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Neurofeedback Foundation

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1 Neurofeedback Foundation
Alan Bachers, Ph.D. Neurofeedback Foundation 34 South Main Street Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 These notes will appear on the screen – jokes, prompts, etc.



4 NEUROFEEDBACK Brain wave activity Controlled by the individual
To promote Class Four Space Biofeedback of brain wave activity used to enter and use class four space.

5 NEUROFEEDBACK A training system in which brain wave activity, obtained by sensors on the scalp, is presented to an individual as a video and audio display. When brain activity moves toward patterns of improved self-regulation, the display (often a video game) advances, slowing or stopping as brain activity regresses. We are applying basic feedback principles to activity of the brain. This is as a nonlinear dynamical system.

6 Well described patterns of optimal brain function are cultivated over sessions, accompanied by automatic diminution or elimination of pathology as the brain orchestrates its own improvements. Results are at least long-lasting, often permanent, and continue to advance after training. Allowing the central nervous system to exercise itself in optimal ways brings increase in those states over time.

7 Pathology or Disease Computationally Reducible abnormal firing patterns of brainwaves diagnose known disease states – epilepsy, depression, ADHD, brain injury, etc. “Attractor spaces” of disease originate through genetics, environmental, or experiential causes, occupy 16% of our Gross Domestic Product, and can be seen as Class 1,2,3 states. Pathology and disease as we diagnose them correspond to Class 1,2,3 atates, and attract a lot of attention in our culture. But these, in the final analysis, are attractor spaces for class 1,2, and 3 states.

8 Pathology (cont.) Class 1,2,3 states – 1. Die out (or host dies);
2. Endlessly repeat; 3. Form patterns within patterns. These “stand still,” can be manipulated, numbers for which are standard Old Kind of Science. This is the prototype of Old Kind of Science.

9 Some Class 1,2,3 applications of neurofeedback
Alcoholism/addiction Anxiety/panic Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Attachment disorder Autism Brain injury Depression Epilepsy Parkinson’s disease Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder My own history of doing psychotherapy for 30 years saw astonishing leaps once NF was introduced into standard psychological practice. Still further advances continue to occur in areas where psychotherapy has little impact. These areas form the focus my post-psychology iteration.

10 While the field struggles to establish its scientific credibility in the disease model, those [Class 1,2 3] applications will become trivial as far more compelling results emerge in all areas of maximizing human capacities.


12 Trainer’s view. Left and Right hemisphere activity is displayed from 0-42 Hz with the horizontal axis showing ongoing changes in the amplitude of the EEG in almost real time. The boxes constitute 16 frequency ranges in which the mean of the median amplitude is displayed as the measure of central tendency. When momentary variability exceeds any one criterion box. Either above or below, the feedback animation and sound file are interrupted until the mean of the median returns to within the box.

13 Producing Class Four Space
Central nervous system (CNS) in a loop with itself in NF training gets to observe the initial condition of pathologic variation, which, if sufficiently large, interrupts feedback. Shifting attention to restart feedback terminates capture by pathologic attractor, creates new iteration of brain activity, free of that particular attractor. For the first time the central nervous system gets to observe itself in an external loop. When variability strays into pathologic attractor space (as determined by breaking out of any of the criteria boxes) feedabck stops, and is restarted by return within criterion. This I term Class 4 space.

14 Class Four Space (Con’t.)
Each return to an initial, attractor free state, increases the likelihood and ease of repeating that fresh start the next time an attractor space threatens to topple me into my pathologic history of class 1,2,3 vortices. In each neurofeedback session, hundreds, or even thousands of these new iterations eventually make the creation of class four space, free of pathologic attractors, the default state of every day life. Here may be the most important slide. Doing neurofeedback is like starting a fresh iteration of a cellular automaton, free of class 1,2,3 attractors. Whenever capture by a class 1,2,3 state disrupts the Class four state,the feedback is interrupted, and a new attempt at “life” unencumbered is attempted. The system learns to create this state ongoingly.

15 Class 4 EEG Space, Defined
Maintenance of mean-of-the-median within 16 frequency “spaces” >90% of the time. Continual tightening of criteria at comfort level increases flexibility and resilience of CNS, Flexibility and resilience of CNS increases, lessening wobble and capture by Class 1,2,3 pathologic attractor spaces.

16 “Hey, this is like I’m defragging my brain.” Client quote

17 Consequences of Cultivating Class Four EEG State
Pathology drops out; Others comment on changes they observe; Things that were difficult become easier; Interest in what is good for me increases; Interest in what is not good for me wanes; Instances of peak performance become more common; Return to present moment awareness optimizes flexibility and resilience. The generality of changes across clients, as well as the range of those changes breaks all the rules for a specific intervention. The attractor spaces of class 1,2,3 states are eliminated over time. A problem for me in work as a psychologist was that so much progress would be made, for instance, in an autistic child, that they no longer met the criteria for autism. The response of the professions is that that cannot happen, the child was merely misdiagnosed.

18 Many people who show up to do neurofeedback can expect to see about a two standard deviation improvement on just about anything they care to measure. Gruzelier, sleep onset, migraine,

19 Profound Consequences of Class Four EEG States
“Recontextification” of past trauma; Transformations in intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual life; Psychotherapy “through the rear view mirror;” Major life achievements accomplished; Breakthroughs into higher order of functioning, which become new default. 1. The energy constellated around trauma dissolves and is available for advanced activities. 2. Unusual and sometimes profound changes occur throughout ones experience. 3. Psychological issues are viewed as “having been” a problem,no longer present at nearly the degree they once were. This can happen so fast as to be disquieting. 4. IN the dropping out of class 1,2 3 attractors, the energy consumed therein is available to propel the person forward insimetimes amazing ways.

20 Class Four EEG Space Exhibits Computational Irreducibility
CNS takes off when and where we can’t look from perspectives of class 1,2,3 tools; Changes manifest as unintended and unexpectedly far-ranging improvements; Return from CFS brings dissolution or elimination of Class 1,2,3 pathologic attractor spaces.

21 Class Four EEG Space Exhibits Computational Equivalence
Across all subjects (universality), outcomes remain idiosyncratic, and, beyond Class 1,2,3 predictions, undecidable in any individual. I can never decide what will happen beyond measuring the usually pedestrian C 123 issues. Neither the trainer nor the client get to decide what adjustments, changes, enhancements will emerge.

22 The universe of the possible is expanded in the computational universe by reduction of the certain or probable. Entering Class Four Space moves the nervous system toward Kurzweils’ notion of the singularity.

23 The well prepared brain
Having had enough preparation such that peak performances are relatively common; Having “had enough” [trauma, abuse, pain, maltreatment] and ready to change; Merely curious, willing to explore. Gruzelier, abuse compelling calls

24 Our lives are predominantly governed by natural, genetic, biological, experienced, and learned simple programs. While many of these “hold us together,” other simple programs constitute “pathological” c 1,2, 3 states that become attractors for the disease, penal, education, and Homeland Security industries who derive their existence from the identification and management of those states.

25 Neurofeedback’s promotion of Class 4 Space propels users to the ultimate leading edge of the universe’s progression. At, and as, this leading edge, Every Thing I Do makes the universe a little bit better off, or a little bit worse off. Such a response ability is what NF cleans us up and prepares us to show up for. This is the ultimate expression of our humanness.

26 Resources Search word: neurofeedback
International Society of Neuronal Regulation - presenter article

27 Neurofeedback Foundation
Alan Bachers, Ph.D. Neurofeedback Foundation 34 South Main Street Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022

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