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Module 7 Eating together Unit 2 Knives and forks are used for most food.

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1 Module 7 Eating together Unit 2 Knives and forks are used for most food.



4 Have you ever been invited to a Western meal?



7 Scan the beginning and the ending of the text (number the paragraph 1-8) Watch the other people. Do as they do. There is a saying, When in Rome, do as the Romans do. What should you do if you don't know the eating customs in the West?

8 We had lunch at half past one in the afternoon. Go on with Paragraph 2

9 In the West, lunch is eaten late, always after midday. Dinner is usually served around 7 pm or even later. Paragraph 2

10 Mr Smith English Anna French Meg Italian Miss King (Chinese):manman chi Anna ( French ):Bon appetit Meg ( Italian) :Buon appetito Mr Smith (English):Nothing Tony (waiter):Enjoy your meal cheers for ganbei Paragraph 3

11 1. Knives and forks for most food. 2. The fork in your left hand and the knife in your right. 3. Food with the fork and with the knife. 4. Soup with a spoon. 5. There is some food which with your fingers. Paragraph 4 are used is held cut is drunk can be eaten

12 Paragraph 4

13 1 If you are invited to serve yourself, the host will say, Paragraph 5 A. Help yourdelf! 2 If your plate is filled with food, the host will say, You are the guest. B. Can I serve you? A B

14 You are the guest. 1 If youve been given something you dont like, you can say,. 2 If you are offered more food, and you cant eat any more. You can say,. A. Im sorry. I cant eat this. B. No thanks. It was delicious, but Ive had enough. A B

15 Find the difference: People think it is important to offer lots of food. 2.In China a meal is over as soon as people have finished eating. What about in the West? Paragraph 6-7 1It isnt thought to be so important to offer too much food. What about in China? Its sometimes difficult to know when a meal is over. ……

16 LOGO Read the passage and answer the questions 1. Who is the passage written for? A). A Western eating a Chinese meal. B). A Chinese person eating a western meal. C). A Chinese person eating a Chinese meal. D). A Westerner eating in a Chinese home.

17 LOGO 2. What is the tone of the passage? a) Serious. b) Conversational. c) Formal. d) Strict.

18 LOGO 3. Where might you see a passage like this? a) In a travel magazine. b) In a dictionary. c) In an instruction manual. d) In a news magazine.

19 In the WestIn China Meal times (pa 2) Things to say (pa 3) Complete the column in the West with notes. Later than China: Lunch: after 12, around 1 pm dinner: around 7 pm or later The French: Bon appetit The Italians: Buon Appetito The English: no similar expressions, cheers ! Man manchi Breakfast: around 7:00 a.m. Lunch: around 12:00 Supper: around 7:00 p.m. ganbei

20 How to eat food (pa4) Being served (pa5) Refusing food (pa5 Number of dishes pa6) Most food is eaten with knives and forks Fork in left hand and knife in right chopsticks You may be asked to serve yourself or be served by your host. Politely say you can't eat or don't want any more. Fewer dishes are offered than in China Suibian chi Hai yao ma? Wo chi bao le. More than the West

21 At the end of the meal(pa7) It's rude to leave as soon as you finish eating. You should stay and talk around the table. The same as the West.

22 Dear Cathyking, Im coming to China in May for Shanghai Expo. I will stay in China for two weeks. I will also have a visit to Pinghu. Id like to try the Chinese food very much and especially your home cooking. Would you please tell me something about the Chinese meals and eating customs? Best regards John

23 Dear Mr Smith, ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------- With love -------------

24 Thanks a lot! By Jin Juhua, Donghu Middle Welcome to Pinghu!

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