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Teacher: Mr. Silver I AM CANADIAN

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1 Teacher: Mr. Silver I AM CANADIAN Email:


3 "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." “A man's feet must be planted in his country but his eyes must survey the world.” George Santayana Born 1863 in Madrid, Spain Died 1952 in Rome, Italy, was a philosopher, essayist poet and novelist.

4 About Mr. Silver Education and Work Experience… Teaching Methodology…

5 Teaching Methodology We are a learning team. You will be working in teams and will depend upon each other to be successful. I will require you to be very assertive and ask questions of me! When you ask questions, I will have a better idea what to talk about.

6 Ask Questions !!!!!!! Keep in mind when taking your notes and preparing your assignments for me, to share your own experiences as they relate to this course. I want you to build your new knowledge upon what you already know. It is important to me to be speaking about things that are relevant and useful to you. I can only do that if you TALK BACK TO ME !!!!!!!

7 SUCCESS IS YOURS TO TAKE I believe that every student has the ability to earn an A. I believe that your success at school is an indicator of how successful you will be after graduation, as a professional. School is the real world and if you treat it like your full time career, you will be rewarded.

8 Work / Study Habits You have done a lot of reading over the years. Do you write questions and comments in the margins of your text books? Do you use highlighters to code your thoughts?

9 Write notes to yourself! Ask questions to take up later with your classmates or teacher! Plan your presentations and essays! Use different colours to represent questions for the teacher, ideas that you might use in an essay, potential test questions. Create your own symbols to represent potential test or exam questions! E = exam question ? = question to ask a friend about or the teacher after class.

10 Do you practise deep breathing techniques while reading? (metabolism) Do you stand up and stretch and walk around every 10-15 minutes? Do you read when you are tired? Do you time how long it takes to read a page? Do you sometimes read the same paragraph several times? Do you remind yourself to focus and not drift into lala (dream) land? Do you read in bed or while reclining on the couch or in a chair? Do you have professional business meetings with your classmates to discuss the Learning Targets?

11 Tips While Reading Read a passage. Stop and think about it. WHY? Once, twice, three times leads to a better understanding. DO NOT RUSH THROUGH YOUR READING. Reason: You are becoming subject matter experts. The content will continue to get more and more complex.

12 Consider adopting the following method 1.Read, think, reflect upon the content, make some notes in the margins or in your notebook. 2.Read. 3.Stop to write questions and make comments in the textbook or your notebook. 4.Pause and actively daydream (think about how the textbook discussion works in the world around us). 5.Write a summary of your new understanding and share it with a classmate.

13 Email from a student: I'm quite puzzled about how to read the book. I know how to read books, but I don't have enough experience reading so many pages in such a short time. Chinese students always read the book word for word, but I think this method isn't feasible for your course. Could you please give me some advise about how to do a good scan with books? 1. Take good notes during the lectures. 2. Get the ppt slides from the website, 3. Remember that you should be devoting three hours to homework for every hour you spend in class. That means that 3 hours of class time per week means 9 additional hours spent reading and doing assignments. If you have 4 courses, that means you have a minimum of a 48 hours work week. If you work 6 days a week, that means that you have 8 hour days, not including breaks. This will be good practise for employment, when you work a minimum of 40 hours a weeks, not including travel back and forth or meal breaks. Tips for reading the history book. Tip #1 Keep a paper copy dictionary with you and use it. Highlight the words that you look up, so they are easy to find next time. Tip #2 Read the headings throughout the chapter and pick the heading that appear to be most relevant. Read those sections. Remember, that I am required to test you on more than just what I say while standing in front of the class. Tip #3 The lectures will have much more meaning if you read the text book before coming to the class. Tip #4 Get started now.

14 Due dates have been posted and paper copies will be distributed in today’s class. 105%

15 Course Outline Follow along with your paper copy

16 Readings – “write these readings down” Chapter 1 The Ancient Near East: The First Civilizations Pages 4 – 18, 20 – 22. Chapter 2 The Hebrews: A New View of God and the Individual Pages 24 – 34 Insightful Commentaries are due according to the schedule

17 Group Work 1.Pick your own groups. No more than 8 members per group. 2.Each group must submit a list with the student #’s of its members, now. Mr. Silver will distribute class list for students to put their student number next to their name.

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