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Learning about Language

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1 Learning about Language

2 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

3 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
his masterpiece The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 1876


5 wisdom fortune trust courage

6 Let’s go to exercising room and make good preparations first!
Success belongs to those who are well prepared Let’s go to exercising room and make good preparations first!

7 3. 做出解释;说明原因 ______________ 4. 与…… 打赌 ______________
Exercising Room 1. 挑…毛病 ______________ 2. 偶然 ______________ 3. 做出解释;说明原因 ______________ 4. 与…… 打赌 ______________ 5. 把…考虑进来 ______________ 6. 向..寻求帮助 ______________ find fault with sb by accident/by chance account for make a bet with sb.on sth take…into account seek help from sb.

8 7. 正相反 __________________
8. 养育 __________________ 9. 盯住 __________________ 10. 衣裳褴褛 __________________ 11. 发现某人正…__________________ 12 在现场 __________________ on the contrary bring up stare at in rags spot sb. doing sth. be on the scene/spot

9 13. 以…为背景 __________________
14. 显现某人..美好品质__________________ 15. 经历…生存下来 __________________ 16. 正在…突然... __________________ 17. 允许某人做…__________________ 18 根据 __________________ be set in bring out the best in sb. survive sth. be doing…when… sb. be permitted to do sth be based on

10 19. 因…闻名 __________________
20. 对…耐心 __________________ 21. 通过..赚船费 __________________ 22. 事实是… __________________ 23.发现自己被海浪冲走__________________ 24. 这就是为什么… __________________ 25. 徘徊,游荡 _________________ 26.做义工 _______________________ be best known for be patient with earn one’s passage by doing The fact is that…… find oneself carried out by the wave That is why… wander about work as an unpaid hand

11 One Two wisdom fortune Three Four trust courage


13 1. 以…为依据_____ 2. 因为…而知名_____ 3. 经历考验活下来______ 4. 和某人就某事打赌_____ 5. 允许某人做什么______ 6. 对…耐心的______ 7. 与此相反________

14 be based on be well known for survive the test make a bet with sb. on sth. permit sb. to do sth. be patient with on the contrary

15 Hi! Everyone, I am Tom Sawyer.Now are you brave
enough to take an adventure to the mysterious island, with me,where lives a monster whois well known for his habit that he will make a bet with visitors on the questions based onwhat he has learned.The monster usually bets that visitors will lose. So those who fail to answer the questions are not permitted to leave the Island. It is said that few have succeeded and survived the test.On the contrary, if they win , the monster will be very patient with them and treat them to a feast they have never had. Of course they are allowed to leave. So are you ready for the adventure with Tom Sawyer?

16 DCAB 1. We walked down a long passage to the
back of the office building. 2. I couldn’t afford the passage to Ausralia. 3. The old bridge isn’t strong enough to allow the passage of heavy vehicles. 4. This is a passage from the Bible. A. 通过,通道 B. 章节 C.船费 D. 走廊 DCAB

17 1.When I was a little boy,I lived in a small fishing village
1.When I was a little boy,I lived in a small fishing village.The visit to the village reminded me of the________of my childhood. A.views B.scenes C.scenery D.sights 【答案】 B

18 2.The driver shall be fined if he drives without the________.
A.permission B.permit C.allowance D.admittance 【解析】 permit此处表示“驾照”,而permission指有批准权的人的口头“允许,许可”(不可数名词);C项表示“津贴,补助”;D项表示“进入”。 【答案】 B


20 1.通过做某事赚得船费____ 2. 偶然_____ 3. 以…为背景_____ 4.作为义工劳动______ 5.正在做某事… 这时….______ 6. 发现自己被海浪冲走______ 7.向某人寻求帮助_____

21 earn one’s passage by doing sth.
by chance be set in work as an unpaid hand be doing …when… find oneself carried out by the wave seek help from sb.

22 Now I’ll take you into a novel called
“The Million Pound Bank Note” , which is set in Britain in the early 1900’s. By chance you were on the same boat with Henry. All of you had to earn your own passage by working as an unpaid hand like Henry. One day,you were working when the ship was hit by a huge wave. Then you found yourself carried out by the wave and you could find nobody nearby from whom you could seek help. You were about to give up when a pirate ship spotted you.They would not save you unless you could answer their questions. Are you ready for that?

