questions? Usually the following questions arise when talking about going abroad: – which university/institution to choose? – which course to choose? – what about financing my studies abroad? – where will I live (accommodation)? – how will I manage with my English? – what about my relatives, friends?

8 Dream Foundation Don’t worry – this isn’t as hard as it seems. And we will help you with all your questions.

9 Dream Foundation Which institution to choose? There are quite many higher education institutions in the world to choose from....just a little over 20,000 to be more accurate. The choice can’t be too hard or can it?

10 Dream Foundation 3 main criterias When we choose our partner institutions we usually look for the following 3 things from which they should fill at least one. The institution: 1. is innovative, uses new teaching methods and focuses on the personal development of students. 2. is among the best in its country. 3. is in the world’s TOP rankings - we are looking those who are ranked among the world’s TOP 1000 and even better if they take a position among the first 500.

11 Dream Foundation What about courses? We have prepared a career test on our homepage to help you choose the most suitable courses. If you want to find out what could suit you just take the test. Nearly 30 thousand people have already taken it.

12 Dream Foundation Courses? The choice of different courses is usually wider when going to study abroad. You can take anything from business and law to design, architecture or environment. Dream Foundation for example has over 1500 BA and MA courses available to choose from.

13 Dream Foundation Finances? One of the favourite topics and reasons why NOT go to study abroad – finances. Usually people think that it’s expensive and they can’t afford it. And they don’t consider it as an option. In reality, there are numerous possibilities that can turn out to be financially better for you than continuing your education in your home country.

14 Dream Foundation Finances? If finance topic is important for you: – Find a place with a small tuition fee or without a tuition fee. For example, Denmark or the Netherlands might be a good choice. – Be prepared to work during your studies. Usually 12- 15 hours/week is sufficient to cover all your costs.

15 Dream Foundation Finances? If finance topic is important: – Try to find a study place in a bigger city where are better student job possibilities. – Negotiate with your parents and relatives for support. For example in the UK nearly 65% of international students are supported by their families. – Look for student loan and scholarship possibilities!

16 Dream Foundation Plan your budget Make two budgets - if you go to study abroad and if you go to study to your local university. Cost of education (tuition fees) Cost of accommodation (dormitory, appartments) Cost of food and personal stuff Cost of transport Student work possiblities (minumum wage, jobs available) Even if studying abroad seems to cost more at first, the situation can turn around when you look at the budgets.

17 Dream Foundation Plan your budget And even it it costs more - are you willing to invest the extra effort in your education, experience and connections?

18 Dream Foundation Accommodation Finding a place to live? – Usually institutions help international students with accommodation. – If not, you can search real estate pages to find something. – There is accommodation information about our partner institutions also on Dream Foundation homepage

19 Dream Foundation Language level? My English isn’t that good?! – Normally B2 is required for undergraduate (BA) level and C1 for postgraduate (MA) level – Prepare yourself for the language test – don’t come just to try out your luck. – If needed, take additional lessons to improve your language level – You can also test yourself on our homepage to get the quick estimation of your current level of English.

20 Dream Foundation Relatives and friends Relatives and friends will stay in your home country and this means: – Managing all alone in a new country – Making friends all over the world – Becoming independant – Finding your inner powers and yourself This can’t be compared to anything else. Don’t miss the opportunity!

21 Dream Foundation How to make it happen?

22 Dream Foundation 1500+ courses About 30 universities to choose from Supporting the application process Not-for-profit Introducing studies abroad Online advice Pre-depature meetings Operating in nearly 20 countries Biggest in Europe! Easy & comfortable online application

23 Dream Foundation Dream Foundation is a cross-European organisation which main field of activity is: – to create high-quality possibilities to study abroad – to develop intercultural competences, helping you to fulfil your dreams

24 Dream Foundation Why choose Dream Foundation? Nearly 30 carefully picked higher education institutions 1500+ BA and MA courses to choose from Study destinations from all over the world Easy and convenient online application system Powerful search engine to look for courses Application fee is 20€ (including language test)

25 Dream Foundation Why choose Dream Foundation? Full support and counselling during the application period Free tests to help you in choosing the courses or testing your English level Pre-departure meetings to give you practical info before leaving Study abroad students community Dream Network at your service Scholarship info and possibilities to our applicants

26 Dream Foundation Application process in 3 easy steps: 1. Choose a course 2. Fill the online application 3. Take the language test - > and Go study abroad!

27 Dream Foundation Go study abroad!

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