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CodeMap Google Maps for Source Code Yoann Padioleau (Facebook)

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1 CodeMap Google Maps for Source Code Yoann Padioleau (Facebook)

2 About this talk Feel free to ask questions during the talk Disclaimer: I do not represent Facebook

3 Problem Dealing with huge codebase is difficult for noobs or new employees. Typical questions: What are the important functions in big API? What are the entry points? What is the big picture? Spend time mostly reading/understanding code, not so much writing new code. Tools to assist reading and understanding code?

4 Recent technological changes Huge monitors, 30 Often have multiple ones Very high resolution (2600 x 1700) But we still use 80-columns based editors Can we leverage all those pixels?

5 Codemap Approach Focus on assist reading/understanding code Program analysis + information visualization Google maps metaphor Zoom in/out Important stuff should be bigger

6 Demo

7 Features Big picture, treemaps, macro level Search, navigation Semantic-based code highlightingmicro level Connection to editor (emacs/vim) Extensible via layers (predator mode) Codemap is not an editor

8 Features: treemap Each rectangle is a file Size of rectangle =~ size of file Color of rectangle = aspect (test, main, storage, security, etc) Code aware (heuristics) Auto generated file do not eat real-estate Code is more important than data, xml, jpg Tiling, use all the space

9 Features: search and navigation Search Highlighted rectangle Ranked entities Navigation Up/down (not as smooth as google maps) Direct access to file (faster than speedbar or expand-directory widgets) Can see spread directories

10 Features: semantic code visualizer grammar-based highlighting, not regexps as in emacs/vim Know records vs functions vs constants Functions/classes are in bigger size than statements Tiling, use all the space, multi columns Semantic aware (global analysis) Important functions are in bigger size

11 Layers: alternate color schemes Age (help find dead code) #authors (important stuff usually) Activity (whats going on?) Code coverage Bugs/warnings of linter grep/sgrep results Top/Bottom modules …

12 Conclusion A semantic-based source code visualizer/searcher/navigator Accelerate loading the code into your brain (can see 20 files at once) Future work: Web UI, LXR 2? Smoother zoom Module/package dependencies $ git clone git://

13 Related work SeeSoft (does not scale, no treemaps) Code Thumbnails (2 different modes) 3d visualization (not sure it helps, eat pixels) Disk explorer (not code aware, no micro- level)

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