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FASPA Conference October, 2010 Implementing a Salary Differential Program.

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1 FASPA Conference October, 2010 Implementing a Salary Differential Program

2 Program Planning  Funding Sources / Creating the Budget  Developing Parameters / Rules  Identifying District Stakeholder Responsibilities  Communication to Site Stakeholders (Timing is Important) Implementation Phase  Site & District Responsibilities  Monitoring Budget  Monitoring Rule Implementation to Prevent Future Problems  Ongoing Communication

3 Why?

4 Additional District-based Requirements for Correct I (Exited Intervene), Correct II (D & F only), and Intervene Schools Leadership  District provides administrators with performance pay for raising student achievement Educator Quality  District provides a Reading Endorsed Reading coach, Math coach, and/or Science coach to model lessons, lead PLCs, and analyze data.  District provides teachers with performance pay for raising student achievement.  District implements a differentiated pay policy (based on additional job responsibilities, school demographics, critical shortage areas, and/or level of job performance difficulties)

5 Prior to Differentiated Accountability…. Hillsborough County developed its Renaissance Schools Program that supported schools where the concentration of poverty was above 90%.

6 Program History YearNumber of Schools Highlights / Information 2003- 04 12 Program begins. Eligible teachers receive a 5% pay enhancement 2004- 05 23 # of schools increase significantly / maintain 5% 2005- 06 23 Program begins to differentiate teacher’s pay enhancement based on years of experience (less than 5 full years= 5% of base pay / more than 5 years= 10% of base pay) 2006- 07 25 Maintain Salary Differential Pay 2007- 08 27 Maintain Salary Differential Pay 2008- 09 23 Maintain Salary Differential Pay

7 Major Changes Beginning in 2009-10 As a result of a program evaluation……….. Embed School Performance as an indicator Add a professional development component Move to a 2 Tier System of awarding differential pay

8 HOW?

9 Budget Development Currently, Hillsborough County is using the following funding sources to support its Salary Differential Program Title I, Part A Title I, School Improvement (A) and (G) Title II Suggestion: Leverage and coordinate your funding sources!

10 Creating Rules / Developing Criteria What schools will be identified? How will an employee earn the differential? Who will earn the differential? What exceptions may you anticipate?

11 National Board Certification Bonus An additional $4,500 is paid to each teacher who currently holds National Board Certification and teaches at a district Renaissance School

12 What is Tier 1 Pay and How Can a Teacher Earn It? Tier I Pay will be the equivalent of 5 % of a teacher’s base salary. (Exception: New teachers, with no prior teaching experience, will only make 2% of their base salary.) How can I earn Tier 1 Pay? – Have a verified overall satisfactory evaluation from the prior year (and) – Be Highly Qualified in the position you are teaching – **Beginning in 2010-11, a teacher will also need verification (principal’s signature) that he/she completed the professional development activities from their prior year’s IPDP. (Training and reminders will occur in 2009-10 to ensure a consistent implementation of the IPDP process.)

13 What is Tier 2 Pay? Tier 2 Pay will be a flat amount bonus pay out to all eligible instructional personnel at schools that meet prior year school performance goals. The goal will be to create a budget based on all available federal funds and divide these funds equitably among eligible teachers.

14 What School Performance Goals Must My School Meet (Page 1)? School must earn an A, B, or C grade in the prior year -Exception #1- School cannot drop from an A to a C -Exception #2- School can drop from an A to a B without a penalty. A school can drop from a B to a C but cannot drop more than 30 total grade points. -Exception # 3- School can maintain a C, but cannot drop more than 30 points in the C category. (and) School must not drop below 50% for 2 years in a row in any learning gain category (Reading, Math, Bottom Quartile Reading, Bottom Quartile Math)

15 What School Performance Goals Must My School Meet (Page 2)? School raises grade from an F to a D (and) School must not drop below 50% for 2 years in a row in any learning gain category (Reading, Math, Bottom Quartile Reading, Bottom Quartile Math)

16 If My School Meets the Performance Goal, Who Will Get the Tier 2 Bonus? All Instructional Staff Who Are Eligible!!

17 Who Would Not Be Eligible for Tier 2 Pay? First year teachers with no prior teaching experience Teachers who are not eligible for Tier 1 Base Pay due to evaluation or highly qualified issues (2010-11 : IPDP completion issues) Teachers who transfer outside the Title I Renaissance School project First year Renaissance teachers (w/experience) transferring in from outside the Title I Renaissance School Project

18 Exception #1 Teacher is transferred by the Superintendent due to their expertise (and) is needed at another school that is outside the Title I Renaissance project. If teacher would have earned Tier 2 pay, then they will be compensated for that year.

19 Contract Negotiations Refer to Salary Differential MOU

20 Exception #2 Current Renaissance teacher transfers to another Renaissance School that may or may not be eligible for Tier 2 pay. If that teacher would have been eligible based on their prior school meeting school performance goals, then that teacher will receive Tier 2 pay for that year.

21 Exception #3 Final Negotiated Issue School does not meet performance goals, however, individual classroom teacher can earn Tier 2 Pay based on student learning gains as compared to students in the same grade and subject in other Renaissance Schools. Use MAP calculations and award teachers who are in the top quartile of percentile rankings.

22 District Level Partners Human Resource Department -Creating Lawson groups to manage eligible employees -Providing directions to school sites regarding Salary Differential Personnel actions -Negotiations

23 Other District Level Partners Payroll Budget Office My Secretary! : )

24 Communication to Site Stakeholders Presentation at each participating site District Website rential%202010.11A.pdf Meeting w/Principals to go over mechanics for setting employees up correctly (manual) Salary Differential Walk in Clinic for Secretaries

25 Implementation Phase Tier 1 Pay: Monitor eligible employees and communicate with HR and payroll and make necessary changes Tier 2 Pay procedures (1-time pay out) -determine eligible employees w/ site verification -create spreadsheet for the Payroll office Monitor Budget

26 Questions? Contact Information: Jeff Eakins General Director, Federal Programs 813-272-4475

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