23 DBAC She spotted her friend among the
passengers who got off the train. 2. I like the white dress with black spots. 3. The museum sits on the exact spot where the gold was first discovered. 4. The night sky is spotted with stars. A. 地点 B. 斑点 C.点缀 D. 认出 DBAC

24 1.Lack of money________her not continuing her studies.
A.accounts for B.cares for C.explains to D.approves of 【解析】 句意为:缺钱是她辍学的原因。account for说明(解释)……原因;care for喜欢;explain to向某人解释;approve of赞成。 【答案】 A

25 2.(2009年青岛模拟)He was about to tell me the secret ________someone patted him on the shoulder. B.until C.while D.when 【答案】 D


27 1.抚养____ 2. 无意中____ 3.对…挑剔_____ 4. 那就是为什么…___ 5. 发现某人正在做什么____ 6. 在现场,在当场____ 7.凝视_____

28 bring up by accident find fault with that is why… spot sb. doing sth. on the spot/scene stare at

29 This time I’ll take you to a cave discovered
by accident. If you step into the cave, you’ll feel as if nobody is on the spot/scene except you at the beginning. Later you will spot yourself being stared at by many green eyes in the dark. As a matter of fact, many savages (野人)brought up by a witch(女巫) are in the cave, as well as a large amount of treasure. That is why so many people have come here despite itsdanger. They will ask you some questions and they will find fault with you. So be careful!

30 DABC There were many policemen on the scene of the accident.
2. They climed higher so that they might see the scenes better. 3. The play starts with a scene in a New York street. 4. There were many touching scenes as rescue workers helped those trapped under the ruins caused by the earthquake in Lushan. A. 景色 B. (戏剧)一场 C.场面 D. 现场 1, DABC

31 1. 事实是我靠在船上做义工来赚得船费。(passage, an unpaid hand)
The fact is that I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand


33 1. 事实是…. ___ 2. 衣衫褴褛_____ 3. 显示某人身上美好品质___ 4. 为…作出解释,说明___ 5. 徘徊,漫步____ 6. 把各方面都考虑进来____

34 the fact is that…… in rags bring out the best in sb. account for wander about take everything into account

35 Now I’ll lead you to wander about on the
Moon. If we take everything into account, it is necessary for us to wear space suits. Otherwise, the special condition can cause you to be dressed in rags. By the way, do you have a good knowledge of English vocabulary? The fact is that on the moon there is a maze, which is about words. Surely,lots of difficulties are waiting for us during the adventure. But don’t be afraid. Difficulties can often bring out the best in ourselves. As long as we are united, we can have a nice trip, which accounts for the power of unity.

36 believe ⑴ It __________(believe) that he has passed the last final examination. ⑵ I hold the strong ___________ (believe) that I can achieve my dream in the future. patience (1)The kind nurse is always be ________ with her________ and she is seldom, if ever, out of __________ with them. is believed belief patient patients patience

37 1.(2008年陕西卷)—Could I use your computer for a few moments,please?
—________. I’m not using it myself. A.Come on B.It depends C.Go ahead D.That’s great 【答案】 C

38 He who laughs last laughs best
Quick Response Time He who laughs last laughs best

39 Textbook Ex.P20.3 We had a very different boss. He was such a stubborn businessman that he didn’t permit anybody to disagree with him. He thought his marketing plan was perfect, but on the contrary, it was not and it failed. Obviously, it was his fault because he did not listen to other people’s advice. His attitude accounted for his loss.

40 Textbook Ex.P20.3 Yesterday when I was wandering on the pavement near a park, I met an old neighbour by accident. He was so happy to see me again and he talked a lot about my grandparents who brought me up. To be honest, I don’t want him to go ahead with his story. It wasn’t because I had no patience to listen to him, but because it was still very painful for me to think about my dear grandma who died five years ago.

41 根据括号内的提示翻译下列句子。 在我们的办公室里不准吸烟 (permit) 2. 你对待他人要有耐心。(be patient with) We don’t permit smoking in the office. We are not permitted to smoke in the office. You should be patient with the others.

42 2. You should _____ (寻求) advice from your lawyer on this matter.
根据提示写出该单词的正确形式。 1. The secret of a good relationship is to accept other persons’ _____ (过错), and not to try to make them change. 2. You should _____ (寻求) advice from your lawyer on this matter. 3. Spain is our favorite holiday s_____ and we all like traveling there. faults seek spot

43 4. He w________ around the mall for half an hour as if he had nothing else to do.
5. Her _________ (耐性) made her the best nurse in the hospital. 6. We met the officials of the __________ (大使馆) at dinner that same evening. wandered patience embassy

44 Discussion and Writing
1.Create your own story by using the expressons as much as possible. 2. Share you story with your neighbour

45 Homework Write your story by using the expressions as much as possible

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