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School Based Inquiry Teams Getting Started. Introductions Overview Purpose.

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1 School Based Inquiry Teams Getting Started

2 Introductions Overview Purpose

3 Deliverables Fall Assess implementation of DDI – rubric Develop DDI implementation plan Support development of DDI culture Identify assessments for DDI Spring Align instruction to Common Core Conduct analysis meetings with teacher teams Identify assessments for DDI

4 Readiness Culture Assessment Analysis Action

5 Inquiry Team Responsibilities Develop Plan Create interim assessment calendar Determine and schedule professional development Develop protocols for lesson plan supervision, walk-throughs, or observations Create/choose teacher analysis and action plan template Plan time to align standards, district scope and sequence, and interim assessments

6 Inquiry Team Responsibilities Plans – ELA and mathematics modules How will the district design and implement Common Core modules for the fall and spring? How will the district create common assessments for the modules? When will the Common Core modules be taught? How will the district share the results of the assessments for the modules? How will “re-teach” take place?

7 Inquiry Team Responsibilities Assessment Calendar When will interim (common) assessments be created or chosen? When will interim (common) assessments be scheduled? How will they be scored? When will data analysis meetings with teachers occur? When will re-teaching take place? When are state assessments?

8 Inquiry Team Responsibilities Data Results Meetings What objectives have the students learned? What objectives do we need to focus on? What teaching strategies were used? What teaching strategies could be used to improve learning? What is the best action? Grade level groups: Develop the re-teach lesson plan (p.222)

9 Increasing Instructional Rigor Tighten lesson objectives Prepare effective “Do now” Examine questioning techniques Help students encounter right answer Encourage student thinking Differentiate instruction Use peer-to-peer support Ask students to self-evaluate Create exit tickets Rethink homework

10 Network Team Support Network Team visits Network Team assignments

11 Questions

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