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1 Jeopardy!

2 Probability: Theoretical vs. Experimental
Compound Events Models Miscellaneous $100 $200 $300 $400 $500

3 Probability: Theoretical vs. Experimental $100
A bag contains 5 quarters, 3 pennies, and 8 dimes. Without looking, you choose a coin from the bag. What is true about the probability of selecting a dime from the bag? Jeopardy

4 Probability: Theoretical vs. Experimental $200
At soccer practice, you make 6 out of every 8 penalty kicks. How many penalty kicks can you expect to make if you kick the ball 44 times? Jeopardy

5 Probability: Theoretical vs. Experimental $300
You forgot to do the homework for class and the teacher is calling on students to review the answers! If there are 16 students in the class, what is the probability, in percents, that you’ll be called on next? Jeopardy

6 Probability: Theoretical vs. Experimental $400
An umpire at a little league baseball game has baseballs stuffed into his bag. Five balls are brand A, 6 are brand B, and 3 are brand C. What is the probability that the next ball he throws is brand C? Jeopardy

7 Probability: Theoretical vs. Experimental $500
There’s a Pepsi that has spilled on 7th grade hallway floor. Five out of 8 students have stepped in the Pepsi. What is the probability, in percents, that the next student will NOT step in the Pepsi? Jeopardy

8 Compound Events $100 What is the probability of rolling a 4 or greater on a six-sided die and spinning the spinner and it landing on red? Jeopardy

9 Compound Events $200 Scarves Blue Green Yellow Pink White Bl-Wh Gr-Wh Yel-Wh Pi-Wh Brown Bl-Br Gr-Br Yel-Br Pi-Br Black Bl-Bk Gr-Bk Yel-Bk Pi-Bk sunglasses Hallie has four scarves (blue , green, yellow, pink) and 3 pairs of sunglasses (white, brown, and black) in her closet. The cart shows the different outfits she can make with these options. What is the probability that she will end up with an outfit that includes the colors Blue or Black? Jeopardy

10 Compound Events $300 A vase has 4 pink flowers, 2 purple flowers, and 3 yellow flowers. Ann took a flower, smelled it, and returned it to the vase. What is probability, in fractions, that the first flower was purple and the second flower was yellow? Jeopardy

11 Compound Events $400 Jackson casts his line into a pond containing 5 catfish, 4 trout, and 3 bass. When he catches a fish, he returns it back to the pond. What is the probability that he catches a trout and then bass? Jeopardy

12 Compound Events $500 A sub shop has 2 breads, 3 meats, and 2 toppings. How many different subs can be made? (1 bread, 1 meat, 1 topping) Jeopardy

13 Models $100 Darius is on the basketball team. He has a 50% free throw rate. He may complete his next free throw. Describe a method that could be used to simulate this situation? Jeopardy

14 Models $200 There are three different choices for lunch today in the cafeteria. Students may choose spaghetti, chicken sandwich, or tuna salad. Erin can’t decide what she wants to eat. Describe a method that could be used to simulate this situation? Jeopardy

15 Models $300 Josie can choose from 6 different colors to on her braces, but she can’t decide which color to choose. Describe a method that she could use to help her choose a color. Jeopardy

16 Models $400 Tabitha spins one spinner twice. The spinner is divided into 9 equal sections numbered 1-9. What is the probability that the sum of the two numbers equal 10? Jeopardy

17 Models $500 Brett has a pair of dice, both numbered 1-6. What is the probability that the sum of the dice is divisible by 2? Jeopardy

18 Miscellaneous $100 Mark’s team has won 2 out of the last 9 baseball games. How likely is it that they will win again based on this record? Jeopardy

19 Miscellaneous $200 The probability for a rolling a 3 or greater on a die and getting tails on a coin is . Based on this probability, how many possible outcomes are there? Is it likely that one would roll a 3 or greater and get tails? Jeopardy

20 Miscellaneous $300 The probability of spinning red on the spinner below is ¼. Mark spins the spinner 11 times and never gets red. What could be a reason that the theoretical probability (1/4) and the experimental probability (0/11) do not match? Jeopardy

21 Miscellaneous $400 Which fraction would represent a probability that is most likely to occur, but not certain? A) C) B) D) Jeopardy

22 Miscellaneous $500 A box of a doughnuts has 12 lemon filled, 5 chocolate filled, and 7 vanilla filled. If the doughnuts look identical, what is the probability, in fractions, that if you pick a doughnut at random, it will be lemon filled? Jeopardy

23 Answers Experimental probability Answers $100- $200- 33 $300- 6% $400-
$ $ % $400- $ %

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