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countable nouns) uncountable nouns ) nouns of the possessive case changes of countable nouns.

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2 countable nouns) uncountable nouns ) nouns of the possessive case changes of countable nouns

3 flower flowers Watch-- watches factory- factories leaf -- leaves Box-- boxes Rugular

4 tomatoes potatoes heroes

5 radios photos zoos pianos

6 child--children woman--women Deer-- deer Sheep-- sheep man--men goose--geese Irrugular

7 Some plural nouns scissors chopsticksshoestrousers glasses dollars yuan

8 season church factory thief piano tomato tooth banana tree Man driver people Child knife seasonschurchesfactories thieves pianos tomatoes teethbanana trees men drivers peope children knives

9 1. -s 1. -s 2. s, ss, ch, sh, x -es 2. s, ss, ch, sh, x -es 3. " +y" y i -es 3. " +y" y i -es 4. f fe f fe v -es 4. f fe f fe v -es 5. child children 5. child children man men woman women man men woman women policeman policemen German Germans policeman policemen German Germans ( man men) ( man men) tomato tomatoes potato potatoes tomato tomatoes potato potatoes zoo zoos zoo zoos foot feet tooth teeth foot feet tooth teeth sheep, Chinese, Japanese sheep, Chinese, Japanese people people peoples people people peoples man woman man woman man woman man woman

10 a bottle of juice some juice a glass of orange some orange two boxes of milk a kilo of milk Half a kilo of milk

11 1. Beijing is the capital of China. Beijing is Chinas capital. 2. This is Mary and her sisters bedroom. Bob and Lucys sister is a nurse. 3. These are Toms and Lilys bags. …… (nouns of the possessive case)

12 4. She is the two boys mother. 5. the door of the room the leaves of the tree 6. the girls name=the name of the girl 7. He is a friend of my brothers.

13 +s +s + ; +of+ +of +s +of+ =

14 + + An eight-year-old boy A 70-metre–high building 70

15 1. __________________ 2.Tom Kate __________________ 3. ________________________ 4.Tom _______________________ 5. ____________________ 6.Jim Tony ____________________ 7. ____________________ three pairs of shoes two bottles of orange juice a friend ofTom'sfather's the Children's Palace Tom and Kate's room Jim's and Tony's mums A twenty-year-old girl

16 Room A room Glass A glass Paper A paper Fish A fish/fishes Chicken A chicken Drink A drink Work works Wood woods

17 1.Several ____ are talking under the tree And they are_____. A. woman;children B. woman;child C. women;children 2.How far is your school from here? Not very far It's about twenty ____ walk. 2000 A. minute's B. minutes C. minutes' C C

18 3. There are three ___ in my family. (2004 A.people B. person C. child 4. Most students can go to college for further _____ in our city. A. education B. information A A

19 1. Different people may have different _____. (idea) 2. I often go to work on ____. (foot) 3. I know one of the____. (boy) 4. Mr. Brown is wearing a pair of______. (glass) 5. Please give them their ______. (photo) ideas foot boys glasses photos

20 5. This is ____ bedroom. The twin sister like it very much. A. Ann and Jane B. Ann and Janes C. Anns and Janes B

21 6. Are there any _______ in the box? (watch) 7. There are twelve ______ in a year. (month) 8. Would you like some________? (tomato) 9. Look at those _____ in the boats! (people) 10. Look! The ______are singing. (woman) watches months tomatoes people women

22 11. September 10th is ________Day. (teacher) 12. Jim has some ______. (knife) 13. How much are these ________ ? (vegetable) 14. My school is twenty________ walk from here. (minute) 15. The girl under the tree is a friend of_______. (Lucy) Teachers knives vegetables minutes Lucys

23 ( ) 1. Please give me ______ paper. A. one B. a piece C. a D. a piece of ( ) 2. This table is made of_______. A. many glass B. some glasses C. glasses D. glass D D

24 ( ) 3.Bill runs fast. He won the ___ 800 metre race yesterday. A boys B boys C boy D boys. ( ) 4. Some _____ came to our school for a visit that day. A. Germans B. Germen C. Germany D. Germanies B A

25 ( ) 5. In the picture there are many______ and two_______. A. sheeps; foxes B. sheeps; foxes C. sheep; foxes D. sheep;foxs ( ) 6. This is not my cap, but my ____. A. brothers B. brothers C. brothers D. brother C B

26 ( )7. They write most of their____ in English. A. business letter B. business letters C. businesses D. businesses letters ( ) 8. _____are____for cutting things. A. Knife, used B. Knives, using C. Knife, using D. Knives, used B D

27 ( ) 9. John bought_____for himself yesterday. A. two pairs of shoes B. two pair of shoe C. two pair of shoes D. two pairs shoes ( ) 10.Excuse me, where is the____? A. men's room B. mens' room C. men's rooms D. men rooms A A

28 The Browns is going to visit China. ( ) The Browns are going to visit China. ( ) The young is dancing there. ( ) The young are dancing there. ( ) Physics are very difficult to learn. ( ) Physics is very difficult to learn. ( )

29 We have five Germen in this meeting. ( ) We have five Germans in this meeting. ( ) This is one of the English-Chinese dictionary. ( ) This is one of the English-Chinese dictionaries. ( )

30 1.Ten years __ (is,are) short time for me. 2.A pair of shoes __ (is, are) under the bed. 3.The number of the students in our school __ (is,are) 2,000. 4.The woman with two children __ ( is, are) coming here. 5.Neither he nor I ___ (are, am ) an American. is am

31 6. Maths __ (are, is ) hard to learn for the boy. 7. They are all ______________ ( woman teachers; women teachers). 8.The population of China __ (are, is ) over 1,300,000,000. is women teachers

32 9. There are many ______ (peoples, people )in the street in summer. 10. One of the students ____ (have, has) gone to Shanghai. people has

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