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Welcome to Curriculum Night Mrs. LEE’S - 2 nd Grade Please sit back and enjoy! I’m here to answer any questions!

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night Mrs. LEE’S - 2 nd Grade Please sit back and enjoy! I’m here to answer any questions!

2 Please feel free to fill out the card located at in the middle of the desks or email me! Questions ~ Comments ~ Concerns

3 Where do we go in the morning?  Our campus opens at 8:15 a.m. (students should not be here before this time as there is no teacher supervision)  2 nd graders should play on the playground only (not the field or basketball courts)  They can lay their backpack down in their designated line on the basketball courts (there will be cones with signs that have each teacher’s name on them).  When the bell rings they should line up in their line

4 Communication Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns Email is the best way to contact me Please call the front office if it is an urgent matter

5 Student Cell Phones Must be in backpacks and on silent while on campus. BYOT user agreement with parent/student signature.

6 Transportation  Please be sure to fill out the transportation sheet on the desk located in the back of our classroom.  Parent Pick Up – pick up a window card

7 Volunteer Opportunities Classroom Volunteers * If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the volunteer form in your packet. Thanks! Junior Achievement (all in one day) Art Masterpiece (once a month) Room Parent PTO Liaison PTO classroom representative (will attend the monthly PTO meetings) Homework Folders

8 Curriculum Reading Harcourt & Common Core - phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension Whole group and small group instruction – students working at their independent level with like ability grouping The Daily 5

9 Curriculum Language Arts Harcourt & The Write Source Grammar Skills – Daily Grammar Practice The Writing Process The Six Traits of Good Writing Spelling & Vocabulary Harcourt Weekly Spelling and Vocabulary List (Test on Friday!)

10 Curriculum Math Scott Foresman, Excel, Common Core, Depth of Knowledge Supplemental Math Materials Learning Objectives Memorize Math Facts (addition, subtraction) Number Sense & Number Patterns Time, Money, Measurement Graphing, Data Analysis, Geometry Problem Solving & Logic Reasoning

11 Curriculum Science History/Nature of Science Life Science Science in Personal and Social Perspectives Inquiry Process Social Studies Continents Neighborhoods and Communities mapping skills Current events

12 Curriculum Technology Computer Lab Gain knowledge about technology Develop technology skills Apply and interact with technology Student Work Stations in Classroom Conduct Research Learning Games Word Processing Accelerated Reader

13 Homework Homework Folders will be sent home on Mondays and should be turned in on Friday. Purpose is to reinforce skills being taught in the classroom and establish responsible routines of taking/returning important documents daily. “Reading Log” needs to be recorded nightly (10/15 minutes) Important Things to Remember… -Provide an organized work space at home -Set up a consistent homework schedule and place to keep the homework folder -Practice spelling, vocabulary, and math facts with your child each night

14 Classroom Community “Character Counts” Classroom Discipline “Think Sheet” –No-tolerance bullying program Positive Reinforcement –Warm Fuzzies –Friday Learning Celebration –“Caught in the Act”

15 Homework for parents Curriculum Night Packet Homework for students what’s in the bag

16 Your own spiral notebook (any cover you want) A pencil/crayon box (you keep to keep all your makers, crayons, glue, etc.) Kleenex Napkins Books: Buffalo Before Breakfast (Magic Tree House)

17 We would love to celebrate your child’s birthday. Just a couple of things to keep in mind…. Treats must be store bought and all birthday celebrations will be at the end of the day. Please send in anything needed to enjoy (napkins, spoons, plates…) Birthdays

18 Movies At the end of each quarter we may watch a movie to celebrate accomplishments made in the classroom or to enhance a literature study we have done in the classroom. Some examples of PG movies we watched last year were: The Cat in the Hat, Enchanted, and Alvin and the Chipmunks. When a movie is given a rating of PG, we are required to get permission from you as a parent to allow your child to take part in the viewing of the movie. If you would prefer that your child didn’t take part in this activity, we will provide an alternate classroom with educational activities they can participate in. Please fill in the area below and return as soon as possible. Yes, my child _______________________can participate in the viewing of PG movies in the classroom. No, my child_________________________ cannot participate in the viewing of PG movies. Parent Signature ______________________________________________

19 Star Student

20 Just a few Suggestions…

21 Lunch If your child will not be bringing a lunch from home, please make sure that your child has money in his/her lunch account. The cost for lunch is $ 2.50 a day. You can fund your child’s lunch account from home by going to You will need to set this up using your child’s student identification number. There is a charge of $1.95 to fund your child’s account online but it is easy and convenient and you will receive an email as soon as your child’s lunch account goes below $5.00. **If you are sending cash or a check in with your child, please be sure that it is in an envelope or Ziplok with your child’s name and classroom number (B1) on it.

22 Back Packs Please send a back pack with your child each day beginning on the first day of school. Be sure to check your child’s back pack daily.

23 Snack and Water Please send in a healthy snack with your child, as we do have snack in the morning each day. Also, it would be a good idea for your child to have a water bottle each day to keep in class. We keep all water bottles in one location so **please be sure their name is on their water bottle.

24 Transportation Please make sure that your child knows their mode of transportation for the first day and each day after that. This saves us all the feeling of anxiety at 3:04.

25 Grades Quarterly Report Cards Grades - Classroom Assignments - Assessments/Quizzes - Classroom Participation - Projects Weekly Homework Assignments -Homework assignments are expected to be completed each week.

26 Tax Credit Possible 2nd Grade Field Trips – cannot occur without Tax Credit money We Need Your Help… * In order to have these fun experiences we are encouraging tax credit donations be made to Second Grade. We can’t do it without you! * BONUS!!!! Get all the money back at tax time!

27 Thank you very much for taking the time to come tonight. I am looking forward to a fantastic year! Thank You!!!

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