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If you come across new words while reading, What will you do ?

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3 If you come across new words while reading, What will you do ?

4 ( C ) Despite the shocking numbers,the embassy remains dogged by charges that it rejects applicants unreasonably and that the process is unfairly burdonsome… 52.The underlined word doggedin paragraph 5 means. A.troubled B.blamed C.submitted D.embarrassed

5 ( A )Tributes poured in from around the world for a singer whose remarkable vocal power and range produced some of the most memorable music of her generation including her signature hit I Will Always Love You. 43.The underlined wordTribute paragraph 8 refers to the activities to show. A.honor B.sympathy C.amazement D.disappointment

6 1.The underlined word … refers to (means). 2011 2.Which of the following has the closest meaning to the word … ? 2011 3.By saying…,the author means…? 2011 4.Which of the following words can take the place of replace the word … ?

7 2012

8 How to guess the meaning of words? (context)

9 1. 1. (common sense)

10 a ripple When you throw a stone into still water of a lake, you will see a ripple spread in rings on the surface of water. expands contracts Metal expands when heated and contracts when cooled.

11 Tip1: To guess with the help of your common sense.

12 09 As water percolates downward it dissolves organic matter ( ) and minerals ( ) from the soil and carries them to deeper layers. 70. The underlined word dissolve is used to express the idea that organic matter and minerals from soil are. A. rushed away into the river B. cleaned and purified by water C. destroyed and carried away by water D. mixed with water and become part of it

13 09 Fly to the great city of shanghai and in the evening sample traditional shanghai food. Visit the beautiful YU Garden, Old Town. shanghai Museum,cross the Grest Nanpu Bridge and tour the Pudong area. 64. The underlined word sample in the passage probably means A. buy B. reserve C. taste D. make

14 2. 2. (definition&description)

15 carpenter A person who is skilled at making or repairing wooden objects is called a carpenter. A strict vegetarian is a person who never eats meat in his life.

16 Tip2: To guess with the help of definition or detailed description

17 carpenter A person who is skilled at making or repairing wooden objects is called a carpenter. A strict vegetarian is a person who never eats meat in his life. Brainstorming

18 is, be called be known as, be defined as that is (to say), in other words to put it another way

19 09 After watching a crazy woman rushing in and out, shouting at everything in sight, I noticed that something in my mood had changed. I was laughing. Her antics helped me realize I had been driven crazy by small things. 59. What does the underlined word anties refer to? A. Smut words B. Unusual actions. C. Surprising Looks D.Anxious feelings.

20 11 So what drives me to roll out of bed at 5:00 a.m.? What gives me the reason to just say no to ice cream? Commitment. A commitment to change my life with a way that reduces daily anxiety, increases self–confidence and energy… 43. What does the underlined word commitment in the last paragraph mean? A. Good health B. Firm belief C. A strong power D. A regular half

21 11 One evening in February 2007, a student named Paula Ceely brought her car to a stop on a remote road in Wales. She got out to open a metal gate that blocked her path.Thats when she heard the whistle sounded by the driver of a train. Her Renault Clio was parked across a railway line. Seconds later, she watched the train drag her car almost a kilometre down the railway tracks. Ceelys near miss made the news because she blamed it on he GPS ( ). 42.The phrase near miss (Paragraph 2) can best be replaced by______. A.close hit B. heavy loss C. narrow escape D. big mistake

22 3. 3. similarity&contrast similarity&contrast

23 grubby Though Toms face has been washed quite clean, his neck still remains grubby. plump Mother was fat and tall.My aunt was an old woman, almost as plump as mother, but much shorter.

24 Tip3 To guess according to inner contrast and similarity

25 and or like, similarly, as …as, the same as but, while, however, instead of, rather than, unlike, yet, otherwise, though on the contrary

26 09 1 If your child is unwilling to discuss something, dont insist he tell you whats on his mind. The more you insist, the more likely that hell clam up. Instead, let him attempt to solve things by himself. 69. What does the phrase clam up in Paragraph 2 probably mean? A. become excited B. show respect C. refuse to talk D. seek help

27 11 The quality of your relationships depends on the amount of time you invest in then. We invest a lot in a small number of people and then distribute whats left among as many others as we can. The problem is that if we invest little time in a person, our engagement with that person will decline … 73. The underlined word engagement in the second paragraph probably means ____. A. appointment B. connection C. interview D. agreement

28 4. 4. (cause&effect)

29 elastic Rubber can be made to stretch more than nine times its normal length because it is very elastic. turbid The river is so turbid that it is impossible to see the bottom even when it is shallow.

30 Tip4 To guess through the cause and effect relationship

31 because as since for so thus as a result so, so … that, such … that therefore

32 09 1Laws allowing these animals to be brought in from deep forest areas without stricter control need changing, says Peter Schantz. Monkey- pox may be the wake-up call. Researchers believe infected animals may infect their owners. 66. What does the phrase the wake-up call in Paragraph 3 most probably mean? A. a new disease B. a clear warning C. a dangerous animal D. a morning call

33 10 Across the developing world, around 45% of families had a TV in 1995; by 2005 the number had climbed above 60%. Five million more families in sub-Saharan Africa will get a TV over the next five years. In 2005, after the fall of the Taliban,which had outlawed TV, 1 in 5Afghans had one. The global total is another 150 million by 2013pushing the numbers to well beyond two thirds of families. 60.The underlined word outlawed in paragraph 2 probably means. A.allowed B.banned C.offered D.refused

34 5. 5. example example

35 The new couple bought a lot of household appliances, such as washing machine, fridge and microwave oven etc. poultry On the farm they mainly raise poultry, such as chickens, ducks and geese, for their eggs and meat.

36 Tip5 To guess through the listed examples

37 09 In his book, he had challenged readers to make deep cuts in personal emissions to keep the world from reaching extremely important tipping points, such as the melting of the ice sheets in Greenland or West Antarctica. To stay below that point, we need to reduce CO2 emissions by 80 percent, he said. 73. The underlined words tipping points most probably refer to A.freezing points B. burning points C. melting points D. boiling points

38 How to guess the meaning of words? (word-building) (context)

39 1 2 3

40 1. When he reached the place with his army, he found an impassable river in front of him. impassable means______________. 2. Valentine's Day is a time of happiness for lovers Boys like to give girls flowers as presents On that day he came to see me with a forget-me-not in his hand forget-me-not means ____________. 3. Today its his turn to empty the rubbish. empty means________.

41 1 impassable 2 forget-me-not 3 empty ( adj v)

42 How to guess the meaning of words?

43 Homework 1. Go over what weve learned. 2. Finish additional exercises

44 Thank You Your Advice is welcome Successs ahead!

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