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Exploitation. Appropriate, mature behavior and comments. Myth/Fact Pgs. 51-52.

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1 Exploitation

2 Appropriate, mature behavior and comments. Myth/Fact Pgs. 51-52

3 What is exploitation? Taking advantage of someone. Using another person unfairly for one’s own profit or amusement. Often a power difference, even though they may be the same age. Pg. 57


5 What can make a person more powerful than another? Age weapon size mental ability social status alcohol impairment/physical handicap gender Pg. 57

6 What are some examples of exploitation? Robbery Tricking or forcing people into actions they would not choose. Mugging Physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Pg. 57

7 Why would people exploit others? To feel superior. For power. They were exploited as children and now hurt others. They have no feelings for others. They were conditioned that way and now hurt others. Pg. 57

8 Pg. 58 Harassment Harassment is any unwanted comment, contact, or behavior. This includes jokes, looks, notes, touching, noises, gestures, gossip, or rumors. Harassment is a form of exploitation.

9 Sexual Abuse 1.Children who are abused are primarily young children. 2.Child victims come from all family income groups. 3.Children are usually abused in their home, rather than on playgrounds and other outdoor sites. 4.Children are more often abused by people they know. 5.Children are often more willing to have sex because they are scared and too trusting. They often do not understand. 6.There are more men that are sex offenders than there are women. Pg. 58

10 7.Reporting it is not always enough to stop the abuse. 8.Teenagers who touch children sexually are not just expressing curiosity. 9. Children usually tell the truth about sexual activity with adults. 10. Family sexual abuse is NOT an isolated one- time incident. 11. Children are not to blame for sexual abuse by their behavior. 12.Abuse victims are both boys and girls. 13. In family sexual abuse, the “non-offending” parent does not always know about the abuse. Pg. 58

11 What is Sexual Exploitation: One person taking advantage of another and forcing, tricking, or coercing him/her into sexual contact; any sexual contact with young people by adults. Pg. 59 **Taking advantage of someone through sexual contact

12 The exploiter can be a stranger, but is usually someone known to the victim. It is never all right to trick or force another person into sexual contact or to use another person against their will. Sexual exploitation is against the law. Sexual exploitation includes rape, child molestation, acquaintance or date rape. It also includes obscene phone calls, pornographic pictures and child prostitution. Pg. 59

13 Offender: A person who exploits or hurts another. (abuser) Victim: A person who is hurt or exploited. Pg. 59

14 Obscene Phone Call: A call, text messaging, or photos made to scare, upset, exploit, harass the person who answers/receives the message/pictures. Pg. 59

15 Rape: One person forcing another into sexual intercourse. Sometimes a weapon is used. Often rapists want to hurt and humiliate another human being. It is not the forced person’s fault. Men and women can be raped. Rape is against the law. Pg. 59

16 Acquaintance or Date Rape: Rape in which the offender is known to the victim; may even be a friend or date. Pg. 60

17 Acquaintance Rape 1.One in 3 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. 2.One in 7 men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. 3.You have a greater chance of being raped by someone you know, known as acquaintance rape. 4.80% of all rapes are committed by a person the victim knows. 5.Three main reasons why rape occurs: * Power *Anger * Sadism Pg. 60

18 6.Myths related to Rape * The person asked for it. * A person can prevent rape is he/she really wanted to. * Sex crimes are female problems. * If prostitution were legalized rape would decrease. * Rapists are “crazy”. * A person would say he/she was raped to save his/her reputation. Pg. 60

19 7.There are no typical rapists. 8.Rapists do not look or act a certain way. Pg. 61

20 9.Find out as much as you can about the person before going out on a date. * Ask about his/her reputation. * Communicate your expectations. * Meet him/her somewhere you feel comfortable. * Communicate your sexual limits. Pg. 61

21 10.Things to do following an attack. * Get medical help. * Call the police. * Call a crisis or rape counseling center. Pg. 61

22 11.Things to NEVER do following an attack: * Shower * Change Clothes * Wait to call police. Pg. 61

23 Where to Get Help Police Department Local hospital Crisis Hot Lines Family Violence Centers Family Counseling Programs Support or Self-help groups Home Health Visitors/Social Workers Pg. 56

24 Sexual Abuse: Sexual abuse is defined as any sexual touching, sexual intercourse or sexual exploitation of a child or youth by an adult, or any forced sexual touching of one person by another regardless of age. Pg. 58

25 Sexual Exploitation/Rape

26 Sexual Harassment at School Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual comment, contact, or behavior. This includes jokes, looks, notes, touching, noises, or gestures. Sexual harassment is a type of sexual abuse. Pg. 53

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