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Unit 5 The Power of Nature THE LAKE OF HEAVEN.

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3 Unit 5 The Power of Nature THE LAKE OF HEAVEN




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10 spring

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12 autumn

13 winter


15 1. In what province is Changbaishan? 2. What is the most popular tourist attraction in the reserve? In Jilin Province. Tianchi, or the Lake of Heaven. 3. What is the connection between the Manchu people and Tianchi? The story. Fast-reading:

16 Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Paragraph 4 Changbaishan Tianchi stories coin Find out the key words( of each paragraph.

17 Changbaishan location position height rare animals the aims of visitors the most attraction varies from 700 m to 2,000 m Chinas largest nature reserve cranes, black bears, leopards and Siberian tigers to study the plants and animals ; to walk in the mountains; to see the waterfalls ; to bathe in the hot water pools Para. 1 Jilin Province, Northeast China Tianchi, the Lake of Heaven

18 Tianchi introduction height depth 2,194m more than 200m sight A deep lake has formed in the crater of a dead volcano on the top of the mountain. the sight of clear water and the other sixteen mountain peaks Para. 2

19 three young women from heaven bathing a bird flew dropped the youngest girl a handsome boy swallowed gave birth to fruit pregnant the Manchu people father Complete the chart with some persons or animals. (Para. 3)...

20 coin You and your ______ one drop a ____ into the clear, blue water to ________ your love will be as _____ and _______ as the lake. loved coin guarantee deep lasting Para. 4

21 1.Changbaishan is the second largest nature reserve in China. 2. The peak of Changbaishan can reach as high as 2,000 meters. 3. You can see a lot of black bears, leopards or cranes in Changbaishan. 4. Tianchi is a lake in the crater of a dead volcano. 5. The ancestors of the Manchu people were believed to be good at language and persuasion. F T F T T 1. True or false

22 List the adjectives the writer use to describe Changbaishan and Tianchi Beautiful, unique, spectacular, great, clear, lucky, loved, deep and lasting Who do you think this passage was written for ? Tourists and others who like reading travel articles. What is the articles purpose ? To persuade people to visit Changbaishan

23 XiTang Lowell Carol,

24 Xitang is densely distributed with rivers and has a very quiet natural environment.Nine rivers meet in this town, dividing it into eight parts,but many bridges link this water town together. The whole old town is like a poem and a picture.In this town, people will feel that they are seemingly in an earthly paradise. It is hard to know that people exist in the picture or picture exists in the heart of people.


26 vary (in sth.) from… to … … … … 3 5 varietyn. adj. vary v. various These apples vary in weight from 3 pounds to 5 pounds. a variety of /varieties of = various

27 diversity n. ( variety): The plants of Asia show a great diversity of form. There must be a diversity of opinions. ( )


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