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Jeopardy Lesson 1 Lesson 2Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Random Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy.

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2 Jeopardy Lesson 1 Lesson 2Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Random Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy

3 $100 Question from NSGA Why did the Southern states want to buy goods from Britain instead of from the North?

4 $100 Answer from NSGA Britain had lower taxes and they could get products for cheaper

5 $200 Question from NSGA Why did the southern states want slavery so badly?

6 $200 Answer from NSGA They thought they needed slaves for their economy because slaves picked and grew the cotton for the plantations.

7 $300 Question from NSGA How were free African Americans discriminated against?

8 $300 Answer from NSGA They could not vote until they owned land and they did not have full rights of citizens.

9 $400 Question from NSGA How did free African Americans feel when they lived in the North?

10 $400 Answer from NSGA They feared of losing their freedom or someone thinking they were an escaped slave

11 $500 Question from NSGA What is the definition for sectionalism?

12 $500 Answer from NSGA Loyalty to a section or party of the country rather than the whole country.

13 $100 Question from Resisting Slavery What three risks did escaped slaves have when using the Underground Railroad?

14 $100 Answer from Resisting Slavery 1.being sent back to the slave owner 2.being beaten 3.being killed.

15 $200 Question from Resisting Slavery How did slave owners have complete control over their slaves?

16 $200 Answer from Resisting Slavery 1.When to start and end work 2.They could split up families 3.Slaves had to ask permission to leave the plantation or even to marry

17 $300 Question from Resisting Slavery What ways did slaves resist slavery (name at least 3)

18 $300 Answer from Resisting Slavery 1.They refused to obey their owners 2.They would break tools they needed for work. 3. They would work slowly 4. They would pretend to be sick.

19 $400 Question from Resisting Slavery Why could free African Americans not work, even in the North?

20 $400 Answer from Resisting Slavery 1.white people would make threats of violence towards them 2. Also, the south passed a law preventing free African Americans from working certain jobs.

21 $500 Question from Resisting Slavery Summarize the events of the Amistad

22 $500 Answer from Resisting Slavery 1. group of captive slaves seized control of the ship 2. they were tricked into sailing to the US 3. US Navy imprisoned the slaves 4. Supreme Court voted they were not property but humans and they were sent back to Africa.

23 $100 Question from SOS If California was to be accepted as a free state, the north would pass a law called __________________ and it said:

24 $100 Answer from SOS 1.Fugitive Slave Law 2.It said all slaves that escape must be returned to their owners.

25 $200 Question from SOS Why were Northern and Southern states disagreeing about Kansas and Nebraska territories? What did they finally vote to let the states do?

26 $200 Answer from SOS 1.Northern states wanted the two territories to be free states, while southern states wanted both territories to be slave states. 2.They finally allowed the states to vote on whether they want to be slave or free states.

27 $300 Question from SOS What was Lincoln’s views on slavery? What did he feel was most important for our nation?

28 $300 Answer from SOS He thought slavery was wrong but more importantly he wanted to keep our nation united.

29 $400 Question from SOS What was the main fear that people had about Abraham Lincoln?

30 $400 Answer from SOS They feared he would be trying to stop slavery in the whole nation.

31 $500 Question from SOS What was the Missouri Compromise? Why did they create it? Why did it not work?

32 $500 Answer from SOS The Missouri Compromise was a compromise trying to keep the senate equally balanced between slave and free states. It said that they would draw a line under Missouri and free states would be above the line and slave states would be below the line. This did not work because CA wanted to join the US and it was split by the line.

33 $100 Question from First Shot Fired Why did some states secede from the United States? What did they form?

34 $100 Answer from First Shot Fired They seceded to form their own government because of the issue of slavery. They formed the confederacy

35 $200 Question from First Shot Fired How did Jefferson Davis feel about states and about the Confederacy?

36 $200 Answer from First Shot Fired He believed in states’ rights. He was proud of the Confederacy but felt threatened by the Union.

37 $300 Question from First Shot Fired How did the Confederacy have power?

38 $300 Answer from First Shot Fired They had control of all military bases in the south, except Fort Sumter

39 $400 Question from First Shot Fired Why did the Confederacy fire on Fort Sumter?

40 $400 Answer from First Shot Fired The Union asked for three days to surrender and the Confederacy gave them one hour. When they did not surrender in one hour, the Confederacy fired on them.

41 $500 Question from First Shot Fired Why did Border States not send troops to help fight for the union forces

42 $500 Answer from First Shot Fired They were slave states and did not want to send their men to fight against slavery, but they did not want to join the Confederacy.

43 $100 Question from People Enslaved African American who fought for his freedom in the Supreme Court

44 $100 Answer from People Dred Scott

45 $200 Question from People Attacked Harpers Ferry in an attempt to attack slave owners

46 $200 Answer from People John Brown

47 $300 Question from People proposed the split of Nebraska into two territories, creating the Kansas- Nebraska Act

48 $300 Answer from People Stephen Douglas

49 $400 Question from People Known as the Great Compromiser, created the Missouri Compromiser

50 $400 Answer from People Henry Clay

51 $500 Question from People Leader of the Southern states in the Senate. He was a strong believer in states’ rights

52 $500 Answer from People John C. Calhoun

53 Final Jeopardy

54 Final Jeopardy Answer

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