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R eading Comprehension Skills for Inference Question Jiashan Senior High School Ma Xiaoju.

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2 R eading Comprehension Skills for Inference Question Jiashan Senior High School Ma Xiaoju

3 2009 8 2 6 3 1 2010 11 0 8 1 0 2011 7 4 7 2 0 2012 7 1 7 2 3 2013 6 1 11 0 2 2009-2012

4 _ _ 46 0.3115.41% on April 8th

5 46. The above testing schedule is intended for __. A. U.S. candidates only B. international candidates only C. both U.S. and international candidates D. candidates in the eastern United States Important SAT ® dates and information for U.S. and international students You can help your students register for the SAT by providing them with the testing schedule. For students testing outside the U.S., click HERE to see the applicable international dates and...... U.S. registration dates and deadlines for 2012 IMPORTANT: To support test takers affected by recent damaging storms in the eastern United States, the College Board has extended the late registration deadline for Dec 1


7 There are three men on a train. Mr A speaks English and Chinese. Mr B speaks French and English. Mr C can only talk with Mr A. What language does Mr C speak? Chinese. How to make logical inference

8 types of inference Inference based on certain details or facts Inference based on logical relationship of the context Inference based on the authors opinions or attitudes

9 Key point : 1. infer, imply, suggest, indicate, conclude, purpose, opinion, draw the conclusion, be intended to,tone, attitude, mean 2., :can, could, might, would, should, probably, most likely

10 Type A Inference based on certain details or facts

11 1) Inference about data 1. Family Railcard For 20 this railcard allows you to take a second adult and up to 4 children for only 3 each when you buy single or return tickets. You can travel as often as you like until the card becomes out of date. Q: A man bought himself a ticket of 15 and three tickets for his family with a family railcard. How much did he pay? A. 44 B. 29 C. 24 D. 15 15+..... 3x3

12 2. Mailboxes were sometimes used for things other than mail. Mailboxes might be buried in the snow, or broken, or lying on the ground: but the mail was always delivered. A young girl wrote letters but had no stamps, so she left a few button on the envelope in the mailbox; Dad paid for the stamps. One businessman used to leave large amounts of cash in his mailbox for Dad to take to the bank. Once, the amount came to $ 32,000. The writer provides the detail about the businessman to show that_____. A. Dad had a strong sense of duty B. Dad was an honest and reliable man C. Dad had a strong sense of honor D. Dad was a kind and generous man 2) Inference about details

13 3. Humans have a very varied diet. We often eat food because we like it and not because it is good for us. In countries such as France and Britain, people eat foods with too much sugar. This makes them overweight, which is bad for their health. Eating too much red meat and animal products, such as butter, can also be bad for the health. Choosing the right food, therefore, has become an area of study in modern life. Q: We can learn from the paragraph that______. A. food is chosen for a good reason B. French and British food is good C. some people have few choices of food D. some people care little about healthy diet 3) Inference about facts

14 The best method for solving problems in type A is__________ Conclusion

15 Type B Inference based on logical relationship of the context

16 1. for, since, because of, that is why, so, therefore 2. : whereas, unlike, instead, otherwise however, but, on the contrary 3. although, even though, despite, after all 4. finally, generally, in a word, in conclusion, in short 5. indeed, above all, surely, most important 6. in fact, as a matter of fact, in addition, in this case, furthermore (conjunctions)

17 4. The problem with Stevenson argument in the book is that its not clear why he only focuses on digital technology, while there may be a number of other possible causes. A map-maker might have left the crossing off a paper map. Maybe we should blame Ceely for not paying attention. Perhaps the railway authorities are at fault for poor singalling system. Or maybe someone has studied the relative dangers and worked out that there really is something specific wrong with the GPS equipment. But Stevenson doesnt say. In the writers opinion, Stevensons argument is _. B. reasonable C. Puzzling D. well-based 1.

18 2. (backward or forward) 5. After a busy day of work and play, the body needs to rest. Sleep is necessary for good health. During this time, the body recovers from the activities of the day. The rest that you get while sleeping makes it possible for your body to prepare itself for the next day. Q: The text suggests that not getting enough sleep might make you _____. A. suffer from poor health B. feel tired and nervous C. dream more often D. breathe quickly

19 6. With so many camera to choose from, it seemed that I would have to spend hours weighing X against Y, always trying to take Z and possibly H into account at the same time. But when I had finished, I would still have only the same two certainties that I had entered the store with: first, soon after I carried my new camera out of the shop, it would be worth half what I paid for it; and second, my wonderful camera would very quickly be replaced by a new model. What does the writer mean by it would be worth half what I paid for it A. He should get a 50% discount. B. The price of the camera was unreasonably high. C. The quality of the camera was not good. D. The camera would soon fall in value.

20 The best method for solving problems in type B is__________ Conclusion

21 Type C Inference based on the authors opinions or attitudes

22 approving doubtful hostile critical neutral subjective objective optimistic pessimistic negative positive indifferent persuasive factual questioning suspicious depressed impressed

23 1) 7. Word of mouth Some of the best housing in London is never advertised,but is passed on from one group of students to another by word of mouth. It might be that you can find out about good offers from final year students. However, dont suppose that just because you have found out about housing from a friend it is necessarily going to be better than that found through any other source. Q: The information passed on by word of mouth is important because____. A. it is better than that found through any other source B. it helps you find some of the best housing never advertised C. the final year students always offer better information D. the landlords have little valuable information the writing method of comparison

24 8. We must not forget, either, that advertising makes a positive contribution to our pockets. Newspapers, commercial radio and television companies could not exist without this source of income. The fact that we pay so little for our daily paper, or can enjoy so many broadcast programmers is due entirely to the money spent by advertisers. Just think what a newspaper would cost if we had to pay its full price! 2 The attitude of the author towards advertisers is A. appreciative( ). B. trustworthy. C. critical( ). D. dissatisfactory.

25 9. My family and I lived across the street from Southway Park since I was four years old. Then just last year they city put a chain link fence around the park and started bulldozing ( ) the trees and grass to make way for a new apartment complex. When I saw the fence and bulldozers, I asked myself, Why dont they just leave it alone? How did the writer feel when he saw the fence and bulldozers? A. Scared. B. Confused( ). C. Upset. D. Curious.

26 3 10. Why isnt your newspaper reporting any good news All I read about is murder bribery and death Frankly Im sick of all this bad news This authors attitude towards the newspaper reporting is to ______ A complain B apologize C amuse D inform

27 12. As a young boy, I sometimes traveled the country roads with my dad. He was a rural mill carrier, and on Saturdays he would ask me to go with him. Driving through the countryside was always an adventure: There were animals to see, people to visit, and chocolate cookies if you knew where to stop, and Dad did. It can be inferred from the passage that the writer regarded his travels with Dad as_____. A.great chances to help other people B.happy occasions to play with baby chickens C.exciting experience with a lot of fun D.good opportunities to enjoy chocolate cookies 4,

28 The best method for solving problems in type C is__________ Conclusion

29 skills for inference question Type A: data; fact; detail Type B: conjunction; backward or forward Type C: attitude comparison conclusion description

30 Suggestions Read at least three or four passages every day, because only in this way can we polish up our skills and increase our speed! Whats more important is that we should make our mistakes worthwhile. Practice & reflection makes perfect! May you succeed in June!

31 Homework Finish your reading exercises by using what you have learnt today!

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