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Guess What man cannot live in a house?

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1 Guess What man cannot live in a house?
What never asks questions but gets a lot of answers? What kind of dog never bite? What's the poorest bank in the world?

2 How do you deal with the new words or phrases that you meet while reading?
Ignore(忽视) them and continue reading Look them up in the dictionary Guess the meaning If the words have little effect on our understanding of the passage, we can ignore them and continue reading. But if the same words appear in the passage several times, we should get to know these words. Looking them up in the dictionary is a good idea. But if we are taking some kind of test, we will have to guess the meaning. And how can we guess the meaning of words correctly?

3 —— Unknown Words Guessing
Reading Skills —— Unknown Words Guessing 阅读理解之猜测词意

4 词义猜测题常用提问方式: The word “…” underlined probably means ___.
What does the word “…” refer to? The underlined word “…” is the closest in meaning to ______. By saying that“…”, the writer means that ___.

5 Just guess! Tom is a great man. Tom is treated as a big potato.
green hand lady bird big potato shanghai japan john Tom is a great man. Tom is treated as a big potato. Do you like a lady bird? It is not a kind of bird. It is an insect(昆虫). It can fly. Its wings are red. It is very small. Kate: Do you know japan? Alice: Of course, it lies to the east of China? Kate: No, japan is not Japan. Alice: Why? Kate: Japan just like china, you can use japan paint your desk, or furniture. 立邦 do you know? Tourists shanghaied into buying expensive fakes(假货). Some guides told them that fakes are good. They are worth buying. Tim drank too much water last night, so he went to visit john twice. On the way to the factory, Jack sang a pop song happily. Because it is the first day for him to work. When he was working, he talked with his workmate. Suddenly, the machine broke down because of his carelessness. Jack was afraid of the blame (责备)of his boss. His workmate told him , “ Take it easy, you are a green hand.” 大人物 厕所 诱骗 日本亮漆 瓢虫 新手

6 Most of the roses are beginning to wither because of the cold.
词义猜测方法  The penguin is a kind of bird living in the south pole. It is fat and walks in a funny way. Although it can’t fly, it can swim in the icy water to catch the fish. You can take any of the periodicals: “the World of English”, “China Daily ” or “Times ”. Most of the roses are beginning to wither because of the cold. The colour of Hawaii in summer are unforgettable. John usually wastes a lot of money on such useless things. His wife, however, is very thrifty. The modern age of medicine began with the stethoscope, an instrument for listening to patients’ heartbeat and breathing. You shouldn’t have blamed him for that, for it wasn’t his fault. But sometimes. No rains falls for a long time. The drought is serious. He is so homely, not at all as handsome as his brother. Bananas, oranges, pineapples and some other kind of fruit grow in warm areas. 定义 描述 例举的 事例 构词法 句法 功能 同义词 反义词 同位 关系 因果 关系 对比 转折 生活 常识 上下文

7 Practice makes perfect!

8 3. The boy wants to ride a brown pony. A. dog B. cat C. horse
4. The children are looking at a large, hairy ape at the zoo. A. a kind of monkey B. a kind of snake C. a kind of bird 1. Jane is usually prompt for all her classes, but she arrived in the middle of her first class. A. late B. on time C. pleased 2. Tom saw an owl last night but it flew away when he got near. A. a bird B. an animal C. the sun 5. The fresh trout is very cheap, but I don’t know how to cook it. A. fish B. fruit C. apple 6. The lady asked the waitress to get her a clean saucer to put her coffee cup on. A. a glass B. a cake C. a small plate 7. We seldom see a sparrow in the sky because the air is not so clean now as used to be. A. a kind of dog B. a kind of plane C. a kind of bird 方法

9 实战演练 Fighting! 加油! Task Ⅰ Task Ⅱ Task Ⅲ

10 1. Sociology is the term used to describe the scientific study of human society.
2. Jane is indecisive, that is, she can’t make up her mind. 3. Though Tom’s face has been washed quite clean, his neck still remains grubby. 社会学 犹豫不决的 肮脏的

11 4. A person who is skilled at making or repairing wooden objects is called a carpenter.
5. His uncle is a zoologist, an expert who does research on animals. 6. The herdsman, who looks after sheep, earns about 650 yuan a year. 木匠 动物学家 牧人

