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1 Please read the following before you start:
The animated-stereo images of the optic nerve head (ONH) are presented as a PowerPoint slide show. Two slides are dedicated to each ONH image. In the first slide there is a pair of side-by-side images to be viewed by a suitable on-screen stereo-viewer. Observe any of the images without the viewer and construct an imaginary three-dimensional model, particularly the the extent of cupping (points where the wall of the cup meets the optic disc surface at the level of the scleral ring), based upon the appearance of the ONH in two-dimensional image. Advance one slide by pressing the down arrow or the left mouse button. The left image in the pair will start ‘wiggling’. Observe if this animated image gives more information about the depth. The adjacent image can be used for comparison. If you have a suitable on-screen viewer, go back to the previous slide and observe the stereoscopic image with the viewer. Note how favorably the animated image compares with the side-by-side pair viewed through the stereo-viewer in providing the information about the depth. Note: the same images are used in the side-by-side pair & the animated image. In some images with major difference of brightness or hue, slight alteration has been done in these properties.

2 1-a

3 1-b

4 2-a

5 2-b

6 3-a

7 3-b

8 4-a

9 4-b

10 5-a

11 5-b

12 6-a

13 6-b

14 7-a

15 7-b

16 8-a

17 8-b

18 9-a

19 9-b

20 10-a

21 10-b (Weis ring)

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