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Unit 5 Welcome to join us Jiashan No.2 Senior High School.

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2 Unit 5

3 Welcome to join us Jiashan No.2 Senior High School


5 How much do you know about Canada?

6 1. What language (s) do Canadians speak? A. English B. English and German C. English and French D. English and Spanish

7 2. What is the capital of Canada? A. B. Vancouver Toronto C. D. Calgary Ottawa

8 VancouverCalgary Thunder Bay Toronto Position The Rocky Mountains Ottawa

9 3. What is the national animal of Canada? A. B. Beaver Grizzly bear C. D. Polar bear Penguin

10 4. What is the Canadian leader called? A.President B.Prime Minister C.Governor D.King

11 5. How many Great Lakes are there in Canada? A.4 B.3 C.5 D.6 Lake Superior Lake Huron Lake Erie Lake Ontario Lake Michigan

12 The Great Lakes are the largest fresh surface water system on Earth. The total size of it is about 245 thousand square kms. It supplies about one-fifth of the world's fresh surface water and nine-tenths of the U.S. water.

13 B. 6. Which is the national flag of Canada? A. C. D.

14 continent measure slight scenery minister Prime minister aboard border acre urban surround harbour n. vt. & vi. adj. n. prep. & adv. n. adj. vt. & vi. n. Words preview

15 Vancouver Calgary Thunder Bay Toronto Ottawa Montreal Expressions preview

16 A Trip on The True North Follow the characters of the passage to travel across Canada

17 Predict What might be included in the journey? Scenery (What did they see?) Trip to Canada What did they hear about? What did they do? Places (Where did they go?)

18 Skim the passage and then answer the following questions: 1) What is the passage mainly about? It is about _____ of two girls; and it tells us some information about ______. 2) What is The True North? The True North is a name of _____________________. a trip Canada the cross-Canada train Task 1 Skimming

19 Match the main idea of the 3 parts Part 1 Para(s)___ Part 2 Para(s)___ Part 3 Para(s)____ A. What they really saw and felt after boarding the train B. Brief introduction of their trip C. Their chat on their way to the station 1 2 3-5

20 Find out the route of the two girls traveling across Canada. Vancouver Rocky Mountains Calgary Thunder Bay Lake Superior Toronto Task2 Scanning

21 Rocky Mountains The Great Lakes

22 Task 3 Listen and Answer 1. Why were the cousins not flying directly to Atlantic coast? 2. What is the continent they were crossing? 3. Which is the warmest part in Canada? 4. Why did they begin to realize two days later that Canada is quite empty? Because they wanted to take the train from west To east across Canada. The North American continent. Vancouver is the warmest part of Canada. Because there are only thirty million people living on such a huge land and most of them live within the areas of the USA border.

23 plane train. Brief introduction about the trip who_______ and her cousin ______ whyto _________________ howfirst by______, then by______ where Li Daiyu Liu Qian Montreal, Canada visit their cousins Analyse the passage Read Para.1 and finish the chart below

24 1. _____________ 2._________________ Population (increasing rapidly) Part 2 Their chat on their way to the station Para.2 Canada distance ____________ (from coast to coast) Going eastward, youll pass 1.______________ 3.______________________ Vancouver the warmest part the most beautiful city 3. _______________ _______________ 5._________________ 4. ______________ ______________ wet climate trees (extremely tall measuring 90 meters) ___________ mountains wide rivers & large cities 2. ____________ scenery 5,500 kilometres beautiful forests oldest & most one of Canadas most popular cities lakes & forests

25 Part 3 What they really saw and how they felt after boarding the train Read Paras 3-5 and answer the following questions. 1 What mountains did they cross ealier that day? 2 Which city did they go after crossing the mountains? 3 What did the girls think about Canada after 2 days travel? 4 Where did they go after dinner? 5 Which lake did the train rush across that night, and whats their next destination( )? 1Earlier that day, …Rocky Mountains.Rocky Mountains 2 … Calgary…Calgary 3 After 2 days travel, … empty… 4 After dinner, …Thunder Bay…Thunder Bay 5 That night … across Lake Superior … TorontoToronto Vancouver Time route

26 The Rockey Mountains

27 Calgary Stampede

28 Thunder Bay

29 Toronto

30 Summary: Time line Earlier that dayAfter 2 days travel After dinner How to write travel notes( )? That night

31 Retell the passage Li Daiyu and Liu Qian took the train in Canada from____ to ___.Their cousins friend, Danny Lin, took them to the train station to catch _________.Canada is the______ biggest country in the world. It is 5,500 kilometers from _____ to____. As they go_______, they saw beautiful scenery as well as cities. Vancouver is ________ by mountains on the north and east. When the cousins ____ _____ in the seats, they looked out of the window. They saw mountain goats and even a____ bear. Calgary is famous for its competition. Many of the cowboys from all over North America __ _ __ __working with animals. Then they ____ ____ a wheat-growing province.Thunder Bay is a busy port. It is____ __ the center of the country. west east The True North second coast eastward surrounded settled down grizzly have a gift for went through close to

32 Discussion You can choose any one to discuss. 1.Which part of the passage interests you most? 2.If you go to Canada, where will you go? Why? Tips: Beginning: If I have the chance to travel to Canada, I prefer to go to ___, which impressed me most. ____ is a… city. The reasons are as follows: Body: Firstly,… Then,…. Besides,…. Ending: So Id like to choose ____.

33 Assignment 1.Write down your travel plan. 2.Find out the most beautiful sentences and recite them. 3.Retell the text with your desk mates

34 Thank you very much!

35 9.98million km 2 5,500km

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