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1 All Powder Board and Ski Microsoft Access Workbook Chapter 10: Database Administration Jerry Post Copyright © 2007.

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1 1 All Powder Board and Ski Microsoft Access Workbook Chapter 10: Database Administration Jerry Post Copyright © 2007

2 2 Access System Tables: Metadata Tools/Options/View tab Check to see system tables MSysObjects lists all tables

3 3 Action Choose Tools/Analyze/Performance Select all objects Run the analysis Add indexes if they are reasonable

4 4 Performance Analyzer Select all items Select all objects

5 5 Performance Analyzer Suggestions Recommendations are the highest priority Some suggestions cannot be taken because of business rules The optimize button applies the recommendation

6 6 Creating Indexes Menu: View/Indexes Single column indexes SQL: CREATE INDEX …

7 7 Action Choose Tools/Database Utilities/Compact and Repair Database Close the file but not Access Run Compact and Repair again, this time enter a new name for the compacted database to use as a backup copy

8 8 Backup and Recovery Use Windows tools to copy the mdb file Creating a compressed (zip) folder substantially reduces the size Use Tools/Database Utilities/Compact and Repair to remove deleted items and fix minor errors If a database is corrupted, you can sometimes recover data and other items by starting a new database and using File/Get External Data/Import to retrieve whatever you can from the damaged file

9 9 Simple Security: Assign a Password Close the database and reopen it in Exclusive mode Tools/Security/Set Database Password Enter the password and verify it. Close the database and reopen it.

10 10 Action Choose Tools/Security/Set Database Password Enter test as a password Choose Tools/Security/Encrypt Close the database and reopen it

11 11 Encryption Unencrypted data Encrypted database Tools/Security/Encrypt/ Decrypt Database

12 12 Action Choose Tools/Database Utilities/Make MDE File Close the database and open the new MDE database Try to edit a form

13 13 Protect Forms with an MDE File Tools/Database Utilities/Make MDE File Design view is disabled for everyone Keep the original file safe. It is the only way to edit the forms, reports, and modules.

14 14 User-Level Security in Access Database Application Form1Form 2Form 3Form 4 User 1User 2 Workgroup database Usernames and passwords Database Administrator login Assign permissions credentials

15 15 User Groups Sales clerksSales Managers Sales table Customer table Item table Sales clerksS,U,I S Sales ManagersS,U,I,DS,U,IS Rental ManagersS,U,IS Individual users Assign permissions to groups based on tasks, and assign users to groups. Permissions only have to be set once. Employee changes are handled by moving individuals into or out of groups.

16 16 Action Choose Tools/Security/User-Level Security Wizard Create a new workgroup Select the Backup Operators group On the users screen, set a password for your username Add three users Make sure you are in the Admins group Close the database

17 17 User-Level Security Wizard Every WID is unique and is used to recover the workgroup data if the file is lost. Avoid the first option. It will force you to log in every time you open Access for any database.

18 18 Predefined User Groups

19 19 Adding Users

20 20 Assign Users to Groups Make sure that you assign at least one person to the Admins group!

21 21 Action Open the database using the desktop link Login with your username and password Choose Tools/Security/User and Group Accounts Select the Groups tab and add SalesClerks and SalesManagers groups Add one of your new users to each group Choose Tools/Security/User and Group Permissions Grant specified permissions for the two groups to the Sale, SaleItem, Customer, and Inventory tables Assign appropriate permissions to the database and the forms Close the database Log in as a sales clerk and test the permissions

22 22 Customized Groups (after login) Select the Groups tab to enter new group names Select users and add them to groups to grant additional permissions

23 23 Assigning Permissions to Groups Assign by groups New groups need to be able to open the database Click the Apply button to activate changes

24 24 Implementing a Secured Database Copy files: 1)Secured database 2)Workgroup database 3)Startup link Edit the properties for the startup link "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\MSACCESS.EXE"D:\FullPathname\AllPowder2003.mdb" /WRKGRP D:\FullPathname\Secured.mdw"

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