12 7. In the old days, when girls from rich families were married to their husbands, they expected to bring with themselves plenty of dowry. 8. The river is so turbid that it is impossible to see the bottom even when it is shallow. 嫁妆 浑浊不清的

13 9. If you don’t stop doing like this, you’ll impair your health.
10. He strayed because of the darkness, and didn’t know where he was. 损害 迷路,走失

14 12. If you agree, write “Yes”; if you dissent, write “No”. 感激
11. I am moved by the story of this boy. We need the courage to face death, and we should also feel the thankfulness for those who help us. 12. If you agree, write “Yes”; if you dissent, write “No”. 感激 The second method is using antonym, we usually can do it with the help of words like: unlike and but 不同意

15 13.…Yet, shopkeepers may have to spend extra hours to deal with problems, such as shoplifters, who always take away things from the shop without paying for them. … 14. Doctors believe that smoking is detrimental to people's health. They also regard drinking as harmful. 商店窃贼 有害的

16 16.Li Ming’s always dawdling, but his sister is hurry. 修剪
15. She wanted the hairdresser to trim her hair a bit because it was too long. 16.Li Ming’s always dawdling, but his  sister is hurry. 修剪 We can also determine the meaning of the new word from its definition 闲逛的

17 17. After Ann put the letter in the envelope,
she sealed it and put a stamp on it. 18. The tree will have to be cut down for it obstructs the view of oncoming traffic. 封口 妨碍,阻挡

18 19. Mr.Jones, this is Sally Smith. I’m sorry,
but I can’t come to work today. I’m feeling under the weather. 20. There are some glaciers moving down the mountain valley. A glacier is a river of ice. 身体不适 冰河

19 Unknown Words Guessing the Houses of Parliament
The parliament of some countries, for example Britain, is the group of people who make or change its laws, and decide what policies (政策) the country should follow. When you visit London, one of the first things you will see is Big Ben, the famous clock which can be heard all over the world on the B.B.C. If the Houses of Parliament had hot been burned down in 1834, the great clock would never have been erected. 议会,国会 [’pɑ:ləmənt] the Houses of Parliament 国会大厦 If people erect something such as a building, or a bridge, they build it or create it. [ɪ’rekt] erect 建起

20 Unknown Words Guessing
Big Ben takes its name from Sir Benjamin Hall who was responsible for the making of the clock when the new Houses of Parliament were being built. [ ri’spɔnsəbl] was responsible for Each student should be responsible for their own work . Do you want to be responsible for your own life decision? A man should be responsible for his own action. 为…负责

21 Unknown Words Guessing Greenwich Observatory
That museum is so immense that it will be impossible to see all the exhibits in one day. Unknown Words Guessing 巨大的,极大的 [i’mens] It is not only of immense size, but is extremely accurate as well. Officials from Greenwich Observatory have the clock checked twice a day. immense [ə’fɪʃəl] [ɪk’stri:mli] [’ækjurət] 官员, 行政人员 精确的 extremely accurate official 非常,很 [’ɡrenitʃ] [əb’zɜ:vətəri]  Greenwich Observatory 格林尼治 天文台 My mobile phone is extremely useful. These headaches are extremely common. Three of them are working extremely well. An observatory is a building with a large telescope from which scientists study things such as the planets by watching them. An official of the local government called to see him. The clock is so accurate that it will never lose a second in more than 200 million years.

22 Unknown Words Guessing
Lesson 71 A famous clock Unknown Words Guessing On the B.B.C. you can hear the clock when it is actually striking because microphones are connected to the clock tower. Big Ben has rarely gone wrong. Once, however, it failed to give the correct time. A painter who had been working on the tower hung a pot of paint on one of the hands and slowed it down ! Questions on the text Why is Big Ben so named? is Big Ben extremely accurate? can Big Ben be heard on the BBC? did Big Ben fail to give the correct time once? rarely [’rɛəli] 很少地,难得 I very rarely wear a raincoat because I spend most of my time in a car.

23 Guess It is yours, but others use it more than you do. What is it?
Name.   What is clean when it is black and dirty  when it is white? A blackboard. Which letter is a drink?  T (Tea). What starts with a T, ends with a T, and is full of T? The more you take away, the bigger I become. What am I?

24 Homework Go over the ideas we talk about today and finish the related exercises. 2. Consult the teacher if you still have any questions on today’s topic.

25 Enjoy English, Enjoy life ! And thank you for your attending !

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