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Preparing and Planning to Manage

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1 Preparing and Planning to Manage
Business Organization and Management Chapter 14

2 Managers, Leaders and Teamwork
This chapter will discuss how entrepreneurs organize their human resources and structure their businesses.

3 Entrepreneur Entrepreneur undertakes the creation, organization and ownership of a new business. A manager is responsible for directing and controlling the work and personnel of a business or of a particular department within a business

4 Performing Management Functions
Four functions Planning Organizing Directing Controlling

5 Establishing a Positive Climate
Climate is the prevailing atmosphere or attitude A manager will want to create a climate that provides for: Growth of employees and the business Creativity, innovation and change Problem solving, goal development and achievement Effective communication within the business

6 Three Key Elements in a Positive Business Climate
Image – businesses mental picture and feelings people have when thinking about the business Team Building Communication – process of exchanging information. Interpersonal, departmental, interdepartmental, company wide.

7 Adopting a Management Style
Three Management Styles Power-Oriented Style Routine-Oriented Style Achievement-Oriented Style

8 Power-Oriented Style Maintain total control over their whole operation. Works in situations where employees are Untrained Inexperienced Involved in a crisis

9 Routine-Oriented Style
Achievement-Oriented Style Concerned with keeping the operation running smoothly rather than accomplishing other goals. Middle management in a large corporation Open to new ideas and seek out employee suggestions. Best used where managers deal directly with employees who are turning out work.

10 Developing Management Skills
Human Relations is the study of how people relate to each other. Communication skills include speaking, listening, writing, and negotiating, nonverbal communication Networking is the process of building and maintaining informal relationships with people whose friendships could bring business opportunities.

11 Problem Solving and Decision Making Technical Skills
Math Problem Solving and Decision Making Technical Skills Time Management is the process of allocating time effectively. Conceptual Skills are skills that enable a person to understand concepts, ideas, and principles. See the relationship between the details and the “big picture.”

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