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What do you like doing? Do you decide to be a(n) ?

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3 What do you like doing? Do you decide to be a(n) ?

4 I decide to be a(n). doctor cook writer actor actress football player worker manager singer painter ……

5 Module 10 Life history Unit 2 He decided to be an actor. William Shakespeare

6 Was he successful? Was he rich? Queen Elizabeth enjoyed his plays.

7 actor ( ) writer play poem company theatre company the Globe Theatre successful rich marry move ( ) join become became age n. at the age of …

8 Match the words with their meanings. join move play rich successful theatre company you watch it at the theatre having lots of money being good at your job become part of go from one place to another a group of people who work at a theater

9 1.Who was William Shakespeare? 2.Where and when was he born? 3.How old was he when he died?

10 Put the words and phrases in the correct order of time. be born have children die move to start school finish school marry He was born. He died. He finished school. He had children. He married. He moved to London. He started school.

11 A timetable of Shakespeare 15641578158215921599 Was born be born, die, finish school, marry, move to, open Sentence–making: e.g: He was born in 1564. He …….. at the age of …… finished school married moved to London opened Globe Theatre died 1828521435 age 1616


13 Put the sentences in the correct order A.Shakespeare moved to London. F.Shakespeare decided to be an actor E.Shakespeare died at the age of fifty-two. D.Shakespeare liked watching plays. C.Shakespeare married. B.Shakespeare s company opened the Globe Theatre.

14 Para2. At school he liked watching plays. at home like + v.-ing liked+ v.-ing

15 Para2. He decided to be an actor when he finished school at the age of fourteen. decide to do sth. at fourteen when he was fourteen start school

16 Para2. He married in 1582 and had three children. marry = get married have had child children

17 At twenty-eight he moved to London and joined a theatre company. Para3. move to join +..

18 Para. In 1599 the company opened the Globe Theatre on the River Thames in London. v. Prep.

19 Write sentences about events in your life. I helped my mother with housework I finished primary school I started school my family moved to Jiashan At the age of,. At,. when I. in. 1996 was 11 years old 8 1

20 To be or not to be. That is a question. A light heart lives long. Shakespeares sayings:

21 1.Do the reading material (task 8) on P126. 2.Prepare for the task 1 & 5 of unit three, try to finish them by yourself. 3.GROUP WORK:,

22 Complete the passage with the correct from of the words in the box. William shakespeare(1) _____ in 1564 in England. When he(2) _____ at school he(3) ____ watching plays and he(4) _____ to be an actor. He(5) _____ school when he was 14 years old. When he was 18 he(6) _____, and they(7) _____ three children. when he was 28 he(8) _____ to London and(9) _____ a theatre company. He(10) _____ a successful actor and(11) _____ writing plays. He(12) _____ at the Globe Theatre. William shakepeare(13) _____ for 52 years. Finally, when he(14) _____ he was rich and successful. was born was likeddecided finished married had moved joined became started worked liveddied

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