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The First Global Age: Europe and Asia

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1 The First Global Age: Europe and Asia

2 The Search For Spices Italians and Muslim merchants were rich from the spice trade. Pepper sold for as much a an ounce. Other European nations wanted in on the %1000 profits. The Portuguese were the first to find a route East.

3 Improved Technology The ideas of the Renaissance and the printed word helped improve sailing. Cartographers made better maps, accurate navigation, compass, astrolabe, sextant The design of the ships improved. Better sails, caravels, moved the rudder. More armaments, better cannon.

4 Combining the Technology of Europe with the Knowledge of Asia

5 Portuguese Pioneers Prince Henry the Navigator of Portugal wants to conquer Africa and find Prester John. Henry wanted to explore and map Africa. Bartholomeu Dias rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1488. Vasco Da Gama journeyed to India in Many of the crew died of scurvy lack of vitamin C. Da Gama made a 3000% profit.

6 Portuguese Explorers

7 Spain enters the race Christopher Columbus was turned down by the Portuguese. Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain wanted the profit from the spice trade and to spread Christianity. In 1492 Columbus with his ships the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria landed in the Bahamas. Columbus made 4 trips and died thinking he was in Asia.

8 The Voyage of Columbus

9 The Pope Draws a Line In 1494 Pope Alexander VI created an imaginary line dividing the world between Spain and Portugal. This was the Treaty of Tordesillas. A mapmaker read an account of the New World by Amerigo Vespucci and he named the area America on his map. Vasco Nunez de Balboa went overland to the Isthmus of Panama and found the Pacific. He called it the South Sea.

10 The Line of Demarcation

11 The Quest for El Paso Magellan searching for a quick route to the east going west circumnavigates the globe. (A lot farther than he thought) Magellan died in the Philppine Islands so his crew actually sailed around the world. John Cabot of England, Jacques Cartier of France, and Henry Hudson for the Dutch all searched in vain for the Northwest passage.

12 The Search for El Paso

13 Quiz on Notes 1. Who was the first explorer to sail around the Cape of Good Hope? 2. Who was the Portuguese noble who started a school for sailors? 3. List three innovations or inventions that allowed exploration. 4. Who was the first European explorer to reach India by sea? 5. What Italian explorer was financed by the King and Queen of Spain?

14 Quiz on Notes 6. Who was the explorer who sailed for the Dutch and founded New Amsterdam? 7. Who was the French explorer who sailed down the Saint Lawrence and founded the city of Quebec? 8. Who was the first explorer ( his crew) captain to circumnavigate the globe? 9. Who was the first explorer, sent by the English, to land in Newfoundland? 10. What agreement divided the world between the Portuguese and the Spanish?

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