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Get Ready for the Class Use some adjectives to describe Steve Jobs according to the video or your own knowledge about him.

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2 Get Ready for the Class

3 Use some adjectives to describe Steve Jobs according to the video or your own knowledge about him.

4 Discussion Why do you think he is such a person? successful, talented, brave, hard-working, cruel, friendly, warm-hearted, mean, determined, wise, active, creative, generous, easy-going, reliable, unkind, selfish, stubborn, selfless, devoted, handsome, nice, honest, famous, calm, lovely…

5 Draw a conclusion from the specific information Reading skill

6 I would like to tell you a story about my Uncle Theo. Hes my oldest uncle, a tall, thin, grey- haired man whose thoughts are always on learning and nothing else. He is quiet, gentle and absent-minded and with about as much sense as a child where money is concerned. 1. Which of the following best describes Uncle Theo? A. Good-mannered B. Modest C. Childish D. Bookish

7 Find the key words from the questions. ( ) Pay attention to the punctuation in the passage ( ) Pay attention to the transitional words ( ) Pay attention to the synonyms ( ) Use the specific information to understand the passage better.

8 Many years ago, when I was fresh out of school and working in Denver, I was driving to my parents home in Missouri for Christmas. I stopped at a gas station about 50 miles from Oklahoma City, where I was planning to stop and visit a friend. While I was standing in line at the cash register, I said hello to an older couple who were also paying for gas. 2. The author planned to stop at Oklahoma City _____. A. to visit a friend B. to see his parents C. to pay for the cash register D. to have more gas for his car

9 Two-thirds of the world's polar bear population could be gone by 2050 if predictions of melting sea ice hold true, the U.S. Geological Survey reported on Friday. The fate of polar bears could be even worse than that estimate, because sea ice in the Arctic might be disappearing faster than the available computer models predict, the geological survey said in a report aimed at determining whether the big white bear should be listed as a threatened species. 3. Which is responsible for the polar bears disappearing by 2050? A. The pollution of the Arctic region. B. The temperature getting warmer. C. Fewer food sources being left. D. The sea ice melting at a high speed

10 Researchers tracked the eating habits of 120,000 health professionals from across the country over at least 12 years and found that the most fat-causing food wasnt soft drinks but potatoes especially French fries. People who ate an extra portion of fries daily were super-sized by 3.4 pounds on average after four years, according to the study. Next on the fat list was potato chips, which added on average 1.7 pounds. 4. According to the passage, what has contributed to fatness most? A. French fries. B. Soft drinks. C. Potato chips. D. Coconuts.

11 The study also found that people with contact allergies were more likely to develop cancer of the bladder( ), compared with non-allergic people. Why, that isnt clear. Perhaps its the result of increased exposure to chemicals : previous studies have shown that hairdressers, who... 5. Why do hairdressers develop bladder cancer more easily? A. They are often exposed to harmful chemicals. B. They have weak immune system. C. Too much waste from allergen gathers in their bladder. D. Their bladder tissues are different from others.

12 A stronger argument comes from research into school results. … This may, however, not be as simple as it looks. It may simply be that the famous old schools that attract the best students happen to be single-sex, rather than that being single-sex makes them better schools. 6. At the end of the passage the writer suggests that ________. A. single-sex schools are the best schools in the UK B. being single-sex does not necessarily make a school better C. co-educational schools are better for both sexes in personal development D. because boys cannot compete with girls in study, they go to single-sex schools

13 Television is one of the todays most powerful and widespread means of mass communication. It directly influences our lives…; it brings worldwide situations into our homes;….We are all aware of the popularly accepted applications of television, particularly those relative to entertainment and news broadcasting. 7. According to the passage, applications of television are easily accepted in ________. A. big city area B. deep space exploration C. programs about entertainment and news D. remote areas. particularly

14 My mother has realized the limitations of her English as well. When I was fifteen, she used to have me call people on phone to pretend I was she. I was forced to ask for information or even to yell at people who had been rude to her. One time I had to call her stockbroker ( ). I said in an adolescent voice that was not very convincing, This is Mrs. Tan. 8. From Paragraph 2, we know that the author was__. A. good at pretending B. rude to the stockbroker C. ready to help her mother D. unwilling to phone for her mother

15 When I was six, Dad brought home a dog one day, who was called Brownie, My brothers and I all loved Brownie and did different things with her. One of us would walk her, another would feed her, and then there were baths, playing catch and many other games. Brownie, in return, loved each and every one of us. One thing that most touched my heart was that she would go to whoever was sick and just be with them. We always felt better when she was around. 9. What would Brownie do when someone was ill in the family? A. Look at them sadly. B. Keep them company. C. Play games with them. D. Touch them gently.

16 Use the specific information to understand the passage better. Learn to reason. ( ) Read between the lines. ( ) 1 2 3

17 Lets apply these skills to finish exercises on Reading Comprehension.

18 Read the passage quickly to find the two expressions that are mentioned again and again. What do they mean? skimming customer delight / customer care Guess the main idea What does a company do to make its customer satisfied with its service.

19 careful-reading

20 It is accepted in the marketing industry, and confirmed by a number of researchers, that customers receiving good service will promote business by telling up to 12 other people; those treated badly tell tales of woe to up to 20 people. Interestingly, 80 percent of people who feel their complaints are handled fairly will stay loyal. 50. We can learn from Paragraph 2 that _______. A. complaining customers are hard to satisfy B. unsatisfied customers receive better service C.satisfied customers catch more attention D. well-treated customers promote business

21 New challenges for customer care have come when people can obtain goods and services through telephone call centers and the Internet. For example, many companies now have to invest ( ) a lot of money in information technology and staff training in order to cope with the phone rage---- caused by delays in answering calls, being cut off in mid- conversation or left waiting for long periods. 51. The writer mentions phone rage (Paragraph 3) to show that ________. A. customers often use phones to express their anger B. people still prefer to buy goods online C. customer care becomes more demanding D. customers rely on their phones to obtain services For example

22 Recommended ways of creating customer delight include: under-promising and over-delivering (saying that a repair will be carried out within five hours, but getting it done within two) replacing a faulty product immediately; throwing in a gift voucher ( )as an unexpected thank you to regular customers; and always returning calls, even when they are complaints. 52. What does the writer recommend to create customer delight? A. Calling customers regular. B. Giving a thank you note.. C. Delivering a quicker service. D. Promising more gifts.

23 Aiming for customer delight is all very well, but if services do not reach the high level promised, disappointment or worse will be the result. This can be eased by offering an apology and an explanation of why the service did not meet usual standards with empathy (for example, I know how you must feel), and possible solutions (replacement, compensation or whatever fairness suggests best meets the case). 53. If a manager should show his empathy (Paragraph 6), what would be probably say? A. I know how upset you must be. B. I appreciate your understanding. C. Im sorry for the delay. D. I know its our fault.

24 Airlines face some of the toughest challenges over customer care. Fierce competition has convinced them at that delighting passengers is an important marketing tool, while there is great potential for customer anger over delays caused by weather, unclaimed luggage and technical problems. 54. Customer delight is important for airlines because ________. A. their telephone style remains unchanged B. they are more likely to meet with complaints C. the services cost them a lot of money D. the policies can be applied to their staff

25 Reading skills Top-down,,

26 Thank You Your Advice is welcome Successs ahead!

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